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To ask for positive outcomes from a MLC.

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FizzyCherry Tue 13-Mar-18 11:56:46

I THINK I am on the way out of a midlife crisis, but need reassuring that it's not just a high moment that will all come crashing down again.
Essentially, I'm 42, and for the last three/four years have been battling depression and various other issues.
I was at a point where I was totally stuck in a rut, finding everything my DH did really, really annoying and I was seriously on the brink of divorcing him.
But at the weekend I spoke separately to two friends who told me that it's very common to feel this way at my age and everything started clicking into place.
Instead of the big "let's end it" discussion, we had a long talk till 2am which led to the most incredible sex we've had since we first got together 20 years ago.
I am still on a high three days later (about things clicking, not just the sex thing) and am buzzing with ideas I want to explore in terms of a new career. They are all connected, it's not like I might be a movie star or a zookeeper, but I don't know where to start.
But I'm also worried that I have been down for so long that I am now somehow maniacally high and none of it will happen.
I guess I'm surprised that all it took was a realisation of what's "normal" to make me appreciate what I have.
Has anyone else had this and it's worked out really well or am I just heading for a crash?

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