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To expect a laundry to fold my things?

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JustGettingStarted Tue 13-Mar-18 11:36:26

I may well be U... I only have experience with a couple of laundries in the UK as I rarely need to get it done commercially. The place in my town I used when our washer was awaiting repair would fold the clothes and put them back in the bags for life I'd brought them in.

I'm currently travelling for business for two weeks. I took some things to a laundry in Borehamwood on Friday to pick up Saturday morning. It was a small load and they charged £7.50, which seemed reasonable for the one-off convenience.

I was surprised to get it back just crammed into a plastic bag. It had clearly been stuffed into the bag while still hot. Everything was creased to the point of being pleated. The kind of creases that would be difficult to iron out, as they been set by the heat.

Is this the norm?

PeerieBreeks Tue 13-Mar-18 11:38:46

Wow. Certainly not the norm here, but there is only one laundry so I only have experience of one

JustGettingStarted Tue 13-Mar-18 11:41:31

Which is not the norm? Folding or cramming?

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Tue 13-Mar-18 11:42:43

I would expect a service wash to be folded as well.

LimonViola Tue 13-Mar-18 11:43:47

I would definitely expect the clothes to be folded neatly.

I'd get in touch and let them know that's how the clothes came back.

JustGettingStarted Tue 13-Mar-18 11:46:47

I believe I was dealing with the owner. He knows how they came back as he handed them to me.

Luckily it was all knickers and pajamas. Nothing I'd actually iron. There was a duvet cover, though. Again, luckily I don't care about wrinkles in that. But imagine if I had!

LimonViola Tue 13-Mar-18 11:47:52

Well, I'd still contact. Perhaps you can act as if you didn't notice until you got home.

Say you just wanted to make him aware they were given back in a shoddy condition, is that their normal service?

JustGettingStarted Tue 13-Mar-18 11:48:30

Also they used a strongly scented laundry detergent that has a cloying smell. That's just a matter of taste but it surprised me a bit. There are brands that don't emphasise scent and won't be so off putting.

JustGettingStarted Tue 13-Mar-18 11:49:18

I'll never use them again as I doubt I will ever need to. But I've considered saying something in a Google review.

Trinity66 Tue 13-Mar-18 11:50:37

I don't use laundries often but whenever I did the clothes came back folded, i would definitely expect that

listsandbudgets Tue 13-Mar-18 11:59:09

On those occasions I have needed a swecice wash, neatly filded has always been normal

JustGettingStarted Tue 13-Mar-18 13:33:58

OK! Thanks for confirming that it was a rubbish service!

He did say that they'd be put into a bag but I just assumed he meant as opposed to just handing them to me loose.

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