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To be fed up at how impossible it is to get a gp appointment

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6catsandcounting Tue 13-Mar-18 01:34:33

Have tried for days now but the next pre bookaable appointment is 10 days away, I never seem to get thro in time to get the "daily" apps, been to the walk in centre but they cannot prescribe - it has to be my gp. Ditto with out of hours.
I know the nhs is on its knees but it is so frustrating that I cannot get any help sad

whywhywhywhywhyyy Tue 13-Mar-18 01:42:23

Move GP.

What is it you need prescribing? Some pharmacists are able to prescribe from a limited list.

6catsandcounting Tue 13-Mar-18 02:02:26

It's a controlled drug so I have to be physically seen by my gp.
I would move gp if I could find one better but they all seem the same or worse.

LadyB49 Tue 13-Mar-18 02:05:30

I got a letter from my medical practice requesting I book with the treatment room to have blood taken.
Can't do that on line so had to phone and hang on for 25 minutes. Got an appt for 3weeks ahead..... Just to have blood taken !!

I mentioned it to my GP who said... It's falling down around us !!

NotASingleFuckToGive Tue 13-Mar-18 02:14:24

I called my GP surgery yday for an appt, the earliest barring any cancellations is the end of March.
Walked past this morning on the way to work, and there's a big banner over the door "We are now accepting new NHS Patients" hmm angry

YADNBU, it's fucking ridiculous,

NotASingleFuckToGive Tue 13-Mar-18 02:16:03

The day before yesterday ffs. I blame being ill...which is something you have to schedule into your diary if you want to actually see a doctor about it!!

Definitelyanamechange Tue 13-Mar-18 02:17:52

If you want a same day appointment at our surgery then you queue outside from about 7:30am ready for doors opening at 8. The last time I needed an appointment I had to go three mornings in a row (earlier each time) because only the first few people get given one.
If not you phone later in the day for an appointment two to three weeks later. It's ridiculous, you and.

Definitelyanamechange Tue 13-Mar-18 02:19:17

Should have read you anbu

Merryoldgoat Tue 13-Mar-18 02:23:03

Just for balance, my last surgery and current one are nothing like this.

You can book routine appointments weeks in advance (great for blood pressure checks etc) but anything more urgent you call, get triaged by a doctor who calls you back and get given a suitable appointment.

I’ve always been seen futrg

Merryoldgoat Tue 13-Mar-18 02:26:36

Hit post too soon!

I’ve always been seen same-day and never held longer than about 7-8 mins on hold.

Two amazing surgeries showing how it’s fine to lo

Twofurrycats Tue 13-Mar-18 02:35:25

16 days for an appointment at mine and not with either of the dr's I would prefer. I don't even bother with emergency ones I go to a walk in centre.
I was mightily narked with them a few years ago when I needed an emergency appointment and went through the ring at 8.30, ring at 12.30 and couldn't get an appointment for 4 days. And then got an invitation to book an over 40 MOT. Possibly a nice idea but not at the expense of actually being able to see a Dr when you need to.......

Asmadasmax Tue 13-Mar-18 02:46:48

Its even worse here .. You have to ring at 8 in the morning to get an appointment in 2 weeks time! Any later and they're gone.

6catsandcounting Tue 13-Mar-18 02:48:44

Merryoldgoat I think it is a postcode thing.
In two other cities I have lived in it was exactly like that - you rang before 11am, had a phone call with the doctor and were triaged
That doesn't happen with any gp in my current area

6catsandcounting Tue 13-Mar-18 02:52:32

It will be interesting to see what happens later today - I finally got thro to a doctor on 111 who sent a fax to my gp saying I need an urgent appt.
The walk in centre told me to complain to the practice manager as that usually gets a result
Trouble is when you are ill you just don't have the energy to jump thro all those hoops sad

1forAll74 Tue 13-Mar-18 03:09:57

I am 75 now, and I haven't had any reason to go to the doctors for at least 26 years, but had to register with another surgery when I moved a hundred miles or so to another county 13 years ago. But about 6 years ago, I had a letter from this new surgery, to say they were taking me off their books so to speak, because I had not been to their surgery. Is this the way they have to operate now?

mojito55 Tue 13-Mar-18 03:22:33

Definitely look into moving GP. It seems to be one extreme or the other: I always get seen same day but I know plenty of people struggle to get an appointment within a fortnight which is crazy. Ask around and read some online reviews, then hopefully you should find one of the good ones.

6catsandcounting Tue 13-Mar-18 12:34:31

So I phoned at 8am, 3 times the phone wouldn't even connect, 3 times it rang and then rang off after a few mins saying "goodbye" and when I eventually got to speak to someone all the appointments had gone. I rang 111 again and they said ring back and say 111 say you need to speak to a doctor within the hour. Doctor refused to speak to me.
After asking for this doctor's name and stating she would be named to attend the coroner's court they suddenly found me a cancellation - thankfully with a different doctor who was an absolute gem and I am convinced potentially saved my life.
He told me in future if this happens go to A & E as, during the daytime, they can be requested to prescribe by the gp.
I have always tried to avoid A&E unless it is a real emergency (heart attacks / stroke etc that need very urgent care) but sadly this is what it is coming to - that we have no choice.
I am damn well going to ring up every week and get an appointment booked just in case!!! At least if I don't need it and cancel, some poor desperate person will be able to get an appointment quickly.
I have rung every gp who take patients in my area but none have a different system. I chose this one because it had very good reviews online.

LeighaJ Tue 13-Mar-18 12:47:02

I don't know how to get GP appointments quickly either, when I really need one, only my husband seems able to get one for me. I don't know what kind of voodoo magic he uses on them.

Chattymummyhere Tue 13-Mar-18 13:04:43

Last time I needed an appointment for my child i had to auto dial over 200 times to actually get in the “if this Is not urgent please call back later” message on hold. Before that it was just engaged, then 20 minutes of listening to the message repeat I finally got though to the receptionist who told me I just needed the pharmacy. Pharmacy told me due to child’s age I needed the gp, back and forth until eventiualy I got the last appointment of the day. 2 minutes in with gp and left with the prescription needed.

Tainbri Tue 13-Mar-18 14:11:41

And we wonder why a&e is full to the brim.... it's bonkers, and very worrying. I haven't seen our GP for almost ten years but in January ended up blue lighted to hospital as I collapsed, I was discharged a week later with notes to be followed up by gp. Get a call from hospital saying my notes had been returned by the surgery. I followed it up and the gp practice says it's their policy to strike patients off who hadn't been seen for a while due to the size of their lists!! WTF!

Oysterbabe Tue 13-Mar-18 14:31:23

10 days is great! It's 3 weeks at my surgery.

venetian25 Tue 13-Mar-18 14:32:20

I started an almost identical thread last night - I feel your pain!

readysetcake Tue 13-Mar-18 14:40:03

I tired to move surgeries for this reason and the fact t mine only has 1 full time and 2 part time permanent drs as they can’t recruit staff due to being so shit. I was told by other surgeries in town that they won’t take on patients that are already registered locally. So I either have to register with a practice out of town or unregister completely and be without a dr and then sign up with another. So much for having the right to register st any surgery you want.

ThePinkOcelot Tue 13-Mar-18 14:56:35

It is ridiculous!! DH was asked to make an appointment by his GP. 6 week wait. Telephone consultation with GP, a week and a half!! Only going to get worse!
It amazes me when I do actually go that the waiting room has only a couple of people in. It never looks busy.

lolaflores Tue 13-Mar-18 15:06:15

The problem with my GP surgery off the back of the long waits for a standard appointment is the inconsitency in care.
I have had a lot of astham related issues since november. One ended in hospital admission but I cannot get to see the same doctor twice.
It is a case of like it or lump it and as a result, my asthma is really poorly controlled.
Each appointment, a different opinion and prescription. What I need is a referral but none of them feel inclined to do that, meanwhile I am wheezing around like Thomas The Tank Engine.
Again, if I do have a serious attack. I will hold them responsible.
I understand they are under pressure but as someone up the thread said, I got a phone call to have a free medical check. These things are money makers which are all very well and good but it doesn't make sense if you can't properly manage patients with long term conditions.

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