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Drinking from the milk carton?

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maryfrommaryville Tue 13-Mar-18 00:08:41

Crime punishable by death or no biggy?

I think I'm not being unreasonable.

NoqontroI Tue 13-Mar-18 00:13:24

Crime punishable by death, unless it's me doing it. Then it's entirely acceptable. Unreasonable I know.

Onlyoldontheoutside Tue 13-Mar-18 00:23:08

Definitely out of order.Only orange juice is to be(secretly)drunk from the carton.

TIRFandProud Tue 13-Mar-18 03:17:45

American milk or UHT (the only kinds which comes in a carton, aren't they?) are horrible and the person who bought them should get punishment.

Drinking milk from the bottle - why not?

ThisIsTheFirstStep Tue 13-Mar-18 03:19:40

tirf wot? Most milk comes from a carton.

It’s no big deal for me. Kinda gross but no one will die.

DalekDalekDalek Tue 13-Mar-18 03:20:19

Wouldn't drink milk from the bottle but juice from a carton is way more refreshing than from a glass I swear! But I live alone so there is no one to complain.

DalekDalekDalek Tue 13-Mar-18 03:21:33

I've never seen fresh milk in a carton though, only UHT?

ElderflowerWaterIsDelish Tue 13-Mar-18 03:25:08

It's OK if the person drinking from the carton lives alone and will be the only one actually using the milk..

But for households where there is multiple people living there it is gross and beyond disgusting, who wants to put milk in their coffee/ tea or even on their cereal after someone has had their mouth on the carton, imagine the bits of saliva that has gone back into the carton, and the germs from their teeth if they haven't brushed directly before drinking the milk...

I hate when people drink out of shared bottles or cartons so much that I end up throwing it away, it's so gross

maryfrommaryville Tue 13-Mar-18 03:26:36

I'm in the US so most of our milk is in those tetra pack cartons. Even the local organic stuff.

But even in the UK my milk was always in plastic cartons. That's what they're called no?

Orangedaisy Tue 13-Mar-18 03:31:46

I certainly call my plastic milk receptacles bottles. Never cartons.

Francix Tue 13-Mar-18 03:33:22

I mean if other people are drinking it after you, that's damn nasty. If its your milk and yours alone, guzzle it out of the carton for all I care

cornishmumtobe Tue 13-Mar-18 03:36:08

YABU to call the plastic receptacles in the UK cartons.... they are bottles grin

maryfrommaryville Tue 13-Mar-18 03:36:48

You call the plastic things bottles? I don't think I did but it was a way back so can't remember. It's bloody keeping me awake now! I don't think I called them cartons either.

maryfrommaryville Tue 13-Mar-18 03:37:33

Surely nobody calls plastic jugs 'bottles'?!!

TIRFandProud Tue 13-Mar-18 03:38:26

I'd only call the cuboid things 'cartons'.

"beyond disgusting"? Haha. Why is MN always 'beyond' something?

maryfrommaryville Tue 13-Mar-18 03:39:33

I have vague recollection of calling them 'a thing of milk'.

I am old enough to remember bottle delivery to the door though. And you'd ha r to get them in early or the blue tits would peck through and eat the cream.

And the flow of cream at the top on your cereal. envyenvyenvy> not envy.

maryfrommaryville Tue 13-Mar-18 03:40:09

Glob not flow.

MerryShitmas Tue 13-Mar-18 03:43:43

I get my milk from a farm 40km away, fresh and in lovely big 3L cartons. More environmentally friendly and can certainly live with people believing I'm grim or the milk is grin
Drinking from the carton is a crime punishable by death, tbf. I don't share drinks so I wouldn't want someone to drink milk from the carton then put it back.

DalekDalekDalek Tue 13-Mar-18 03:44:47

Cartons are made out of cardboard. It's a milk bottle surely (I suppose from when they came in glass bottles)

maryfrommaryville Tue 13-Mar-18 03:45:15

Are you American @MerryShitmas ?

maryfrommaryville Tue 13-Mar-18 03:46:43

I've never heard anybody call the plastic things bottles. You lot are full of shit. grin

Wondering if my family will be annoyed if I ring them all at 4am to what their milk is kept in.

DalekDalekDalek Tue 13-Mar-18 03:49:42

What would you call the plastic thing that coke or lemonade or squash or whatever comes in then?

zesty7 Tue 13-Mar-18 03:50:18


maryfrommaryville Tue 13-Mar-18 03:54:15

A bottle. But it's bottle shaped. 😂

DalekDalekDalek Tue 13-Mar-18 03:57:14

But it still has the same function. If a bed is heart shaped it's still a bed, if a pizza was square it would still be a pizza. Obviously the plastic thing that milk comes in is a bottle. Apart from the weird bag things that they tried to sell milk in for a while. grin

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