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just wondering whether there is an option for sedation for colposcopy and further treatment?

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Sullabylullaby Mon 12-Mar-18 00:38:41

I'm being referred and have received a leaflet. I'm a little concerned that you don't get sedation for a biopsy if that ends up happening? I've had this procedure in Ireland before and the consultant said he always offers sedation. England seems a little barbaric to be honest. Intrude into your nether regions, then cut a piece off if necessary all while you have a local bloody anaesthetic which sounds painful to start with?
I'll end up crying and that doesn't seem right?
Surely they can be more humane?

Sullabylullaby Mon 12-Mar-18 00:39:44

Please please tell me that I can be sedated if requested?

DeathStare Mon 12-Mar-18 00:41:40

I've had this. It was fine. It was barely painful at all. I'm a complete wimp but if I had to have it again there's no way I'd have sedation even if it was offered.

Sullabylullaby Mon 12-Mar-18 00:44:00

That's fine for you. I do not like pain and I do not like the thoughts of it. At my smear the nurse (idiot) exclaims 'oh you're tiny down here'. While she was busy poking about.
My question is whether I can request sedation, not to ask whether it's 'all fine' without it.

Sullabylullaby Mon 12-Mar-18 00:45:47

I have no desire to be a martyr to the nhs. If they won't offer sedation I'll get treatment in Ireland.

Sullabylullaby Mon 12-Mar-18 00:48:04

Love to see some fat fucker in the NHS have a little shaved off the top of his dick with no sedation. See how he likes it.
Dick-heads in the NHS. How ye stand for it I'll never know. Totally sub-standard health care.

Penguinsandpandas Mon 12-Mar-18 00:50:47

I would phone and ask. If you are after a general you need to not eat for 6 hours before. I am having a biopsy and that's under a general but its a hysterscopy.

AlonsosLeftPinky Mon 12-Mar-18 00:54:12

I had one under sedation because it was medically necessary. I don't think they just do it on request.

RoomOfRequirement Mon 12-Mar-18 01:00:51

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Pastaforlunch Mon 12-Mar-18 01:06:07

Just curious what sedation you had previously in Ireland? Was it midazolam?

R2G Mon 12-Mar-18 01:08:28

I think I remember being offered sedation. NHS.

Shmithecat Mon 12-Mar-18 01:11:39

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ShovingLeopard Mon 12-Mar-18 01:21:50

I'm with you OP, I find smears excruciatingly painful and there is no way I would have a colposcopy without sedation.

Ask what the procedure is for those who are too nervous to be awake. I expect sedation is not offered as routine because it will take longer and be a little bit more expensive. In general, I find the medical profession don't mind inflicting a fair bit of pain if it's expedient. However, there has to be a protocol for those who cannot otherwise submit to the treatment.

AlonsosLeftPinky Mon 12-Mar-18 01:26:34

No, it's because the risk of a GA is unnecessary for the majority of very simple 10 minute procedures.

ShovingLeopard Mon 12-Mar-18 01:30:32

I think she's asking about sedation, not GA?

Mammalamb Mon 12-Mar-18 06:40:10

Hi, I’ve had a couples of colonoscopies and was sedated

JackOConnellisstarredup Mon 12-Mar-18 06:46:31

Pop off back to Ireland and pay for it then hmm

confusedhelpme Mon 12-Mar-18 06:50:18

Ask for a double strength Valium

eljay2 Mon 12-Mar-18 06:52:00

As I was screaming my way through a colposcopy/biopsy, the consultant mentioned, 'you could have had this under GA you know' so i guess its available if you ask. I wasn't offered GA at any point. Or any sedation or pain relief.

Can see it from the NHS point of view turns a 10-minute job with consultant and 3 nurses into an all day thing needing anaesthesia/recovery etc. GA has a risk to patient as well.

curragh1 Mon 12-Mar-18 06:55:39

Hi there, you will be offered gas and air or midazolam, or you can have nothing. Most people have the gas and air because after 30 minutes you can go home. HTH

iVampire Mon 12-Mar-18 06:58:37

You need to ask, but the answer may well be ‘no’

I had to have a bone marrow biopsy, for which everyone gets local, but only those with medical need are sedated. I wasn’t, because I was not frail enough. Also, if sedated, you have to stay after the procedure for considerably longer, so they are more readily used with in-patients (who tend to be sicker).

RoseAndRose Mon 12-Mar-18 06:59:32

"Love to see some fat fucker in the NHS have a little shaved off the top of his dick with no sedation. See how he likes it. "

Cheap shot. Presumably, both sexes have colonoscopy under same arrangements. Anaesthesia for unrelated procedures really isnMt a fair comparison.

Flockoftreegulls Mon 12-Mar-18 07:02:32

Well just ask them. If they say no, go to Ireland. Fgs

pinkhorse Mon 12-Mar-18 07:02:47

Are people getting confused between colonoscopies and colposcopies? I had the latter and was never offered gas and air etc and I also had a biopsy

dayswithaY Mon 12-Mar-18 07:05:23

I had a colposcopy last year, it's so quick yes it's painful but the most pain is when they inject you with the local anaesthetic. I was so grateful i was getting the treatment and the staff so nice - just get in, get out and get it behind you.

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