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To consider wall papering the bathroom myself and to ask for your best decorating tip?

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ferriswheel Sun 11-Mar-18 22:48:44

So i can do painting. Im quite good at it.

My best painting tip is to place the roller tray in a bin bag so that it is lined. Then when you are finished you dont need to clean the tray you just throw the bin bag out.

But wall papering, around all the funny nooks and crannies in the bathroom. Its only about 4 sheets that ill need....... it just looks so difficult.

MsHomeSlice Sun 11-Mar-18 22:53:03

Bathrooms are mostly buggers to paper because of all the things on the wall

No tips other than to take your time because of all the trimming. And have plenty of paste to slap on once the paper has dried out a million times because of all the on and off to trim and shape. grin

missiondecision Sun 11-Mar-18 22:59:23

Surely the steam would be a problem

BlackeyedSusan Sun 11-Mar-18 23:02:06

put paste on the wall paper and on the wall and then it slides around so you can position it.

Tr1skel1on Sun 11-Mar-18 23:03:55

Don't even think about wall papering a bathroom. The end result after much heartache will be uneven damp mouldy paper.

I discovered last year Ronseal tile paint for bathrooms. It stinks to high heaven but is magic in a tin & you can paint it on tiles, over mould & it works.

(I don't work for them, the colour guide is shit. Magnolia is actually a dark sandy colour I would hate if it wasn't so good at sorting out the mould!)

They do a cream shade my local diy shop didn't stock. I would try that before anything else

ColdCottage Sun 11-Mar-18 23:04:48

I'd suggest not wallpapering a bathroom.

Sillybilly1234 Sun 11-Mar-18 23:09:51

Best tip would be to get someone who knows how to wallpaper to do it for you.

ghostyslovesheets Sun 11-Mar-18 23:18:33

I did mine - twas not to difficult - I used paste the wall paper designed for bathrooms

start in the middle and work out - have a good sharp knife and a ruler or edging tool

5foot5 Sun 11-Mar-18 23:22:40

Don't. Just don't.
Wallpapering is a dark art.
To this day I am incredulous that my mum did all the wallpapering single handed when I was a kid.
I am 55 and DH is 60, we have been married more than 30 years and in that time the nearest we have come to rowing is the two occasions we tried to hang wallpaper. We can paint and tile and all sorts of other things but papering is a nightmare.

ferriswheel Sun 11-Mar-18 23:31:56

Really? Im off to look at the metallic paint. It looks so easy but i just cant make sense of all of the instructions.

ghostyslovesheets Sun 11-Mar-18 23:32:59

I find papering more fun than painting - its not that hard!

Aquamarine1029 Sun 11-Mar-18 23:35:41

Oh-to-the-fuck-no to wallpapering a bathroom. Just don't. Stick to paint in a gorgeous color and let your accents jazz it up.

Ollivander84 Sun 11-Mar-18 23:36:30

I asked a work colleague loads of questions about how to wallpaper. He got that fed up answering them, he just turned up and did the wallpapering for me. I can recommend that approach grin

carryondoctor Sun 11-Mar-18 23:36:55

Good luck Op - I only know I would end up wrapped in a sticky sheet of paper like some sort of toga made of superglue and shredded dreams grin

Shmithecat Sun 11-Mar-18 23:38:59

Unless your walls are as smooth as glass, do not use metallic paint.

ew1990 Sun 11-Mar-18 23:44:24

My biggest too for wallpapering is to mix a little bit of washing up liquid In the paste, makes the wallpaper move on the wall a lot easier when your trying to push it right to the edge of other piece

Boulshired Sun 11-Mar-18 23:49:50

I have wallpapered a large bathroom with good extraction. Wallpapering on walls with no obstructions is pretty simple. My best tip is to use the role width to place out to avoid any thin strips at the end.

GreenTulips Sun 11-Mar-18 23:54:11

You can buy a big scraper type thing for about £3 in the big chains to get the bubbles out and crease the paper in the right place to cut

Cut the edges off immediately - otherwise the paper sticks and goes too hard to cut properly! If in doubt take your time and do it a bit at a time

Spend time on the edges making sure they are all down properly

It's quite easy really

Boulshired Mon 12-Mar-18 00:02:17

Another tip is to sand the walls prior to give that extra smooth surface.

5foot5 Mon 12-Mar-18 00:25:53

It's quite easy really

Laughing so hard I should probably visit the bathroom

The first time we tried to wallpaper I quite literally came within millimetres of death. I fell off the stepladder while holding a Stanley knife and after DH had put me the right way up he noticed a scratch that ran under my chin almost ear to ear, not quite deep enough to have drawn blood but so close to disaster it doesn't bear thinking about

ferriswheel Tue 13-Mar-18 22:40:21

Well ive been shopping and have all the stuff. Will prep the bathroom tomorrow...wish me luck!x

Longdistance Tue 13-Mar-18 22:45:25

We have wallpaper in our bathroom. It’s been on for about 10 years, it’s ok, but is peeling a bit now. We’ve been lucky wit it I think. Still looks good though.

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