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To think being blonde doesn’t automatically mean you’re attractive?

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Holdtightwhenyoutiptoe Sat 10-Mar-18 13:19:46

I see it on here a lot. Because someone is blonde they are automatically gorgeous.

I’m not saying any other colour is better. I’m saying that certain hair colours suit different people.

I look better as a brunette, I wasn’t as attractive when I was blonde. I’m sure others have experienced this the other way around too.

I’m just getting quite tired of the whole everything needs to be light in order for anyone to be considered pretty.

Sparklingbrook Sat 10-Mar-18 13:21:09

This is all news to me, which threads?

HRTpatch Sat 10-Mar-18 13:21:52

Of course it doesn't. Look at Myra Hindley.

DancingLedge Sat 10-Mar-18 13:22:37

Sure you've got the right website?

CremeFresh Sat 10-Mar-18 13:22:58

I've not heard of this. I've heard of the 'blondes have more fun' rubbish but never blondes are more attractive.

DramaAlpaca Sat 10-Mar-18 13:23:48

I'm blonde & certainly not gorgeous.

I've never seen this attitude on here either.

AlonsoTigerHeart Sat 10-Mar-18 13:24:41

Boris Johnson....

blastomama Sat 10-Mar-18 13:25:06

I see it on here a lot. Because someone is blonde they are automatically gorgeous.

You have literally never seen that on here, or anywhere. Ever.

What is your agenda?

EllenRipley Sat 10-Mar-18 13:25:16



LetsGoBitches Sat 10-Mar-18 13:25:21

I agree, it’s just a hair colour after all.

Here’s Igor Outkine, blond, but only blessed with music!
Not sure if being a redhead, brunette, or silvery fox would make his features less homey.

Alienspaceship Sat 10-Mar-18 13:26:03

Eh? confused

Holdtightwhenyoutiptoe Sat 10-Mar-18 13:28:26

You have literally never seen that on here, or anywhere. Ever.

What is your agenda?

Woah! How’s the weather today in Paranoid City?

Seriously chill your beans confused

PerfumeIsAMessage Sat 10-Mar-18 13:28:32

Could you link to some of these 'a lot' comments? Because I'm blonde and look like I hit every branch on the way down but I'm up for an ego boost.

CruCru Sat 10-Mar-18 13:28:42

I used to have a Canadian friend who was quite bemused by what seemed like a massive preference for blonde hair in the British press. She said that Britain was the only place that she knew of where it was like this.

I wonder if it is because so many Anglo Saxon children start off with light blonde hair which then darkens as the year get older. So lightish blonde hair is associated with youth.

boopsy Sat 10-Mar-18 13:29:44

I think a slim blonde will usually turn heads. If someone has long blonde swishy hair and a great figure the overall effect is more attractive imo even if the face is average. Im currently mousy coz cant afford to go to hairdressers to get blonded again lol. Blonde or light hair is more flattering if your face is showing any ageing signs as the contrast of dark hair can make you look harsher. Read that somewhere and think its true.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Sat 10-Mar-18 13:31:12

Michael Fabricant

boopsy Sat 10-Mar-18 13:31:44

Oh god just realised my post could have come across as totally racist!! Sorry!

Judashascomeintosomemoney Sat 10-Mar-18 13:31:59

.....Jim Davidson....,
This isn’t what you meant is it? grin

funnylittlefloozie Sat 10-Mar-18 13:32:14

Oh come off it, OP... of course there is a trope in society at large that blonde with big boobs = gorgeous, but Mumsnet is NOT peddling that line.

There are some men who would whistle at a woman with long blonde hair even if the rest of her looked like a Dalek, but most men aren't like that. I'm mixed race, I've got dark hair, dark eyes, tan skin...and without being big-headed, i don't lack for male attention.

CawsNaked Sat 10-Mar-18 13:32:27

To those saying it's never on here. I do see it. Although not explicitly 'blondes are more attractive'. But things like 'DH has a new colleague at work, she's absolutely gorgeous, blonde, slim, big gorgeous eyes etc etc. Implying that one of the things that makes her gorgeous is the fact that she is blonde.

Sparklingbrook Sat 10-Mar-18 13:32:54

chill your beans Sounds like something my teen DS would say. grin

Bluntness100 Sat 10-Mar-18 13:32:55

I've never seen this on here either. Many different things make up attractiveness and people are attracted to all different things.

If blonde made you attractive everyone would be at the bleach 🤣

NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom Sat 10-Mar-18 13:34:20

Of course not every blonde is attractive hmm I haven't seen any threads on this site that you describe.

LeighaJ Sat 10-Mar-18 13:34:50

The OP might have read this thread:

There are quite a few people describing their blonde sibling as more attractive and seeming to feel their darker hair maybe is part of what makes them feel less attractive.

Sparklingbrook Sat 10-Mar-18 13:34:58

I never look at S&B, Relationships or the Sex topic. Is that where all this is going on?

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