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To not understand the moon cup love

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Kangar00 Wed 07-Mar-18 21:24:03

So, if you use a moon cup, do you work? I just can't imagine wearing one at work.

It's scary to put in. I have the smallest size and I've had a child but I still find it scary and it reminds me of childbirth!

I just don't get it. I don really want to as it's more environmentally friendly. Did it take you a while to get used and adjust to using one?

Monoblock67 Wed 07-Mar-18 21:24:44

Following this with interest, I’ve been thinking about buying one recently

childmindingmumof3 Wed 07-Mar-18 21:26:10

Er... I never found it scary to put in to be honest, getting it out is more difficult.
I never empty it at work.

Rosamund1 Wed 07-Mar-18 21:26:12

It seems horrid.

Margomyhero Wed 07-Mar-18 21:28:37

Quite the opposite.

I bought my first moonchp about 9 years ago and haven't looked back.

I wish I had discovered them years ago not at my advanced age.

Cheap, environmentally friendly, comfortable and no need to cart around sanitary supplies.

KERALA1 Wed 07-Mar-18 21:28:58

Love mine. Only need to change at work once on heaviest day. I take a water bottle into the loo to rinse everything down in the cubicle. Each to their own but love mine been using 10 years now. Could never go back to traditional San pro I find that horrid now bins full of grimness.

Flockoftreegulls Wed 07-Mar-18 21:28:59

No need to do anything with it during the day. Unless you have particularly heavy periods.
Mine are pretty heavy and I can last all day.
You don't notice it once you get used to it. Much better than tampons I find them painful.

TheQueenOfWands Wed 07-Mar-18 21:29:12

Yes, I use one and work.

It's changed my life. Sanitary towels are hideous. I'd get sanitary towels wedgies and the sticky bits would become unstuck from my pants and stick to my lady-parts. Also the gusset on most pants just isn't big enough to accommodate them.

And tampons always leaked.

Takes a while to get used to moon cups but I wouldn't go back now. Sometimes it aches a bit though, despite having the smallest size.

TheDeafeningClatterofDuplo Wed 07-Mar-18 21:29:51

I did a lot of research and agonising then went for one that was recommended for beginners as easy to put in (Fleurcup).

Hated it at first, then realised I could cut off the stem and turn it inside out and after that it was perfect! Have never looked back. I found tampons really painful to remove so was on pads most of my life - I'm just sorry it took me so long to realise this was an option.

Has also sorted out my period pain as there is less clotting (IME).

Maybe you need to try a different one - are you scared of not putting it in 'properly' and having a leak? Mine only ever leaks on heavy days if I do inverted yoga poses or something.

Akire Wed 07-Mar-18 21:30:40

MAnged get it in though wasn’t pleasant. Getting it out well... think open umbrella! Ouch. Really don’t get when they are suggest for teens.
Even after cutting stall it was still “there”

reallybadidea Wed 07-Mar-18 21:32:22

I found it extraordinarily uncomfortable and very messy compared with tampons. I persevered for several months but just couldn't get on with it.

Kangar00 Wed 07-Mar-18 21:32:23

I haven't tried it for a long time so perhaps I need to find it out and eat it ready for my next period. Oh the excitement. Last month got the free trial of pink parcel, this month mooncup. I guess I had better sterilize it. Hmm

UnaOfStormhold Wed 07-Mar-18 21:34:49

Inserting it definitely gets easier with practice. Are you managing to fold it up ok before inserting, have you trimmed the stem, are you relaxing and have you found a position that's comfy? Other brands are available and may be better for you. I've worn one at work for years, most days I don't need to change it during the day at all so just not an issue, if I do change it's pretty easy. Has saved me a lot of money all these years as well as the environmental benefits.

Closetlibrarian Wed 07-Mar-18 21:35:17

I use a different brand of menstrual cup and yes YABU. It took a bit of practice to get the hang of putting it in, but now it's easy. And I never need to change it at work. Even on my heaviest day I can empty/ insert in the morning and then it'll last until I get home.

The whole thing is so much less 'yuck' than soiled tampons/ towels.

GreasyFryUp Wed 07-Mar-18 21:35:54

I use one, I work. Our loos are unisex though with sinks in which makes it easier.

If I'm out and about and need to empty in a public loo I have been known just to shove it back in without being able to rinse but that's rare.

Really sorry I left it so late in life to discover them.

SimonBridges Wed 07-Mar-18 21:36:32

I have one for environmental reasons and because I get TSS.

I’ve used them for about 15 years now. I only need to empty it at work on day one really. However I do find it leaks. I’ve never got it water tight. So I use washable towels as well.

FairfaxAikman Wed 07-Mar-18 21:37:02

I use mine BECAUSE of work - it needs emptying less often than a pad/tampon needs changed so apart from day 2 I don't need to empty it at work. I have a job where it can be tricky to go and change when needed.

AutumnMadness Wed 07-Mar-18 21:37:38

Yes, I love, love, love my squishy friend. Had it for several years now and will never go back to any other sort of sanitary products. I work, travel, do sports and just generally do everything in my life as normal with it.

I do admit, it was a bit difficult to insert and extract it the first few (well, maybe more like ten) times, but it did improve and it does work now. So just try it (cut off most if not all of the stem, don't insert it dry - wet it with water.) It will probably be awkward the first few times, but it will improve. And then you will just forget that you have it in. That's the challenge for me towards the end of my period - actually remembering to get it out. I don't feel it at all.

loobybear Wed 07-Mar-18 21:38:55

Yes, I use mine at work but don't usually need to empty it during the day at all so it's not an issue.

It took me a few goes to find the best way of inserting it for me and so for my first few periods I would switch between using it and using tampons but once I got the knack I haven't looked back and have had not issues since then.

gingergenius Wed 07-Mar-18 21:39:51

I'm peri menopausal am day the start of my now-erratic period I often need to change tampons every 45 mins at the start - would it work for me do you think?

FifiVoldemortsChavvyCousin Wed 07-Mar-18 21:42:14

Can it get lost like a tampon? Some of us have cavernous vags.

NotTheMrMenAgain Wed 07-Mar-18 21:42:25

No, I tried a few years ago and didn't get on with it all. I've had a baby, episiotomy etc but I just couldn't get the bugger in. I persevered but just ended up sore and eventually gave up. I was quite disappointed as people bang on about how wonderful they are and I was expecting it to be awesome. Goes to show we're all different I suppose!

claraschu Wed 07-Mar-18 21:44:53

I empty mine much more often than most of you, as mine is quite small. I can't feel it when it is in, and got used to putting it in after a couple of periods when I mixed using it with using tampons. If I am away from home I just empty it into the toilet and reinsert it, then wipe my hands on paper towel, and don't touch anything until I have washed my hands well (flush toilet and open stall door with my elbow or a clean piece of toilet roll).

I used a cervical cap for contraception and it is quite similar to insert, so easier for me than for someone who never did that before, but really not difficult at all, after you get used to it. All in all it is comfortable, environmentally friendly, cheap, and generally wonderful.

Dixiebell Wed 07-Mar-18 21:45:12

I tried one recently. I was fine with putting it in and getting it out, but I couldn’t wee with it in! Was I doing it wrong?! It’s really put me off using it again! I’d try another brand but don’t want to keep forking out £20 a go if it’s just that my body’s a weird shape or something!

AutumnMadness Wed 07-Mar-18 21:45:45

Some more advice - find the most relaxed position for you to insert it. For me it's just sitting down on the toilet. Standing up does not work. When you insert it, shove it up quite high, the bottom end should be fully, perhaps an inch, inside your vagina. This way you will not feel it. If the end is hanging out or is very close to the vagina exit, it will be uncomfortable. In order to get it into the high-up-the-vagina position, I first insert it folder as far as I can get it, then let go, let it unfold and sort of twist it upward with the tips of my fingers.

In order to extract, get comfy and relax again, push it out with your vagina muscles - this will bring it out close enough to the vagina entrance where you can pinch it with your fingers, running one finger upwards along it, breaking the vacuum seal between it and the wall of your vagina, and then you will be able to get it out no problem.

Or whatever. Sorry for gory details. You will find your way! Just experiment.

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