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To ask neighbours to turn the telly down

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catlady45 Wed 07-Mar-18 01:53:23

Ok. Live in a ln upstairs flat. Neighbours down below are elderly but are really noisy. For years I would moan about noise of tv blaring at all hours. - I'm a light sleeper sad . I would complain all this to OH but, as im passive and dont want to rock the boat, I just put up with it and put ear plugs in. It would be so loud I could hear word for word conversations of heart beat at 4 am.

Anyway, I cracked after baby was born and popped a note through they're door. They were horrified and very apologetic and said it was because they were going deaf and falling asleep with tv on. im sure the alcohol doesn't help either I could no longer put earplugs in due to baby

All fine. Until now.

Been up feeding baby through night and I know tv is getting louder all the time this week. I wouldnt say it is as loud as last time however i know that now i can hear it, when i go to bed it will seem like the loudest noise on earth.

Should i write another note ?

TanteRose Wed 07-Mar-18 01:56:50

yes, write another note, or go round - they obviously don't realise the volume has gone up again.

DalekDalekDalek Wed 07-Mar-18 01:57:01

I would. No particular advice but I had this with a downstairs neighbour and music. It drove me insane, he was a, shall we call it, savoury character so I never went down and asked him to shut up.

I would just be super polite about it, say that your really sorry to disturb them and all that but could they keep the noise down a little. Better be over polite and keep them on side even though they are in the wrong.

catlady45 Wed 07-Mar-18 02:06:10

See I would have thought they would? They spoke about getting the 'numbers right' last time which i assune means volume. Though, that now sounds like I'm suggesting they are doing it on purpose which I'm sure they're not.

I know when I go to bed now it will seem like the loudest thing on earth sad

Any ideas on what to put on second note. ?

mojito55 Wed 07-Mar-18 02:07:21

Maybe try actually knocking and speaking to them this time, a second note could seem passive aggressive. Also offer to show them the sleep function on their remote, they probably don't know it exists. Also mention how it will save on their electricity bill so they're more inclined to use it smile

DalekDalekDalek Wed 07-Mar-18 02:11:31

Definitely think knocking is better than a note. And take your baby with you for the aw factor.

halfwitpicker Wed 07-Mar-18 02:15:58

Definitely knock on.

catlady45 Wed 07-Mar-18 02:16:00

Thats a good idea mojito. Maybe convince them to put towards their heating bill. For us being an upstairs flat, its bloody cold and always got the heating on so i dread to think what theirs is like :O

Realistically its a nightmare trying to catch any of them in the passing. Probably anotyer reason why it went on as long. I would be all geared up for speaking with them but wouldnt see them then time passed it didnt seem as important .

TanteRose Wed 07-Mar-18 02:18:07

ooh I like Dalek 's idea of taking the baby down and knocking on their door {grin]

I think a face-to-face might work better too

SootyandMathew Wed 07-Mar-18 02:24:01

Knock on the door at 2.20 and they might realise.

MarSeeAh Wed 07-Mar-18 02:35:39

Remotes have a sleep function?!

Is this why my telly keeps switching itself off?!

And yes, better to take the baby and go and speak to them face to face.

Faroutbrussel Wed 07-Mar-18 02:41:10

They need wireless headphones then they can have them as loud as they want. Maybe explain that your DH has some for when
he's up late and show some to them. You have my sympathy.

mixture Wed 07-Mar-18 02:48:03

Yes, wireless headphones. That's it. I had elderly relatives that got theirs from some service, assisting the elderly with providing walkers and similar.

StillMe1 Wed 07-Mar-18 02:51:07

I cant understand why neighbours don't realise that noise carries.

catlady45 Wed 07-Mar-18 05:03:16

I know sad. Well yp again and sounds like tv is off. If i seectgem about today ill ask them to turn it down .

AbsolutelyCorking Wed 07-Mar-18 05:55:04

No one should have to wear wireless headphones in their own home hmm Bonkers. OP, I’d leave it, that’s part and parcel of living in a flat.

TheCatsMother44 Wed 07-Mar-18 06:00:27

In almost every flat lease there's a covenant about noise audible from outside that flat between certain certain, eg, 11pm and 8am so I disagree with the pp saying it's part and parcel of living in a flat, you shouldn't have to put up with that noise.

Id offer to help them learn how to use the sleep function on their tv at night and get into the habit of using it every day. I don't even live in a flat but I do this every night in case I fall asleep with the tv on so I don't wake up to it still going.

TheCatsMother44 Wed 07-Mar-18 06:00:57

Certain times*

catlady45 Tue 13-Mar-18 04:50:07

Well just to let you know, i decided to put a note through their door at 1130 this evening... I tried knocking hammering but they couldnt hear.

This was after finally getting lo settled, an advert or some other song woke us both up. I know 1130 is hardly the latest but I was so angry. Also fell out with oh and somehow turned it into being in fault. T.v. now appears off/turned down so they must have got it smile

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Tue 13-Mar-18 05:04:46

I see that you've cracked!
If you do dare face them, try introducing them to subtitles

catlady45 Tue 13-Mar-18 05:13:58

Im glad they never answered. I was like a woman possessed lol ive been on 2hrly wake ups this evening/morning . Poor oh was offering to make me tea at 430 am there.

Tbh im not sure if subtitles would help. Quite possibly their eyesight is away too x

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