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School taking kids out of class to sledge.

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QueenArseClangers Wed 28-Feb-18 14:18:26

AIBU to think this is bloody marvellous?

Our fantastic infant school took nearly all the kids out sledging/snowman building/playing outside on the school field that has a slope on yesterday.
Makeshift sledges were constructed from bin bags and the kids all have school provided waterproofs.

Reading today about some schools not allowing children to play in the snow has made me appreciate our little school all the more. The head said she wants the kids to look back on their time at Infants and have happy memories smile

user1483387154 Wed 28-Feb-18 14:20:27


DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Wed 28-Feb-18 14:20:29

I think that’s great!

Inner city school here though so no hills and no grass unfortunately. Also no snow but that’s by the by grin

SweetMoon Wed 28-Feb-18 14:21:19

That's brilliant! Well done that school. That's one school day that all those kids will remember with a smile on their face.

AllisLost Wed 28-Feb-18 14:21:45

Fabulous. That's what it was like when I was a kid

RedAndGreenPlaid Wed 28-Feb-18 14:22:39

Yes- ours did it last lot of snow- "games" lesson was sledging and snowball fights on the field! Best thing ever according to my 8yo smile

hazell42 Wed 28-Feb-18 14:23:56

Bloomin marvellous

TheVanguardSix Wed 28-Feb-18 14:24:40

Awesome! They'll be talking about it for years. And really, in life, it's making memories that matters.

Flicketyflack Wed 28-Feb-18 14:25:16


No snow here so very envious ❄️ ⛄️

stepmad Wed 28-Feb-18 14:26:11

Our school had the children laughing so much as the teachers had a go on the sledges. They have all been out had a massive snow ball fight with the health and safety stuff. My eight year old charge came out yesterday we went to the park we were there before school said its the best week ever

BornInALighthouse Wed 28-Feb-18 14:26:24

Great. Also bags make the best sledges as they kind of spin!

QueenArseClangers Wed 28-Feb-18 14:26:35

Aaaaw, lovely to hear about more children having snowy fun yesterday.

They also have lots of animals and there’s an incubator (covered in carefully placed sticky fingerprints) with duck eggs waiting to hatch.

QueenArseClangers Wed 28-Feb-18 14:28:03

My darling mum still remembers fondly when she was a wee girl in the late1930s going sledging with a candle in a jam jar as it was going dark.

GoodMorning1 Wed 28-Feb-18 14:28:10

Fantastic! That'll do them far more good than cramming for stupid SATS.

IpreferFrieda Wed 28-Feb-18 14:28:12

Brilliant. When I was a TA we went out with the few kids who made it in and built snowmen they we made them hot chocolate and toast. grin

MissDuke Wed 28-Feb-18 14:29:15

Fab! Ours were kept inside :-(

TheOrigRightsofwomen Wed 28-Feb-18 14:47:19

Mine (Essex) spent the few hours he was in school mostly playing in it.

Good, cos I can't be arsed!

gillybeanz Wed 28-Feb-18 14:47:41

I think more parents would take their kids into school on these days if they were all like this.
I think it's brilliant, but unfortunately many are keeping dc inside in case they slip, fall, or catch colds sad

crunchymint Wed 28-Feb-18 14:51:12

I think they should be learning.

Loonoon Wed 28-Feb-18 14:52:19

I worked at a boys secondary school in inner London some years ago. We had a mega snowy day and the head opened up an area of the playing fields that were normally off limits and cancelled the two first classes before break so the boys could run amok out there and let off steam. It was brilliant, I have never seen so many smiling faces. We had a lot of refugee and asylum seekers at the time who had had terrible lives and also never seen snow before. To see them running around and being total kids bought tears to my eyes.

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Wed 28-Feb-18 14:53:17

YANBU, how cool!

LemonScentedStickyBat Wed 28-Feb-18 14:57:23

I think it’s lovely for the majority of children. Mine (and me, when I was that age) would prefer to stay inside and read but I think it’s fair enough to take the opportunity to get the children to do something that they don’t often get to do.

ClaryFray Wed 28-Feb-18 14:57:27

That's great!

Kids need to be kids and sometimes the current system forgets that. Not the schools fault, but the pressure on results and stats.

Fab show to your school

Desperatelyseekingsun Wed 28-Feb-18 14:59:35

I think it's great, they will be learning things that they don't usually have the opportunity to and they are likely to remember it long after they have forgotten the days either side of it.

Natsku Wed 28-Feb-18 14:59:36

Ah that's great, those lucky children!

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