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He said, I know you like it like that

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ironbrew Wed 28-Feb-18 14:07:58

AIBU to have the nark because my DP said 'I know you like it like that' in bed this morning. The thing is, I don't 'like it like that' and I immediately thought it may have been something he would have said to his ex girlfriend because she 'liked it like that'.

I know it IS unreasonable to think like this but it pissed me off.

luckiestgirl Wed 28-Feb-18 14:09:35

Like it like what?

Nottheduchessofcambridge Wed 28-Feb-18 14:09:40

Have you told him you don’t like it like that? Maybe he’s just going for a bit of dirty talk.

NSEA Wed 28-Feb-18 14:10:01

Maybe next time say no you don’t and then you won’t be so pissed

Idontdowindows Wed 28-Feb-18 14:10:51

Easiest fix: tell him.

Namechangerefuge Wed 28-Feb-18 14:10:52

It’s just standard dirty talk

Calvinlookingforhobbs Wed 28-Feb-18 14:11:56

Poor fool. You might need to train him up as to how you do like it..

Beamur Wed 28-Feb-18 14:12:30

I'd be narked about my partner doing something he either knew I didn't liked or was trying to minimise. His comment is pretty pathetic tbh. I'm not sure why you're bringing his ex into it though?

SilverySurfer Wed 28-Feb-18 14:12:52

I hope you told him that you didn't or how will he know?

Smeaton Wed 28-Feb-18 14:13:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PasDeDeux Wed 28-Feb-18 14:13:19

Have you discussed it with him?

UnderCoverDemocrat Wed 28-Feb-18 14:13:38

Did you tell him?

BeverlyHillsBillie Wed 28-Feb-18 14:13:42

Is this about coffee or tea?

Foreverandforeverandever Wed 28-Feb-18 14:14:29

How do you know his ex likes it like that? confused

IlikemyTeahot Wed 28-Feb-18 14:15:36

I would have laughed...hes probably picked it up from a certain type of movie 😉😉

FleetwoodSmack Wed 28-Feb-18 14:15:38

For God's sake, tell him you don't take sugar! Communication, people!

italiancortado Wed 28-Feb-18 14:16:11

Oh ffs. Great thread.

ironbrew Wed 28-Feb-18 14:16:55

No, not a cuppa! It was a sexual move, and it was just that he had never said that before, or suggested it. So when he said 'I know you like it like that', I was annoyed because he HAS NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE.

So AIBU to be pissed off?

MyBrilliantDisguise Wed 28-Feb-18 14:18:52

How long have you been together?

beckieperk Wed 28-Feb-18 14:18:56

Love advice but watching with interest. brewgrin

chipsandgin Wed 28-Feb-18 14:20:08

Misjudged dirty talk? You sound a bit paranoid TBH if that was all you are basing it on, why would it be an ex he was talking about (unless there is a drip feed here and he'd just screamed her name!?)?

Also like it like what? If he was slapping you round the arse with a fish or wearing a gimp mask and a maids apron then possibly specific to the ex & you should definitely say it's not your thing? If he was talking about something more 'standard' I'd say you are BU to assume it is anything other than an assumption he has made that you like it (but again, if you don't like it, say something!)...

upsideup Wed 28-Feb-18 14:20:49

Why do people not talk to their partners?
DH said to me this morning that he will make it extra spicy for me because he knows I like really spicy foods, options were:
1. To be pissed and assume it was because his exgf like really spicy food.
2. tell him that I actually have gone off really spicy foods and he doesnt need to do that

FleetwoodSmack Wed 28-Feb-18 14:21:25

Well, no, yanbu, but it probably makes a difference whether you've only been sleeping together for a few weeks or whether it's been a few years.

ItsAllABitStrangeReally Wed 28-Feb-18 14:21:32

Need the context??

Did he shove his dick up your arse or become aggressive?? Obviously, that's not ok. In fact, it's beyond.

OR did he do a funny wiggle and mutter 'I know you like it like That'.

In which case you need to get over yourself.

ironbrew Wed 28-Feb-18 14:21:39

Been together 2 years. I just thought he must have been thinking of her. It was definitely something we have never done.

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