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Meal ideas for 7month old

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123lookatme Sun 25-Feb-18 22:09:02

Having my nephew to stay soon and want to cook some meals. What does your 7month old eat

123lookatme Sun 25-Feb-18 22:09:53

Opps sorry posted in wrong section

Momo18 Sun 25-Feb-18 22:10:47

Scrambled egg
Jacket potato
Avacado with chicken and cous cous
Mashed banana

Basically anything not too high in salt or sugar, I do keep a close eye for choking but she manages fine mostly.

user1471459936 Sun 25-Feb-18 22:13:32

Whatever you are eating unless it's very spicy or salty. They probably won't eat much of it anyhow.

123lookatme Sun 25-Feb-18 22:16:17

What pudds do you give

Camomila Sun 25-Feb-18 22:20:50

At 7m DS was still having individual tastes of soft/steamed veg and fruit (a long bad cold at the start of weaning meant we got off to a slow start) but a couple of months later he liked...

Pasta spirals with cheese
Soup with fingers of cheese on toast
Scrambled eggs
Slow cooked Chicken casserole (gone off it now sadly)

Momo18 Sun 25-Feb-18 22:22:47

Pudding is usually fromage fraud or fruit

NoNoCharlieRascal Sun 25-Feb-18 22:23:33

Ds 8 months eat what we eat. He doesn't have pudds, there is no need at this age but he has a small selection of fruit at each meal. His favourites are large oranges sliced, blueberries and pears.

Is the child on purees or blw?

Camomila Sun 25-Feb-18 22:23:33

I doht think most people give sugary pudding at that age, I only gave fruit or plain greek yoghurt.
I told my dad off for giving PFB a rich tea biscuit at around 10m blush

Eltonjohnssyrup Sun 25-Feb-18 22:28:16

Buy an Annabelle Karmel book. Lovely recipes and you can all eat the same. Fish pie, cottage pie etc

frasier Sun 25-Feb-18 22:31:27

No "puds" at that age (I have a healthy DC without a sweet tooth and it starts by doing no puds then!) Fruit and yogurt OK.

Eltonjohnssyrup Sun 25-Feb-18 22:34:56

Greek yogurt with stewed fruit or a dash of purée from a packet.

Don’t give honey Greek yogurt. Honey is banned until age one for safety.

Figmentofimagination Sun 25-Feb-18 22:49:51

For meals, it depends on wether your nephew is baby led weaning (blw) or spoon fed. If spoon fed you can puree your meals, add a bit of baby's milk or boiled water if it is a bit thick, as long as it's not to high in salt or sugar. Mashed banana is always good and easy to do, as is scrambled egg, also mashed potato (with full fat milk) or any mashed veg. Baby porridge is also good, which you can add some fruit purée to.
If blw, your nephew can eat things like soft fruit, soft cooked veg, cheese chunks, pasta etc.
I would check with your nephew's parents to see what feeding method they chose.
For dessert you can give soft fruit, yogurt of fromage frais.

Nottalotta Sun 25-Feb-18 22:52:32

Mine had whatever I was having, from the start. Find out if they are eating puree or baby led weaning. That'll help.

Bambamber Sun 25-Feb-18 22:53:53

From 6 months my DD has eaten exactly what I eat. Totally depends on what style of weaning his parents are doing. We don't normally do puddings, but If my DD is struggling with teething we make some yogurt bark

123lookatme Sun 25-Feb-18 23:10:20

Spoon fed not blw

jellyonaplate88 Sun 25-Feb-18 23:12:04

Eats anything we eat except honey (bad before age 1). Watch out for salt and sugar levels.

DS favourites are fish pie and chicken casserole. I use low salt stock cubes for the latter.

jellyonaplate88 Sun 25-Feb-18 23:13:14

If spoon fed just mash whatever you're having, or use a stick blender. Easiest meals though are any white meat/fish + vegetables + low salt stock cube in slow cooker then blend.

Kpo58 Sun 25-Feb-18 23:29:39

I'd ask the parents what the baby would eat. My DD would occasionally eat yogurt at that stage and nothing else.

Camomila Sun 25-Feb-18 23:31:53

What's yoghurt bark? Is it a typo...if not it sounds nice.

frasier Sun 25-Feb-18 23:38:39

Camomila Not a typo!

frasier Sun 25-Feb-18 23:41:27

Meant to say, DC loved yogurt bark when he was teething

Camomila Sun 25-Feb-18 23:46:15

That looks great, thanks! DS is getting his last molars ATM and is mega cross.

frasier Sun 25-Feb-18 23:55:42

ooh try cucumber pieces in the freezer for a while also.

Cheby Mon 26-Feb-18 00:05:26

Mine just ate whatever we ate, I cooked without salt and used low salt stock cubes.

I also made batches of finger foods and froze for quick and easy lunches; stuff like banana pancakes, sweet corn fritters, cheese scones, cheese and veg muffins, sweet potato scones. Then she ate pieces of cheese, quartered cherry tomatoes, peeled cucumber (once she had teeth she was fine with the skin). Toast, hummus also both popular.

For ‘pudding’ we give fruit and yoghurt; dip spoons in yoghurt and hand them over for self feeding.

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