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To tell friend it's too late now?

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HotCrossBunFight Sun 25-Feb-18 18:11:56

Friend was due at 5.30. It's now 6.10. I need to start bedtime routine in 35mins.
AIBU to tell him not to bother?
DH says I'm only doing it because we don't like friend's new GF....

Aprilshowerswontbelong Sun 25-Feb-18 18:13:20

Were they just due to visit for an hour?

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Sun 25-Feb-18 18:13:24

Depends what he's coming for.

Your DH can entertain while you do bedtime?

HotCrossBunFight Sun 25-Feb-18 18:14:16

Yes just popping in for a brief visit. Friend is aware of children's bedtime.

Leeds2 Sun 25-Feb-18 18:15:49

Maybe they want to avoid seeing your DC?

I would let DH entertain them, whilst you put DC to bed.

Nquartz Sun 25-Feb-18 18:16:14

Id tell them not to bother, being that late is blatantly rude

Aprilshowerswontbelong Sun 25-Feb-18 18:16:57

Leave your dh to deal with them -

DeathStare Sun 25-Feb-18 18:17:23

That depends. How long were they planning to stay?

Can your DH not do bedtime?

VladmirsPoutine Sun 25-Feb-18 18:20:00

I think you are being over the top. Let your H deal with them or whatever.

If say you were due to meet somewhere then I could understand but you're being a bit dramatic.

Worldsworstcook Sun 25-Feb-18 18:52:05

YABU leave it to your DH and stick to your normal routine.

Rewn7 Sun 25-Feb-18 19:00:31

Can’t stand lateness. Especially if they’ve not been in touch to say why. I’d cancel tbh.

vaingina Sun 25-Feb-18 19:14:17

Get on with what you need to do for your routine. Don’t stop until you have finished, regardless of when they appear..

AnneOfCleavage Sun 25-Feb-18 19:27:48

Does he have form for this? In my childish mind if he turned up 5 minutes before children's bedtime I would say to him to wait in lounge while you and DH both do bedtime and make him wait but that's just me in my present mindset.

BackforGood Sun 25-Feb-18 21:53:21

Did the conversation go

Can we pop in for an hour?
Yes, when?
Sun, early evening
Well, it's not a good time for us really as we need to sort out putting dc to bed by 6.45
Oh, that's fine, we'll be away by then.


are you assuming they know it's really important to you you put the dc to bed at 6.45, and it wasn't specifically stated ?

Because that makes a difference to my response.

MyKingdomForBrie Sun 25-Feb-18 21:54:47

I would just carry on with bedtime as normal and not be downstairs when they arrive - why does it matter?

SEsofty Sun 25-Feb-18 22:50:28

So what happened?

HotCrossBunFight Sun 25-Feb-18 22:55:15

They didn't turn up at all! Husband called at 7, they'd gone elsewhere.

At least bedtime wasn't disrupted!

TicketyBoo83 Sun 25-Feb-18 23:05:15

How rude!

LEMtheoriginal Sun 25-Feb-18 23:07:33


SunshineAfterRain Mon 26-Feb-18 01:09:01

And they could have sent a text.
What if you had kept the dc up to see then. How rude indeed.

VladmirsPoutine Mon 26-Feb-18 01:34:41

Why does everything on MN have to be so over-dramatic? You were stressed about their lateness and putting your dc to bed and now they didn't show up at all so they are "twats".

People should calm the fuck down. This was a non-event. FFS can everyone get a fucking grip.

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