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To think this is an okay lunch for DS?

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namaste86 Sun 25-Feb-18 18:01:55

I made an easy Sunday dinner today. There was a bit too much for this evening so I've sent some leftovers for DS when my mum looks after him tomorrow whilst we're in work.

The small plate of leftovers consist of carrot + swede mash, potatoes, broccoli + leek cheese and peas. I've just spoken to my mother to let her know he's sorted for lunch tomorrow and she doesn't seem to think its an adequate lunch. When I asked her why, she couldn't actually give me a reason confused

For context, breakfast will be Weetabix or porridge with raspberries, for lunch its the leftovers followed by some fruit + yoghurt, and dinner will be scrambled egg on toast with another portion of fruit. Plus two small snacks. He's a few days shy of 12 months.

AIBU to think its a perfectly adequate meal?

gingercat02 Sun 25-Feb-18 18:06:43

No protein that I can see? Apart from a bit in the cheese sauce

lashestans Sun 25-Feb-18 18:07:34

Absolutely nothing wrong with that as he is still getting all his nutrition from milk. I assume she's moaning because there's no meat... what does she think vegetarians do? "Food before one is just for fun"

honeysucklejasmine Sun 25-Feb-18 18:08:26

Yes lacking in protein.

Sirzy Sun 25-Feb-18 18:08:39

At 12 months it’s fine!

Whowhatwhy Sun 25-Feb-18 18:10:08

The "food before one" thing is nonsense. He needs some sort of protein with that food OP. I agree with your dm.

FancyNewBeesly Sun 25-Feb-18 18:10:37

I’d just make sure he had a good amount of protein at dinner time - I tend to look at a whole day rather than just one meal.

honeysucklejasmine Sun 25-Feb-18 18:10:50

Fwiw my DD doesn't like most protein foods so I know it's hard to include sometimes. She will eat a bit of sliced ham every now and then but that's about it.

GreatDuckCookery Sun 25-Feb-18 18:11:18

Of course it's fine. Yes there's very little protein in that particular meal but he will be having egg and yogurt during the day!

Mother needs to keep her nose out wink

mumonashoestring Sun 25-Feb-18 18:12:07

Cheese and egg both have protein in them. You're doing fine OP.

BarbarianMum Sun 25-Feb-18 18:12:14

Id also be thinking "where's the protein" although I wouldn't necessarily expect meat. Is he having a bottle of milk along with that?

HotCrossBunFight Sun 25-Feb-18 18:13:28

Milk and cheese are protein. I'd say it's fine.

afreshnewname Sun 25-Feb-18 18:13:40

He will get protein in his evening meal from the eggs, it's fine for lunch.

Not every meal has to be completely balanced

Verbena37 Sun 25-Feb-18 18:15:15

I’m not usually judgey but I’m giggling because I thought your DS was going to be like 8 yrs old or something!

Of course that’s fine.
For all the people moaning about protein in one meal, you look at protein over a day, not per meal.
He isn’t having weetabix with milk, egg, cheese and broccoli....all of which contain protein!

“Don’t panic Mr Manwaring!”

SaucyJack Sun 25-Feb-18 18:15:31

Reheated leftover veg doesn't have much nutrition left by the time it gets to your baby's plate. It's not a best practice meal.

It won't kill him tho.

Flutterbyeee Sun 25-Feb-18 18:15:52

Wow. What a wonderful life you lead.

upsideup Sun 25-Feb-18 18:15:59

100g as cheddar cheese has the same amount of protein as 100g of steak, Brocolli is also a high protein vegetable.
He will be absolutely fine, thats a perfectly healthy and acceptable lunch.

Bubbinsmakesthree Sun 25-Feb-18 18:17:08

Completely fine. Yeah it's protein light but it's fine as a single meal.

11mo DS had some potato carrot and broccoli for lunch and will probably have no dinner as he fell asleep on car journey home.

HollyBollyBooBoo Sun 25-Feb-18 18:17:32

If meat eating I would add a bit of cooked chicken/ slice of beef.

Nemesia Sun 25-Feb-18 18:17:52

Weetabix, broccoli and peas all contain protein. A one year old only needs 16 grams of protein a day. We are obsessed about protein for no good reason at all!

Keepingupwiththejonesys Sun 25-Feb-18 18:18:45

I love it on here when someone shrieks 'lack of protein' or 'no carbs there' or whatever. We often have soup for dinner, its definitely not hitting every food group but its absolutely fine. You know have the people pearl clutching give their DC toast for dinner most days (which is fine).

The meal there is absolutely fine.

Pengggwn Sun 25-Feb-18 18:19:35

No protein in scrambled egg 😂

OP, it is absolutely fine.

peaceandquietandtea Sun 25-Feb-18 18:19:36

There is plenty of protein in what you are giving him and don't worry. Sounds like 3 healthy meals to me. All a lot of misunderstanding around protein and all foods contain some protein. As a vegetarian / vegan for years I've experienced lots of comments and negativity from others and it really used to get me down. My children thankfully have grown up healthy on veggie food and similar to what you describe. Don't worry - mums have enough to worry about.

gingercat02 Sun 25-Feb-18 18:20:31

True upsideup but there will only be a weeney bit of cheese (and milk) in cheese sauce on veg

Elementally Sun 25-Feb-18 18:23:31

No meal on Mumsnet is ever ok. Seriously just stop asking. The answer will be no.

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