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Boyfriend won't leave MY house

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FirstTimeMama18 Sun 25-Feb-18 12:42:10

I have told my boyfriend to leave my house and he's refusing. I own the house outright myself.

We have an 8 week old DD and he has a DS from previous relationship. Our relationship has been very whirlwind, fell pregnant very quickly etc. We have done nothing but argue since I gave birth and I have had enough. Too much stress and don't feel supported.

I asked him to leave last night, he did but came back this morning and is refusing to leave now. His son is with him, he's sitting on my sofa smirking telling me he's going no where and to call the police.. I don't want police at my door.

He pays me £400 towards bills but like I said, I own my home outright. Do I have to give him notice to leave? How do I get him to leave without calling the police?

WunWegWunDarWun Sun 25-Feb-18 12:43:52

Why don't you want the police involved?

Dizzywizz Sun 25-Feb-18 12:44:24

Call the police

NewYearNewMe18 Sun 25-Feb-18 12:44:59

Call the police

overmydeadbody Sun 25-Feb-18 12:45:30

Just call the police.

PhelanThePain Sun 25-Feb-18 12:46:01

Call the police. He expects you not to. He is depending on you being too afraid to take that step. Call his bluff. Call them, explain the situation and ask them to attend and remove him from the property. Make the call infront of him .

Leeds2 Sun 25-Feb-18 12:46:11

Call the police, and make sure he hears you make the call. He will have gone by the time they turn up (so make sure you remember to cancel).

Nanny0gg Sun 25-Feb-18 12:46:23

You have no choice unless you have a rugby playing brother with lots of mates.

He's bullying you and he's brought his son to guilt-trip you.

Phone the police.

KochabRising Sun 25-Feb-18 12:46:36

Give him notice in writing
Then, Call the police

He’s asserting dominance over you which is being helped by your unwillingness to call the police. If you do not call the police now he knows exactly how far he can push you and you’re going to have a nightmare on your hands.
If you do call the police, you signal to him that you’re serious, and that his behaviour will not be tolerated.

So, call the police. Then get the locks changed

NSEA Sun 25-Feb-18 12:46:49

All the police.

Pengggwn Sun 25-Feb-18 12:47:10

You quite probably can't make him leave without calling the police, not unless you have some serious dirt on him.

LavenderDoll Sun 25-Feb-18 12:47:22

Call the police and change the locks

ilovesooty Sun 25-Feb-18 12:47:25

Just call the police. Why ever wouldn't you. Then as it's your house, change the locks.

KurriKurri Sun 25-Feb-18 12:47:39

Everyone is going to tell you to call the police - I know it isn't nice (I've had to do it with an X) but sometimes it is the only way. You can;t physically throw him out of your house.

And you need to get your locks changed.

Good luck.

GreenTulips Sun 25-Feb-18 12:48:15

No need to give notice he's not a tenant

Police are there to assist you he won't get a criminal record unless there's more to it

WillowWept Sun 25-Feb-18 12:48:17

Is there a reason why you won't call the police? You really should

Scabetty Sun 25-Feb-18 12:48:18

Call the police or let him stay. Two choices. Pick one.

CupOfJoe Sun 25-Feb-18 12:48:26

Call the police. Smug bastard

DeathStare Sun 25-Feb-18 12:48:43

Either phone the police. Or wait until he next goes out and change the locks, and have his stuff sent to a friend/family member's house. Only you can decide which of these options would be better for you. If you are at all scared of him, call the police.

VladmirsPoutine Sun 25-Feb-18 12:49:18

There is only one option. It has already been mentioned.

Scabetty Sun 25-Feb-18 12:49:44

Get his keys before he goes and call a locksmith asap.

Coldilox Sun 25-Feb-18 12:51:05

Call the police now (am a police officer and often disagree with MN advice to call the police, but in this case do it)

While waiting for them, get all his stuff together in bin bags so when the police remove him he can take all his stuff with him and have no reason to come back.

Then change the locks.

FirstTimeMama18 Sun 25-Feb-18 12:51:56

@Coldilox is this bullying like others are saying?

lightoflaluna Sun 25-Feb-18 12:52:47

He's smirking because he thinks youre weak and will back down. Prove him wrong.

Lucked Sun 25-Feb-18 12:52:57

Call 101 and ask their advice, I don't think I would want the police coming around when his son is there though.

If he is going to take his son home at some point can you organise a locksmith while he is out. Or at least put a chain on and don't open it. Make sure he hasn't squirrelled away a key for the back door.

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