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To ask - whose ever won a large sum of money?

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karmacoma1 Sun 25-Feb-18 11:00:01

Currently sat playing online bingo with the princely sum of a tenner, hoping I may get lucky.

Anything over 5k and I am not going into my hated job tomorrow grin

Has anyone ever got lucky and won big?

I won a grand about 7 years about - nothing since sad

Meandmy4 Sun 25-Feb-18 11:01:17

I won £10000 on a scratchcard
Then i woke up !
wink x

EvenFlowJam Sun 25-Feb-18 11:04:53

I Won £64m on the lottery a few years back

JoeyMaynardssolidlump Sun 25-Feb-18 11:06:12


OMG what do you do now?

Witchend Sun 25-Feb-18 11:06:24

I won £4 as a child. I thought it was a small fortune at the time.
It also came as a postal order which was incredibly exciting.

hmmwhatatodo Sun 25-Feb-18 11:07:53

I won £300 worth of my choice of gift vouchers once. Does that count?

EvenFlowJam Sun 25-Feb-18 11:10:12

I run a dog rescue centre and hold dog shows and events in summer.

TheNaze73 Sun 25-Feb-18 11:10:46

One of my friends won £4M on a £10 scratchcard. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady.
It was enough for her to give up work & she’s recently bought a nice little place outside NYC where she’s moved to.

It does happen smile

Lucked Sun 25-Feb-18 11:17:15


I put on my lottery numbers very sporadically so last night I decided to check if they had ever one. If I had played every week I would have paid around £2500 and won £500 so be £2000 worse off.

ATailofTwoKitties Sun 25-Feb-18 11:19:22

I've been disproportionately pleased by getting £50 in the school 'but a number' raffle, does that count?

ATailofTwoKitties Sun 25-Feb-18 11:19:36

'buy a number', even

karmacoma1 Sun 25-Feb-18 11:22:35

Thenaze- that’s lovely! I’m glad it does actually happen.

I’m not even holding out for millions - just enough for a security net so I can eff this job off halo

ButchyRestingFace Sun 25-Feb-18 11:27:41


OMG what do you do now?

Hopefully she’s lounging around poolside in the Carribean whilst Fabio types up her MN posts for her. 🥂

SimplyJaded Sun 25-Feb-18 11:29:51

We had five numbers on the lotto a couple of years ago (when it was still £1 to play).

We marked the numbers off and were pissing our pants with excitement as we googled the prizes - five numbers sounds like a big big win to me.

Nope - £1600 grin I mean it was still nice to have but I've never been so pleased and so gutted at the same time!

youarenotkiddingme Sun 25-Feb-18 11:31:06

A few years ago during a really shit financial patch and ds going trough a terrible patch MH wise I won £1300 on lottery.

I was on the phone to my friend and lottery was on. I looked up and said "oh, I've just got 3 numbers." Then fourth came out and I said "oh wow 4 numbers."

As fifth came out I laughed and said "oh well, won't be millions" as I didn't have it.

Then sixth came out and me and my friend were both laughing and shaking.

I don't think either of us took a breath as we waited for the bonus ball. Sadly it wasn't my number!

WiseOldHag Sun 25-Feb-18 11:32:00

We got 5 out of 6 numbers on the Irish Lotto some years back.
Won £35.

NomsQualityStreets Sun 25-Feb-18 11:32:16

I haven't personally but an acquaintance has. Twice. It was bizarre.

They won 25k and decided to go off and travel with the wife and blew it all in 2months..,came back and bought another scratch card and won 15k!!! And promptly packed up and went on an all inclusive 5* cruise with the wife again where they splashed the cash and it was gone in a month because YOLO.

It's worth mentioning that they lived in a country where that sort of money was a fortune and could go a lot further than here in the UK.

About a year or two later they immigrated to another country as they couldn't make ends meet. That money could've given them the security they needed for years to come. But hey YOLO confused

youarenotkiddingme Sun 25-Feb-18 11:32:32

Interesting simply as I literally was kissing my pants with excitement at winning that much!

I guess it's all relative!

youarenotkiddingme Sun 25-Feb-18 11:32:51

Or rather pissing my pants blushgrin

sallyandherarmy Sun 25-Feb-18 11:40:23

My aunt won £275K on the lotto, as part of a syndicate that won millions. Her DH was in the same syndicate so he won the same amount.

She invested in a garden centre, stayed in the same house, got a Range Rover, and now has a lovely life.

Her DH died a year later. He was an abusive bastard, who left her within weeks of winning. When he died, she inherited everything.

She is now NC with nearly all the family, only has contact with the ones that didn't try to bully her into 'sharing' her good fortune.

I'd do the same if ever I was fortunate to 'win' a nice amount.

Grumpyoldwoman007 Sun 25-Feb-18 11:40:53

I won £5,500 on the postcode lottery. Then the following week had an unexpected expense of £5000. I would've struggled to pay that had I not had the win.

SootyandMathew Sun 25-Feb-18 11:42:18

My SIL mum won €220,000 years ago. She was a cleaner in an office (so never really saw anyone unless they were working late) but the partners insisted if they were having a syndicate everyone was to be included. Even more amazing she hadn't paid her subs for a couple of weeks as she's been sick

It really couldn't have happened to a nicer lady. It enables her to pay off her mortgage and when she had to retire with ill health a couple of years later it meant she never worried about money, even though it was a small amount.

Gwenhwyfar Sun 25-Feb-18 11:43:13

Norms - I think some people can't cope with the change to their lifestyle that being rich would bring so maybe blowing it all in one go was a way for them to go back to their normality afterwards.

I do wonder about these people who say they're going to stay in their mundane jobs and their modest homes, how long that's going to last when they know they can walk away and how their relationships with friends and family will change.

SootyandMathew Sun 25-Feb-18 11:44:43

She'D been sick

EnableD her to pay off the mortgage.

Fat fingers, small phone. And breathe.

SimplyJaded Sun 25-Feb-18 11:47:21

youare we were excited but I think in the 45 seconds it took us to google the prize, we were both imagining £20k + which would have been absolutely life changing for us at that £1600 seemed a bit of a let down in comparison!

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