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Dubai for a holiday

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user1492877024 Sat 24-Feb-18 21:51:10

Apologies in advance for posting here instead of the travel section, it's just that I know AIBU gets more traffic. DH and I are considering visiting Dubai for a week and I was wondering if anyone could advise on the best time to visit, places to stay and eat etc. Am struggling between visiting Omen or going to Dubai. Has anyone visited both places?

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

tsonlyme Sat 24-Feb-18 21:52:16

My advice would be to don your hard hat.

You’re welcome.

user1492877024 Sat 24-Feb-18 21:54:11


Thanks for responding. I'm afraid you've lost me on the 'hard hat' comment. Have you been to Dubai?

user1492877024 Sat 24-Feb-18 21:57:59


SequinsOfEvents Sat 24-Feb-18 21:58:20

I think the advice is because Dubai is a very polarising topic on Mumsnet.

For what's it's worth, Dubai is worth visiting (with regards weather) between November and May....

SequinsOfEvents Sat 24-Feb-18 21:59:56

Oh, and I've been to both Oman (Muscat) and Dubai.....different types of holidays in some ways. What are you after?

user1492877024 Sat 24-Feb-18 22:00:31

Thanks Sequin. Not sure what you mean to be honest. On the weather front, do you suggest that period due to it being cooler in those months?

Tistheseason17 Sat 24-Feb-18 22:03:55

I spent 4 days in Dubai on a stop over and had low expectations as a modem high rise with loads of desert would not be my first choice.

However, I DID enjoy it.

Stayed in the financial district and used the metro or taxis from there. Travel cheap, but food/drink very pricy.

Would recommend doing the hop on/off bus tours and river cruise. See the Burj el arab and burj Khalifa and go to Atlantis on the Palm. Plenty of shopping if that's your thing and day trips to desert.

Anyway, was def better than expected. Have fun

NotEnoughCushions Sat 24-Feb-18 22:04:52

I'll go against the usual MN opinion and say that Dubai is great for a holiday. Lots to do, lots of places to visit (a trip to Abu Dhabi is also worth doing) and feels extremely safe.

Good hotels, I like to stay out on the Palm but it is a long taxi ride every time you want to go into town. Also ££££ for eating out or sightseeing (taxis are probably the only cheap thing). We usually go in October and it's still hot but ok.

SequinsOfEvents Sat 24-Feb-18 22:11:40

I meant, Dubai isn't popular on Mumsnet for various reasons and its mere mention usually brings lots of comments regarding slave labour in exchange for a hot holiday. Others like it and, as such, it brings polarised views.

Yes, I meant those months due to the better weather at those times.

October is still hot....from
November onwards is better.

Where to stay or whether or not to do, sort of depends on what you want for a holiday.

ladybirdsarelovely33 Sat 24-Feb-18 22:14:19

Yes why would you go to Dubai? Soulless of all places.
Built by slave labour as sequins said. I would not go there even for a free holiday.

RollTopBath Sat 24-Feb-18 22:23:07

I’ve been to Dubai four times. I’m aware of the significant human rights issues and cultural differences but in truth, having been with my husbands work, we’ve always had a fabulous time.
We went in August when it was Ramadan one year and it was much quieter but too hot to do much.
We stayed on JBR at the Sofitel first time. The walk was good for restaurants and hotel was nice enough. Taxis are so cheap getting around wasn’t difficult but like many cities, traffic congestion was a nightmare.
Next stay we were put in the Fairmont on the Palm. It was lovely but it took too long to get downtown, really.
Then for the last two trips we stayed at Jumeirah beach. It was lovely and suited us very well.
The Dubai mall is incredible. Amazing shopping but also fascinating justbwandering and watching. The water fountains are nice - we’d finish off the day with drink watching them.
Service was, as one imagines, very good.
Atlantis water park was popular with our young adults on the trip where they joined us.
God choice of restaurants- we’ll good choice of everything but drink is expensive and you have to be mindful of not getting drunk in public.

ladybirdsarelovely33 Sat 24-Feb-18 22:29:37

Can people please stop recommending this place as a good holiday destination.
Foreign labourers in Dubai live in conditions described by Human Rights Watch as "less than humane."
Check out how activists in the Arab Spring have been tortured or just "disappeared."

ThatEscalatedQuickly Sat 24-Feb-18 22:34:13

As well as the slave labour and broader human rights issues, I also wouldn't go to Dubai as I won't go anywhere for a holiday where woman are 2nd class citizens, or worse.

I know there will be comments saying we should keep these kinds of views to ourselves and the OP is just looking for advice on a holiday. That's what happens when you post on Mumsnet though, you are going to get a wide variety of views and you can take them onboard or ignore as you see fit.

CoolCarrie Sat 24-Feb-18 22:34:21

It’s awful, plastic, heartless place, the workers who build it are treated like slaves, the heat is like an oven, and the people treat their “staff “ like shit. Give it a miss op!

Holly102 Sat 24-Feb-18 22:40:32

LOVE Dubai, usually go at Easter time as not too hot and it is always sunny.

We have stayed at:

- Al Naseem; stunning hotel views of Burj Al Arab, would recommend having a suite as this entitles you to a separate lounge where you can have breakfast, they offer complimentary afternoon tea and happy hour in an evening where it is complimentary drinks, this includes alcohol which is generally very expensive in Dubai. Our kids did football course with Rio Ferdinand and Bobby Zamora which they thoroughly enjoyed. Also complimentary access to Water Park

- One and Only Royal Mirage; a lot more private, very luxurious, complimentary cabana with suite which is very good for the children to get out of the sun. Restaurants are also fab, lots of green spaces.

- Palazzo Versace; very bling possibly my least favourite but obviously amazing service and beautiful rooms.

This Easter we are heading back to One and Only. I am SO looking forward to it!

bridgetoc Sat 24-Feb-18 22:51:30

I found Dubai to be a soulless place with no character at all. The sort of destination that deeply vacuous people would love.

I wouldn't go back.......grin

NinjagoNinja Sat 24-Feb-18 22:55:37

I wouldn't go there if you paid me.

All the wonderful places in the world to see and people go to this artificial shithole.

Luckything50 Sat 24-Feb-18 23:07:58

Lived in Oman for 10years + so slightly biased BUT Dubai is like Croydon-on-Sea for many reasons. Muscat, on the other hand is, even now, beautiful and understated, and on the whole populated by a kind and generous people. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Those who say that the women there live 'second class lives' have no real understanding of the region, and if you want to see the country before it is destroyed by tourism, don't leave it too long. In a place like this, and Yemen is the same, every year counts. Best years of my life, and (thankfully) very few will experience it.

ThatEscalatedQuickly Sat 24-Feb-18 23:20:57

Those who say that the women there live 'second class lives' have no real understanding of the region

Oh yes you are right, women have all the same rights men do. My mistake hmm



Women’s Rights

Discrimination on the basis of sex and gender is not included in the definition of discrimination in the UAE’s 2015 anti-discrimination law.

Federal law No. 28 of 2005 regulates matters of personal status in the UAE, and some of its provisions discriminate against women. For instance, the law provides that, for a woman to marry, her male guardian must conclude her marriage contract; men have the right to unilaterally divorce their wives, whereas a woman who wishes to divorce her husband must apply for a court order; a woman can lose her right to maintenance if, for example, she refuses to have sexual relations with her husband without a lawful excuse; and women are required to “obey” their husbands. A woman may be considered disobedient, with few exceptions, if she decides to work without her husband’s consent.

In 2010, the Federal Supreme Court issued a ruling—citing the penal code—that sanctions husbands’ beating and inflicting other forms of punishment or coercion on their wives, provided they do not leave physical marks.

UAE law permits domestic violence. Article 53 of the UAE's penal code allows the imposition of “chastisement by a husband to his wife and the chastisement of minor children” so long as the assault does not exceed the limits prescribed by Sharia, or Islamic law.

BarbarianMum Sat 24-Feb-18 23:23:09

Just be very careful that you don't break the law (this can include your dh brushing up against someone accidentally). You need to be wary of sexual assault and if you are assaulted ffs don't report it to the police unless you fancy being prosecuted.

Other than that, weather and shopping good. Personally I'll change planes there but I wouldn't leave the airport.

Costacoffeeplease Sat 24-Feb-18 23:35:27

I wouldn’t hovto Dubai for a gold click - given a choice I’d go to Oman

Fintress Sat 24-Feb-18 23:36:46

We've been to Dubai twice a number of years ago. First time was a stopover to break up a long flight, the second time was unplanned as we were on holiday elsewhere and the weather turned bad so we decided to cut our losses and head to Dubai for the rest of our holiday, it was September and it was hotter than hell. It was not long after the Burj Khalifa opened and due to Dubai being in an economic downturn it was fast and easy to get about by taxi as it wasn't that busy. Someone mentioned the One and Only Royal Mirage, we stayed there and it is a lovely hotel. However, been there, seen it and wouldn't go back. I would imagine it's changed dramatically now it seems to be booming again.

Costacoffeeplease Sat 24-Feb-18 23:37:25

Go to Dubai for a gold clock😊

My predictive text is up the creek tonight 😄

MsGameandWatching Sat 24-Feb-18 23:43:53

Visit between November to April. We prefer February as it's considered cold by residents so all the hotel pools are empty. I'd split the stay between a few days near the Burj Khalifa; some hotels actually have a view of it and the water fountains. We stayed at the Ramada Downtown Dubai and loved it. Pool to ourselves most days. Then move up to the sea, we stayed at the Atlantis and loved it but it is expensive and there are better hotels for less but if you stay there you also get free access to the water park. Metro is very straightforward to use and I prefer it as you get good views of the city, get a day pass and go all over. Take a water taxi across the river to the old town/souks. Make sure you book a hotel brunch on a Friday. Also think about Abu Dhabi, I prefer it, better for families imvho.

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