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What do I do?! Aibu to sleep

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Sandinplaces Sat 24-Feb-18 03:49:41

Ok so I'm on call tonight. I worked 3-12am in threatres and I'm now on call until 9pm. I will be called back to work for any surgery that needs doing today basically.

I've not done an on call shift for ages, do I sleep? Stay awake? What if I miss the phone? What if as soon as I fall asleep I get called back in (live 30 mins away) and I'm tired and look bad. The on call rooms were full tonight so I got sent home- had a milk related incident at home but I'm worried I'll miss something!

I'm really nervous for some reason tonight! It's already been a bit of a shitty day!

Haberpop Sat 24-Feb-18 04:00:29

Sleep, you are on call not on shift. Turn your ring volume to maximum, set it to vibrate too and you won't miss it. If you get called in and look like shit rest assured those calling you in will look equally shit (I know this for a fact, I am on a night and look like crap).

Sandinplaces Sat 24-Feb-18 04:03:11

Thanks. I think I just feel guilty for being at home in bed and being paid for it! Feels like I'm forgetting something or bunking off school!! Not cool!

Hope your night shift is going well smile

HerrenaHarridan Sat 24-Feb-18 04:16:13

Get the duck to bed. Squeeze in whatever sleep you can

TheButterflyOfTheStorms Sat 24-Feb-18 04:18:51

Sleep when you can. Always!

TheButterflyOfTheStorms Sat 24-Feb-18 14:49:40

Did you get a nights sleep?

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