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to ask - who is/was the love of your life?

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Manderley75 Fri 23-Feb-18 23:52:13

As above.

Klobuchar Fri 23-Feb-18 23:53:19

My daughter.

And if you mean “romantic” love, then my husband.

Manderley75 Fri 23-Feb-18 23:54:13

Sorry, I should specify, I mean romantic love.

Wetwashing00 Fri 23-Feb-18 23:57:58

Tom Hardy

WhoNoticedTheProblem Sat 24-Feb-18 00:00:27

DH, he's amazing. After 12 years he still makes my heart jump when he walks in the room.

windchimesabotage Sat 24-Feb-18 00:00:28

Well my husband is.

But I have been in love before and those relationships were important to me. Particularly my first which was very intense. Id say my first was as romantic and intense a tale as my relationship with my husband is. Very different situations though. Was far too young and unstable for the relationship to have really flourished into a lasting thing with my first.

My husband I love very very much but our longevity is realistically also down to the stages we were at in our lives when we met.
So id say I had been just as in love with my first love as I am with my husband, however my relationship with my husband is a healthy adult relationship which has thrived and therefore I would consider him to be the love of my life.

Ive not felt the same intensity of love in any of my other relationships as I have with my first or with my husband now. But some of them I cared very deeply for even though I knew deep down it was not on the level id consider to be 'the love of my life'

MascaraSnake Sat 24-Feb-18 00:00:49

My wife. Oh fucking hell how cringe you say.

Seriously what the fuck were you expecting??? switches off the football

Klobuchar Sat 24-Feb-18 00:00:53

Ok well definitely my husband then. We didn’t meet til we were well into our thirties, I didn’t think such a love was possible, I just assumed you met someone you got along with and if you thought could stand each other long-term then you got married. The day I met my husband I realised I had been wrong about that my entire adult life. We’ve been together almost a decade now and I am so in love with him. It amazes me every day that life can be like this.

Huldas Sat 24-Feb-18 00:01:13

Romantic love, probably my ex. Was lovely, lovely man and we were perfectly suited. But he had issues from having grown up in an alcoholic family that he was not ready to address
In non romantic love, my dad. Don't expect to ever have that connection again with anyone.

Crunchymum Sat 24-Feb-18 00:02:49

My first love....

We had a beautiful, sincere, honest relationship aged 15-18. We had many "firsts" including losing our virginity to each other

Drifted apart when I went to Uni.


Klobuchar Sat 24-Feb-18 00:02:52

That’s a good post windchimesabotage

I think you can have lots of loves in your life and they’re all different

Crunchymum Sat 24-Feb-18 00:03:33

Although we did meet up several years later and we are now 11 years and 3 kids down the line grin

honeyroar Sat 24-Feb-18 00:06:35

My husband, without a shadow of a doubt. Wish I'd met he years earlier.

Also my horse when it comes to equines and every dog I've ever owned at one point or another.

TieGrr Sat 24-Feb-18 00:07:22

My fiancé. I'm still getting used to the thought that this is for keeps. I can say stupid things or ask foolishly or not be perfectly shaven all the time. He's still there.

dottycat123 Sat 24-Feb-18 00:34:26

My first love aged 15-19, I still dream about him and then feel really unsettled for a day or so. Absolutely the love of my life. I do love my dh now, married over 20 years but will never forget my first love.

midnightflowers Sat 24-Feb-18 00:38:54

Norman reedus

TheFrogWithLibraryBooks Sat 24-Feb-18 02:53:13

A guy called Chaz who I knew for a year 13 years ago.
Have had relationships since but none of them could measure up to him!
I have googled him but no luck so far.
I did think of going to where he lived at the time but I would look like a crazy stalker, and what if he's forgotten me!
highly unlikely but I do seem to live in worst case scenario land!

HuskyMcClusky Sat 24-Feb-18 02:54:36

A bloke who is now married to someone else.

Quietwhenreading Sat 24-Feb-18 03:05:31

My DH. We were childhood sweethearts and are still very happily in love nearly 30 years on.

We’ve been very lucky.

Aquamarine1029 Sat 24-Feb-18 03:18:17

My husband, 100%. I am a very capable, independent person, but my heart nearly stops whenever I think about the day I possibly might lose him. He is, and has always been, my greatest supporter. My greatest wish is to die before my children or my husband.

Notavictimbutasurvivor Sat 24-Feb-18 03:23:36

A married man. I role things off with him when I found out he was married. I could never do that to another woman.

femfemlicious Sat 24-Feb-18 03:28:55

My ex....we were together for 8 years. Still miss him. I dream about him all the time.

velouria Sat 24-Feb-18 04:40:04

My ex, it wasn't a straightforward relationship, but when we were in love I have never felt a connection like it, I adored him and when we spent time together it was like we were in a bubble and the real world faded. We fit together physically and mentally like I haven't experienced ever.

He turned out to have some significant secrets though, I accepted these and even encouraged a bit, but he was a liar and the relationship ended in a tumultuous way. We dragged it out, but it wasn't the same. I still to this day don't know if he truly loved me, or was just playing a game.

That relationship truly trashed my mental health, but I have almost let go of the wondering. It doesn't matter if it was real for him, it was for me and that is what counts.

It's hard though, because I can't imagine having that connection with another, not even sure I would want to, it was very intense.

Cupoteap Sat 24-Feb-18 05:19:26

My oh, just 3 years together after i left exh after 20+ years together- now I get it, I get what love is.

allgoodinthehood Sat 24-Feb-18 07:19:43

I was going to write exactly the same thing.
How stupid and sad is it that when I was with my ex 27 years ( D V ) I truly didn't realise that men could actually love a woman and like a woman.
I have now been extremely lucky to meet a beautiful man who has shown me what true love is all about. How I am worth something.
We are a really good fit together mentally and physically. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to feel real love at the age of 53

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