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to think this isn't playing?!

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PaleBlueWatch Thu 22-Feb-18 20:46:04

DS' school are making a big song and dance about how they get to play this year. They host events for other schools to show how well they do etc.

I had a meeting with his teacher today and came away SO frustrated. Every day they do a 'challenge' which is 3 literacy tasks and 3 numeracy tasks.

The teacher is concerned because (for example) when presented with plastic dinosaurs, DS unsurprisingly sat and played with them instead of writing down adding sums.

I came away feeling totally disheartened. She kept saying 'we're playing yet [DS] is struggling to meet expectations' FFS of course he is!

Champagneandthestars Thu 22-Feb-18 21:01:17

I take it he's in reception - my DS is also in reception and brilliant with numbers (counts in 2,5,10, counts to 1000, reads 4 digit numbers, adds, subtracts) but can't be bollocked to to the 'independent challenge' off his own back (as its so below his ability anyway) and due to the frankly unfit for purpose EYFC he cannot be exceeding as he doesn't seek out challenge confused. I feel your pain. The reception year is a waste of time and does nothing to prepare children for the rigours of the new curriculum from year 1 onwards.

PaleBlueWatch Thu 22-Feb-18 21:08:02

A reception equivalent, yes.

I watched him tonight sit and label his Nexo Knights lego world. He never gets a chance to play with the Lego at school because the teachers are forcing him to write shopping lists in the play house confused

It would be fairer to give him a workbook and make him copy from the board.

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