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trying to get a reaction out of someone is Harrassment

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catfishsally Thu 22-Feb-18 17:44:15

niece having issues with neighbours she expects are racist, moved in straight away didn't like her and began to make unfounded vexatious noise complaints
couple times shouted at her from the garden which she never reacted too however recently it seems like they are getting worse.
two women one mouthy one more timid started playing music which said nigga nigga nigga about 20 times she reported to the police this incident and she felt they were doing it maliciously. They are two middle aged white lesbians with drug issues.

she has tried to reason with them however they especially mouthy one is hell bent on trying to intimidate her, banging on her floor and shouting abuse or shouting loudly outside her window with others that she is a dickhead

nothing happens for weeks until today she come home and one of the women came outside and just stood there staring at her, she said she was pretending to put things in her bag to kill time hoping she would go in however she didn't. niece walks pass she mumbles something and niece said she is not going to be intimidated or bullie by her and she is a crackhead and to shut up
she then started shouting at her to make her shut up then went into her flat and started screaming niece recorded some of the shouting
she thinks she called her a black cunt but she isn't sure as she is listening from her kitchen floor and it isn't clear but you can clearly hear her shouting

is this not Harrassment? they won't leave her and I have witnesses them banging on r floor
niece is 23 don't know if that matters

MsMims Thu 22-Feb-18 17:47:06

Yes it’s harassment. Has your niece reported it to the police? Is the housing rented?

catfishsally Thu 22-Feb-18 17:49:06

she has police coming now I'm in South London and she's in North so I can't even meet with her she's there all alone it just upsets me she is a victim of domestic violence which she is going through now she just doesn't need this. She is housing association

MsMims Thu 22-Feb-18 17:50:18

The police should take it seriously, your niece should also report it to the social housing landlord as their behaviour will also be breaching their tenancy agreement.

catfishsally Thu 22-Feb-18 17:51:14

sorry I mentioned they were lesbians because they seem to believe my niece is homophobic out of nowhere, when shouting at her before one of them said to her she is homophobic which she absolutely isn't she was just at heaven and GAY on Saturday we have gay family the accusation is from no where

Snowysky20009 Thu 22-Feb-18 17:59:13

She's need to report it to the housing association too. I'm sorry to hear she's going through this, it must very scary for her.

Snowysky20009 Thu 22-Feb-18 18:00:22

Has she made a log of every incident- action, time, duration? If not she needs to start doing this.

catfishsally Thu 22-Feb-18 18:04:16

yes she has made a log funny she just told me as she was talking to me on the phone she had her window open and the woman came out saying she was going to write down my niece calling her a racist they keep shouting up to her from the garden it's so cowardly I heard it

MsMims Thu 22-Feb-18 18:24:49

Tell your niece not to worry about their false accusations. No action will be taken against her for things she hasn’t done. Not liking two individuals who happen to be lesbians certainly doesn’t mean she’s homophobic.

If you can hear it on the phone could your niece record it on hers? Obviously don’t do anything that could put her in harms way, but I’m sure the police would be very interested to hear first hand how they behave.

catfishsally Thu 22-Feb-18 18:45:28

she recorded them shouting at her from below loads of fucks and swearing of course they are going to play victim that she was just outside her house but realistic who just stands outside their house doing nothing whilst the neighbour they don't like pulls up

catfishsally Fri 23-Feb-18 01:26:01

neighbour was abusing her in parcel force uniform niece what a to report to her job, the Harrassment do you think it's a good idea and they will do anything?

EBearhug Fri 23-Feb-18 01:50:12

We've certainly had people sacked for their behaviour while off-duty, but still in uniform, for bringing the company into disrepute.

istoleatoycar Fri 23-Feb-18 01:54:38

I'd wait and see how the police handle it before advising her to report to their workplace etc.

It needs dealing with, but she wants to diffuse it rather than escalate it into a bigger battle while living next door

Hope she's ok thanks

Weezol Fri 23-Feb-18 02:01:43

Def report to the HA. I had a lot of help from mine over a dv situation next door. The HA should have an anti-social behaviour person who can help. It's quite common for the police and HA to work jointly to resolve issues like this.

I hope your niece is safe. It may be that she's being reminded of the dv by all this, so it's worth mentioning Womens Aid to her so she can get some additional support.

catfishsally Fri 23-Feb-18 10:11:12

HA said that they reported her and neighbours said she was the issue bare I'm mind no noise has ever been recorded or witnessed from her property despite housing putting recorders ext in just neighbours word
how can anyone think 2 adults are being bullied by a small woman in her 20s it's just not believable
they claim she makes noise aka walking around being a human being

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