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MIL sucking on baby’s hand

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SilverBirchTree Thu 22-Feb-18 06:23:19

My 4 month old baby is going through a phase of constantly sucking on his hands and fingers.

Yesterday MIL said to baby ‘you like having your fingers sucked don’t you?’ and proceeded to put her mouth around his entire hand and suck.

My involuntary facial expression was shock. Seeing my reaction, MIL said in a baby voice ‘it’s good for my immunity mummy’ and then turned to the baby and in baby talk said ‘you need to build up your resistance. That’s a big word, resistance’ and so forth.

...She then continued to suck on his hands and fingers in front of me....

AIBU or is her behaviour as obnoxious as I feel it was?

I don’t mind people touching or kissing the baby’s hands... but full on coating them in saliva just seems disgusting. And odd. And bloody disrespectful to carry on with if you know the mother isn’t ok with it.

But I’m a first time pedantic mother so happy to be told I am wrong and overreacting.

Any immunity experts? Any MIL advice?

Pengggwn Thu 22-Feb-18 06:25:28

I'd tell her not to do it. Immunity will be fine without all her crap in his mouth.

Raver84 Thu 22-Feb-18 06:26:28

That's disgusting. Tell her not to do it and take the baby off her next time.

Afreshcuppateaplease Thu 22-Feb-18 06:26:32

Buy her a dummy

A) she can suck it
B) it might shut her up

SilverBirchTree Thu 22-Feb-18 06:28:57

@Afreshcuppa oh if only!

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Thu 22-Feb-18 06:29:47

Fucking weirdo.idbe saying (in a baby voice) well grandmas talking bollocks isn't she?

Worlds0kayestmum Thu 22-Feb-18 06:30:30

Oh god, that's vile. I'm not even comfortable with people touching my baby's hands as he puts them in his mouth so often. He's had plenty of colds and doesn't need any added stress to his little body. I would tell her in no uncertain terms that it is inappropriate and his immunity will be challenged naturally enough without the help.

earlgreymarl Thu 22-Feb-18 06:30:49

Ah ha ha ha * afreshcuppa *!! I think it's gross and inappropriate, it definitely would have bothered me, as would the side talk of talking to the baby to convey something to you.

Florin Thu 22-Feb-18 06:31:56

I just sicked up a bit in my mouth, that is really grim. There is no way I could watch her do that

ApacheEchidna Thu 22-Feb-18 06:34:24

shock that is not OK.

And babies do not like or need to have their fingers sucked by someone else. They like and need to suck their own fingers as part of their brain development as they learn to understand the world - starting with exploring their own bodies. They do not need their grandma's saliva.

PeppaPigTastesLikeBacon Thu 22-Feb-18 06:34:55

Just tell her you use his fingers to pick your nose as his fingers are small enough to get places your fingers can’t grin

ParadiseLaundry Thu 22-Feb-18 06:35:40

YANBU that is vile. His immune system will be fine without having to drink grandma's saliva.

I'm sure someone will along soon to tell you you're being precious though hmm

missmorleyme Thu 22-Feb-18 06:36:14

That's absolutely horrendous, tell her to do one next time, is she a smoker or anything? Either way it makes me shudder.

SilverBirchTree Thu 22-Feb-18 06:36:29

@earlgrey yes the hand sucking was envy gross but then giving me a little biology/parenting lesson via baby talk made me murderous angry.

SilverBirchTree Thu 22-Feb-18 06:38:39

I was stunned so didn’t tell her not to. But I came to my senses a few minutes later and came over to her and washed his hands. My doing so created an awkward silence between myself, MIL and FIL which made me feel that they thought I was being controlling or neurotic..

Mummyoflittledragon Thu 22-Feb-18 06:44:28

Perhaps she will think twice before sucking his hands. What she and fil told you there is that she has no respect for your authority. Is she normally like this? You say she never shuts up.

ShamelesslyPlacemarking Thu 22-Feb-18 06:49:10

Couldn’t get myself worked up about it TBH. I used to pretend to eat my babies’ hands and they always squealed with delight and wanted more. I assume my mouth is no more sterile than anyone else’s.

S0ph1a Thu 22-Feb-18 06:50:12

No, you are being normal . And she is weird.

It’s like an animal marking it’s territory. She’s challenging you, stamp this out now.

Next time she does anything to your child that you don’t like, just say “ please stop that “ and remove baby imediately from her.

Don’t get into arguments where she tries to make you defend you position. Just say “ I don’t like that “ or “ I don’t want you to do that “.

Don’t let her or FIL hold baby again for that visit.

If she won’t treat you with respect, don’t have her in your home.

Slartybartfast Thu 22-Feb-18 06:50:13

i dont blame you for washing his hands. good for you.
that was wrong of her.
He is your baby, you can suck his hands not her!

Dottypolka Thu 22-Feb-18 06:51:38


TooFatForTahiti Thu 22-Feb-18 06:51:43

Oh God, how did she manage that without vomiting? 4mo cheese hands smell so, so bad - I can only imagine the taste is horrendous to match. So foul. 🤢

Esspee Thu 22-Feb-18 06:51:58

So glad you washed his hands in front of her. If she tries it again tell her very firmly to stop it and if she refuses remove the baby, clean him up and put him in his cot in his room. Don't bring him back while they are visiting. Her biology lessons can be countered by telling her that although that might be what she believed (way back then) knowledge has moved on in the last 30 years and you don't want such disgusting unhygienic practices used with your son. Do get your DH onside with this.

merrymouse Thu 22-Feb-18 06:59:28

Babies don’t like having their hands sucked, they like sucking their hands. Over time babies develop immunity perfectly well needs to suck their hands. a cold which at that age is unpleasant for all concerned.

Maybe she realised what she did was strange (sometimes people just do stupid things) and then tried to cover up?

PerfumeIsAMessage Thu 22-Feb-18 07:02:56

Of course she's not marking her territory, How ridiculous.

She's doing something that used to be considered "normal" but obviously now, with more healthcare info, isn't.

"euuuuuw, you do know how many germs are in your mouth and on his hands right? You probably won't want to do that again!" probably suffices as a riposte.

TheMaddHugger Thu 22-Feb-18 07:03:14

Ewwwwwwwwwwww (((Shudder)))))
Im gonna be sick

ps, I am nana.

Pengggwn Thu 22-Feb-18 07:03:17

cheese hands


merrymouse Thu 22-Feb-18 07:04:46

Oops - accidentally pressed post-

Over time babies develop immunity perfectly well without anybody sucking their hands. They are more likely to get a cold which at that age is unpleasant for all concerned.

On the other hand parents do often cover babies with kisses and put baby feet in their mouth - babies are very edible. However I think ther

Mulberry72 Thu 22-Feb-18 07:05:22

Ewwwwwwww that’s gross OP

envy <—-not envy!

ShamelesslyPlacemarking Thu 22-Feb-18 07:06:40

Her biology lessons can be countered by telling her that although that might be what she believed (way back then) knowledge has moved on in the last 30 years and you don't want such disgusting unhygienic practices used with your son.

Says what medical organization exactly?

SoupDragon Thu 22-Feb-18 07:08:02

Meh. My DC often used to shove their hands in my mouth.

RadioGaGoo Thu 22-Feb-18 07:09:41

I pretend to eat my DS's hands - he loves it, giggles all over the place. I would be a bit weirded out if someone else did it though.

SoupDragon Thu 22-Feb-18 07:10:20

you do know how many germs are in your mouth and on his hands right?

Makes you wonder how a baby survives sucking on its own fingers doesn’t it? What with them being covered in all those germs...

merrymouse Thu 22-Feb-18 07:11:29

There are are some things that are a bit too icky if you aren’t the parent, particularly if you are doing them in fromt of the parent. She over stepped a boundary and then tried to cover up the embarrassment with a dodgy excuse.

Either that or she really is misguided and has forgotten how horrible it is to have a baby with a cold or fever.

(Off to get coffee!)

JoJoSM2 Thu 22-Feb-18 07:18:37

Tell her to help FIL with his immunity instead grin

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Thu 22-Feb-18 07:25:44

Her biology lessons can be countered by telling her that although that might be what she believed (way back then) knowledge has moved on in the last 30 years and you don't want such disgusting unhygienic practices used... 30 years ago (not the dark ages btw) we didn't do that. In fact I've not heard of anyone doing that. Ever.
I reiterate- fucking weirdo.

ShamelesslyPlacemarking Thu 22-Feb-18 07:26:38

Makes you wonder how a baby survives sucking on its own fingers doesn’t it? What with them being covered in all those germs...

I assume this baby will never be allowed to crawl on a floor that anyone has walked on.

Hortonlovesahoo Thu 22-Feb-18 07:29:42

Good on you for washing his hands. That’s just unhygienic!

Deshasafraisy Thu 22-Feb-18 07:30:13

Yuck. Why didn’t you take your baby off of her? It’s your job to stick up for him no matter who that might upset

Rumpledfaceskin Thu 22-Feb-18 07:31:12

Disgusting. The thought of my mil doing this is enough to make me physically ill.

RollTopBath Thu 22-Feb-18 07:31:57

PerfumeIsAMesage is right. It used to be commonplace and exactly the sort of things granny’s did.
She probably has a point about immunity development though.

BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 22-Feb-18 07:32:29

Surely the baby is putting their hand in their mouth to help with teething? So MIL sucking on its hand isn't going to blummin help is it! Ugh how irritating.

DryHeave Thu 22-Feb-18 07:32:48

Revolting. And way overstepping the mark - both doing it and then trying to justify it by using a baby voice.

GetOffTheTableMabel Thu 22-Feb-18 07:33:34

Do not stand for that. She doesn’t sound very respectful of you.
I would say “I mentioned that to the health visitor. I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t fussing unnecessarily and she said that you are wrong and should not be doing that. Please do not do it again.”

zzzzz Thu 22-Feb-18 07:33:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpringEquinox Thu 22-Feb-18 07:34:35

I've never heard of anyone doing that before - I don't think it's some old practice that has been superceded by modern science ?! Just taking the ' oh, your so delicious , I could eat you right up !' a bit too literally .

CelebratedOysterGlutton Thu 22-Feb-18 07:35:07

Had my MIL - or my own DM - done that, I'd have shown her the door, rather forcefully, with my boot up her arse.

YANBU, OP. Total lack of boundaries, and also just... grim.

mathanxiety Thu 22-Feb-18 07:37:09

I have never heard of anyone doing that either. I am 53.

It's not the germs that are a problem. It's the fact that this was way too much close physical contact between MIL and your baby. I suspect she knows that. She used the fact that you washed the baby's hands as a way to make you doubt your instincts on this.

I would actually be very wary of this woman and would not leave her alone with him. This was a massive failure of judgement on her part.

Very glad you took the baby away and washed his hands off. It was the best way of showing your very appropriate feelings.

FIL possibly thought she was out of order too.

*BTW, the baby's 'phase' of sucking on hands and fingers goes on for years. He is most likely starting to teethe and chewing hands and fingers (andngelse he puts in his mouth) helps relieve gum pressure, but babies suck and chew their own hands for a long time.

Cheekylittlenumber Thu 22-Feb-18 07:37:39

Aside from the germ aspect I don't like the fact MIL has assumed it's ok to do something so intimate with the baby that only a parent should do.

My SIL kisses my baby on the lips whichever I hate, and I've never even done myself (Feel like I've had a constant cold since she was born- btw she's not PFB she's my second)

SIL is also a nursery school worker and I always imagine she's riddled with germs, but it's actually the presumptiousness I hate that she thinks it's ok to kiss my baby like that. She's my fucking baby- came out my vagina! When you have one you can snog it all you want! Hands off mine with your cheap impulse body spray covering pfb2's lovely baby smell

CoolGirlsNeverGetAngry Thu 22-Feb-18 07:38:01

What zzzzz said.
The bullshit PA “talking to you through the baby” needs to be stopped. Believe me!

pilates Thu 22-Feb-18 07:38:54

Yuk. I would have been upset, just horrible. Just say can you please not do that, I don’t like it.

mathanxiety Thu 22-Feb-18 07:39:37

andngelse = started out as 'and everything else'.

GreatDuckCookery6211 Thu 22-Feb-18 07:43:11

A bit strange I agree.

But vile and obnoxious? Get a grip.

ShamelesslyPlacemarking Thu 22-Feb-18 07:43:34

It's the fact that this was way too much close physical contact between MIL and your baby.


Are you implying that the child’s grandmother is being sexually or physically abusive? For being affectionate with her own grand baby in full public view of the mother?!

Ellie56 Thu 22-Feb-18 07:44:12

Ewww that is gross.

RabbityMcRabbit Thu 22-Feb-18 07:46:11

It's just bloody weird and so is she!

zzzzz Thu 22-Feb-18 07:50:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ohfourfoxache Thu 22-Feb-18 07:50:48

That’s absolutely disgusting shock

Cheekylittlenumber Thu 22-Feb-18 07:53:00

Shamelessly it's not that it's sexual in any way but imo it shows MIL has boundary issues. Especially when OP's face clearly showed her discomfort and she continued and did the baby talk thing.

My MIL is very respectful and would never dream of doing something like that but is very close to both my DDs. She has told me how her own MIL rubbed DH's gums with alcohol when he was a baby teething when she left the room. MiL is a lovely supportive sensitive person.

OP can you imagine sucking your future grandchild hand? I certainly can't and am by no means a frosty snow queen! There's lots of ways to bond/interact with a baby that don't involve bodily fluids! OP you were totally correct in your reaction!

AwayAndStuffYourself Thu 22-Feb-18 07:54:06

I can understand that you didn't like it..I really do..but I think you have give your MIL the benefit of the doubt on this probably IS something they used to do back in the day, and I don't think she intentionally meant any harm by it. I completely disagree with the poster who said it was inappropriate physical are reading connotations into the act that really aren't there. As to dealing with your MIL, word of probably unwanted advice from someone who had a hellish time with polite, be kind, stick up for yourself (but politely and kindly), and pick your battles very carefully, because unless you are extremely lucky there will be a LOT..and you do not want a lifelong enemy and bad feeling. Also, develop the ability to hear what she is saying, smile sweetly, and completely ignore it, THAT is a formidable weapon. I do feel for you, I understand how hard it is. It broke me many, many times and had a lifelong impact.

cupcakesandglitter Thu 22-Feb-18 07:56:09

I disagree, I don't think she should receive BOD for this - if it was really necessary and for immunity or whatever, she could've suggested you did it.

I think it's super disrespectful that she's even done it, and the fact that she's done it in front of you just proves that. It's actually a little creepy tbh, it's not a normal thing to do at all, and I'd put your foot down and mention it and make it clear that (as stupid as it sounds) NO ONE IS TO SUCK YOUR BABY'S HAND!!

Jammycustard Thu 22-Feb-18 07:57:26

What a weird thing to do.

SirHumphreyMacdonald Thu 22-Feb-18 07:58:49

yuk - yes she definitely needs to be told this is not acceptable

DressAndGo Thu 22-Feb-18 08:01:03

Babies are born without tooth decay bacteria

zzzzz Thu 22-Feb-18 08:01:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DarklyDreamingDexter Thu 22-Feb-18 08:01:12

Ugggh. Gross and creepy. And the baby talk explanation about immunity is idiotic. Good on you for pointedly washing the baby's hands. I'd let it pass this time if it was a one off, but if the same or similar happens again I'd consider a line we'll and truly crossed and have serious words about it.

Only1scoop Thu 22-Feb-18 08:02:33


AdalindSchade Thu 22-Feb-18 08:03:46

Its totally gross and weird. She's misunderstood why babies suck their fingers too! There is no need to put any part of a baby in your mouth and cover it with saliva. Even the pretend eating hands game isn't actual sucking is it? I'm sure I never coated my baby in saliva whether accidentally or on purpose.
This isn't a massive deal but you are not wrong to be totally grossed out.

Only1scoop Thu 22-Feb-18 08:04:48

It's even worse than when adults put a dummy in their mouth.

aRespectableBureaudeChange Thu 22-Feb-18 08:05:03

would not have liked at all. It is crossing a boundary if she didn't once look to OP to be guided by her reaction. It doesn't sound like appropriate behaviour at all.

MarshaBradyo Thu 22-Feb-18 08:05:03

Yanbu urgh that is gross

Glad you washed his hands

Notasunnybunny Thu 22-Feb-18 08:05:42

I thought you were going to say she started mock eating his hand with gummy bites whilst making ‘nom nom nom’ noises which most babies find hilarious, full on sucking is a bit dodge! Don’t make a big thing of it though, it’s gross to us but he’ll do far grosser things, in reality it’s unlikely to cause him to catch something he wouldn’t have or not anyway.

mathanxiety Thu 22-Feb-18 08:06:06

Yes, that is exactly what I am implying, Shamelessly.

She crossed a boundary in a way that had sexual overtones.

You do not lick or suck other people without their consent, and that includes babies and small children. Maybe especially babies and small children. Third party adults need to maintain proper bodily boundaries since the baby or small child is not in a position to protect himself.

There is a difference between a mother or father playfully pretending to 'eat a baby up' and a grandmother sucking on a whole hand and then reverting to baby talk and pretending she thought the mother's concern was all about germs.

Again, this is not something people used to do 'back in the day' in my observation. I observed lots of my elderly relatives who had lots of interaction with babies and small children as a child and teen - from Dublin and country areas of Ireland - and this was not done. I have seen people blow raspberries on babies' tummies, rub noses, hold little hands, tickle toes, but no hand sucking.

GnotherGnu Thu 22-Feb-18 08:06:40

PerfumeIsAMesage is right. It used to be commonplace and exactly the sort of things granny’s did.

No, it really didn't.

SoupDragon Thu 22-Feb-18 08:07:03

She crossed a boundary in a way that had sexual overtones.

TBH, I find that quite a disturbing thought to have had.

Only1scoop Thu 22-Feb-18 08:10:53

'She crossed a boundary in a way that had sexual overtones.'

Oh dear

Amberlight003 Thu 22-Feb-18 08:11:57

My mil did this exact same thing with my dd, along with a load of other crazy shit. Dd was about 5 months old and mil was sticking her tongue out and dd was grabbing it and so mil turned it into a game. For about 2 minutes dd was grabbing his big fat slobbering tongue and it was gross. Everyone was silent and didn’t say anything. As soon as she put her down on the floor I picked her up and said ‘omg look how soaked your hands are, yuck just yuck’. She never did it again, but I know she would’ve loved to just to piss me off as that was her game for a long while.

PerfumeIsAMessage Thu 22-Feb-18 08:12:22

Perfume is clearly a liar.

Thanks for that Gnu.

I hadn't realised I had some weird pathology.

I remember both my grandmothers doing it to babies, my MIL (86) does it to babies, and my older SILs (all in their late 60s) do it.

They chomp on babies' toes for some bizarre reason as well. Try to give them chocolate when they're about 2 months old. Etc etc.

Soup- quite. What kind of goings on one must have in their head to make that leap is far more disturbing than some granny sucking a baby's finger will ever be.

Speedy85 Thu 22-Feb-18 08:12:24

PILs can believe all kinds of odd things.

I’ve got one who thinks eating a spoonful of soil is a natural medicine hmm

mathanxiety Thu 22-Feb-18 08:13:11

The sight of someone sucking someone else's body part would not cause you to wonder if there was a sexual overtone to it?

Additionally, to start off, get interrupted by a clearly disapproving facial gesture on the part of the mother, and then resume, as the MIL did, shows that this woman cannot be trusted with the baby.

Amberlight003 Thu 22-Feb-18 08:13:56

Oh and I got the wipes out and cleaned them straight away. It’s just rank having mil dry spit all over my babies hands.

mathanxiety Thu 22-Feb-18 08:15:17

Perfume, she sucked the whole hand. Not just a finger.

My mother is 85 this year and her sisters are 88 and 78. None of them has ever done what this MIL did. My elderly aunts and grandmothers didn't do it either. They would all be well into their second century if they were alive now.

WazFlimFlam Thu 22-Feb-18 08:15:57

Perfumedisamessage when on earth was this considered NORMAL?!

It's comments like that, normalising bat shit behaviour in older generations that leads to ageism on these threads.

Ickyockycocky Thu 22-Feb-18 08:17:42

How bizarre! That’s just wrong, tell her to stop.

Rumpledfaceskin Thu 22-Feb-18 08:18:02

I have to say my first thought was that it was perverted but I didn’t want to be the 1st to say it. Sucking on someone else’s body part just does have weird sexual connotations as it’s not a normal way to interact, even if it is with a baby. Kissing, blowing raspberries on tummy’s is different.

Youvegotafriendinme Thu 22-Feb-18 08:19:02

I’m not anal with germs at all but even this made me feel a bit sick! Why would you put a babies hand in your mouth! 🤢🤢

SeaCabbage Thu 22-Feb-18 08:19:41

You are only four months in. I reckon you've got a lot more shit to come if you don't start nipping things in the bud now. You made a good start, washing his hands. Next time you could try " I don't want you to do that". If she argues say, "I still don't want you to do that".

Mind you I love the PP's response - in baby voice - "Grandma's talking bollocks isn't she darling?" grin

I do believe that weirdos like this will continue but are cowardly and if you calmly tell them to stop then they will because they have been challenged. But they have to be challenged.

athingthateveryoneneeds Thu 22-Feb-18 08:20:06

Gross, but probably not harmful. I wouldn't let it happen again, mind!!

ShamelesslyPlacemarking Thu 22-Feb-18 08:20:33

Out of interest barring your own child and Sexual behaviour have you EVER casually sucked someone hand?

Couldn’t honestly say. I may well have nommed on the fingers of a friend’s baby. There was no alarmed reaction to make it stick in my memory. Never sucked a finger sexually and can’t imagine doing so.

snewsname Thu 22-Feb-18 08:20:38

Beside the obvious, also why should you have to to have her dried saliva over your hands when you next touch him. Gross.

AwayAndStuffYourself Thu 22-Feb-18 08:20:54

Zzzzz, you have no idea what I went through, or why it was so difficult for me, or why it had such a lasting impact on me. But thank you for thinking that you do, and for assuming it's because I didn't do those things, and for commenting so unkindly. My advice stands. There are ways of doing things if you do not want to create lifelong family conflict and bad feeling. Some of the comments on here are quite frankly ridiculous.

MarshaBradyo Thu 22-Feb-18 08:21:02

It really does make me recoil to imagine it, next time I’d have to say stop and probably look how I felt

RitasEducation Thu 22-Feb-18 08:23:19

Yanbu. Some people's mouth germs are worse than a toilet seat. All the bacteria, live germs pooping in your mouth yuck.

I wouldn't think it was perverted, just disgusting, yuck.

ShamelesslyPlacemarking Thu 22-Feb-18 08:28:45

This thread is truly blowing me away. People are talking about mouths as though they are open sewers. You people do kiss your partners... right? Or do you get them to gargle with antiseptic first? Ever share an ice cream with your kids? Hold something in your mouth when you have no hands free? Lick a finger while cooking or let your kids lick a spoon?

mathanxiety Thu 22-Feb-18 08:29:30

1 - Are you implying that the child’s grandmother is being sexually or physically abusive? For being affectionate with her own grand baby in full public view of the mother?!

2 - ^Couldn’t honestly say. I may well have nommed on the fingers of a friend’s baby. There was no alarmed reaction to make it stick in my memory. Never sucked a finger sexually and can’t imagine doing so.

So you are saying this is affection and not sexual.

Have you ever sucked a hand affectionately?

(It is the fact that this was done in full public view of the mother that is part of the problem here.)

callmeadoctor Thu 22-Feb-18 08:32:59

Who ever said that was normal for Grandparents, from that generation, I am a Grandparent from that generation. Absolutely weird thing to do. Kiss fingers and toes, yes but definitely not putting in mouth (makes me feel sick typing it!)

MrsElvis Thu 22-Feb-18 08:33:52


I don't think you need to even explain it to her. Just a stern "DONT DO THAT AGAIN" Should suffice.

It's not her baby

KimchiLaLa Thu 22-Feb-18 08:35:26

Has she ever smelt your babies hand? Mine smells disgusting, I make a special point of washing her tiny fingers in the bath each night as they really do stink shock

paxillin Thu 22-Feb-18 08:35:29


TheFirstMrsDV Thu 22-Feb-18 08:35:44

I am pretty lax as a parent. I have five kids so PFBery.
Its horrible.

I have never known it to be a normal thing to do. I'm 50 so GMs in their 70s and 80s and my own GMs would be 100+ and they never did it.
Thank God.

I hate the cleaning of dummies by sucking them too. Now that was normal.
My DS's aunt did it to his dummy once. He got thrush. Only one of my DCs ever to get oral thrush.

ShamelesslyPlacemarking Thu 22-Feb-18 08:36:47

Have you ever sucked a hand affectionately?

Not on an adult, but I don’t blow raspberries on adults’ tummies either, or fly them over my head or play Incy-Wincy Spider or take deep blissful sniffs of the tops of their heads or play peekaboo by covering their eyes or any of the other physically engaging activities you tend to do with pre-speech babies. hmm

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