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To ignore my cat's cries of distress? LIGHTHEARTED!

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SneakyGremlins Wed 21-Feb-18 13:43:57

His food bowl is 2cm to the left of where it "should be", in his eyes. HE moved it hmm

Ellybellyboo Wed 21-Feb-18 13:51:54

Mine is crying at the back door to be let out - whilst stood right in front of the bloody cat flap.


ShinyMe Wed 21-Feb-18 13:54:54

Mine wakes me up at 3 am EVERY day so that I can come downstairs and watch him eat some of the biscuits I put out at bedtime.

SneakyGremlins Wed 21-Feb-18 13:55:53

grin Glad I'm not alone!

LanguidLobster Wed 21-Feb-18 13:57:50

They can be little bastards at times.

As soon as you turn your back they're dialling the RSPCA to wail about the inhumane treatment they've been subjected to.

BarbaraofSevillle Wed 21-Feb-18 13:58:20

One of mine was crying this morning because she didn't like the food I gave her.

I told her to go fuck herself because I've tried every damn type of catfood from cheap to expensive and I put a selection down each time and no she's not having Felix As Good As It Looks all the time, because that's like feeding your DCs on nothing but McDonalds and anyway I'm not buying any more Felix until they've at least tried to eat all the other types that I've bought, they pretended to like, but suddenly went off when I bought more of it hmm.

And this is from a spoilt little madam that sleeps on our bed every night and has come a long way since was found starving behind a bin with her brother and clearly does not appreciate how lucky she's been.

DixieFlatline Wed 21-Feb-18 14:00:28

You know you're a crazy cat person when you read these and think 'can't wait till this is me again'.

amusedbush Wed 21-Feb-18 14:08:00

No cat here but I have a Jack Russell who is the world's biggest diva. He won't go out in the rain, won't walk through puddles, won't eat anything unless I'm in the room with him, won't sleep unless he's lying against my legs and if he ever gets a fright, he screams. Actually screams. A high-pitched shriek (like a human's!) and he runs to me to be picked up.

Last night I slept with the window open for the first time in months and you'd think he'd never smelled fresh air before. He spent half the night standing on my head as he sniffed at the world outside through a two inch gap.

SneakyGremlins Wed 21-Feb-18 14:20:31

grin Sounds like a delight!

Argeles Wed 21-Feb-18 14:41:02


I sadly lost my beloved little Jack Russell 6 years ago, but she used to behave in such a similar way to your little Prince. It brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye to read your post. She could never do any wrong in my eyes.

I have a cat however, who I love, but she does my head in! She miaows non-fucking-stop all bloody day and night for food. We feed her fresh chicken, and occasionally fish - she eats better than we do, but as soon as she’s eaten, she’s nagging me and following me around for more! We’ve wormed her, and taken her to the Vets to get her checked, but she’s just greedy, or a chain-eater as I call her (when I’m being polite!).

amusedbush Wed 21-Feb-18 14:50:57


Oh, I'm sorry about your girl. They become your little furry best friend, don't they?

My DH always grumbles that the dog is an arsehole but I defend him all the way. I've made a rod for my own back with him; he even knows who "mum" and "dad" are blushgrin

strawberrysparkle Wed 21-Feb-18 14:54:42

Mine will literally only eat Sheba cat food, nothing else. If I buy any other brand he pretends he likes it for 2 pouches and then goes off it and I'm left with loads of cat food he won't eat and he pretends he's starving half to death.

Feezles Wed 21-Feb-18 15:02:23

Mine will sit and wail for as long as I can stand to ignore her to get me to open the stairgates for her. This is despite the fact that they are right next to a gap in the banisters that she can easily fit through.

bonzo77 Wed 21-Feb-18 15:10:44

Mine likes to have half a king sized bed to herself. But a diagonal half. So DH and I have to squeeze into the other triangular half. She wails if either of us move even slightly.

OneFlewOverTheDodosNest Wed 21-Feb-18 15:14:42

We made the mistake of giving our cat leftover chicken once and now she won't eat the food in her bowl until hours after we've had food just in case she gets a repeat. She looks extremely put out with her Felix.

bigupapple Wed 21-Feb-18 15:15:49

My cat is so spoilt! But I love him so much! But it's getting out of hand! He's such a fussy eater! He ends up having an array of food! He needs medication in his food! I end up needing twice the amount of medication due to waste and a buffet of food! Hubby tells me he will eat eventually! But I'm worried about his meds /heart! So I always give in! And he sleeps on my head! But then I wake up with my head on the mattress and him sprawled out!
But he's the cutest snuggliest best thing in the world! Xx 😽😻

meredintofpandiculation Wed 21-Feb-18 15:18:17

* no she's not having Felix As Good As It Looks all the time* We're currently have to bait the Felix As Good As it Looks with a smear of Gourmet pate.

(Must admin "As Good as it Looks" has got the name right, judging by the cats' reaction - I certainly wouldn't eat anything that looks like that either)

Feezles Wed 21-Feb-18 15:28:40

See, mine loves As Good As It Looks - but only the tuna and salmon flavours, she looks disgusted by whatever else is in the multipack. And she can only have half a pouch at a time or she'll vomit on the carpet (not the tiles or the laminate, obvs. Only the carpet).

SneakyGremlins Wed 21-Feb-18 15:30:21

We went from Aldi to Whiskas here. Can't go back now hmm

Reddlion Wed 21-Feb-18 15:31:09

lol cats are so annoying my kitty does silly things like this he will cry to come in then 2mims later want to go out again so annoying

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Wed 21-Feb-18 15:36:17

At university I shared a flat with four others, and a cat.

My lectures were before everybody else’s so I’d get up, get ready, give the cat a fuss before I left and the others were usually still in bed asleep.

Except she’d sit and cry outside the bathroom door for me. The others complained about it waking them, so I ended up having many showers being stared at (very accusingly) by the cat. She didn’t like the water but liked being shut out even less!

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Wed 21-Feb-18 15:37:02

Oh, and trying to go to the loo with s cat who’s determined to sit on your knee isn’t fun. Still... anything for a quiet life!

MyKingdomForBrie Wed 21-Feb-18 15:41:31

Mine will go out of the cat flap, through the garden, over the gate and round to the front doorstep to sit there and wail until he is let back into the house. Then do it all over again. It’s not like he doesn’t know the cat flap is a two way deal!!!

Eenymeeny123 Wed 21-Feb-18 15:41:55

If I need to go to the toilet in the early morning my cat takes it as a sign that it's morning and will cry until I go down to him, waking the house. I actually can be bursting to go some mornings but won't get up as it's way too early. I haven't had a lie in in months😼😫

Nikephorus Wed 21-Feb-18 15:46:13

until they've at least tried to eat all the other types that I've bought, they pretended to like, but suddenly went off when I bought more of it
Ah yes the 'I love it, I love it, I love it' 'Fine, I've bulk-bought it!' 'Oh, didn't I say? I've gone right off it' scenario. Been there, done that, spent a fortune (repeatedly). hmm

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