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To find it outrageous that school inspects the DC's trousers

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BlackTrousersAreBlackTrousers Tue 20-Feb-18 19:47:22

And makes them change immediately into school regulation trousers if they are not the right 'cut'.

Black trousers are black trousers surely. DS wanted the 'skinny' type which are not actually skinny but less flappable than the standard fit. All the rage, plenty of DC wearing them. Store sells them as school trousers. They are school trousers.

School decides they are 'jeans'.

AIBU to think they should take their head out if their arse and concentrate on educating the DC rather than making them line up for 'inspection', as if they are army recruits?

Lower school HAS to wear trousers only sold by school uniform shop. They even put a colourful line down the side, like they are an army brass band, so they cannot sneak on reasonably priced trousers - £18 as opposed to £6 supermarket ones.

It is obscene. Why are they allowed to get away with it?

Before some idiot pipes up that I should disrupt DS's education by moving him if I don't like 'dem rulz', schools are a public SERVICE not a vehicle for boosting the ego of some limp dicked, power crazed twat angry.

LIZS Tue 20-Feb-18 19:48:39

Is this a state or independent?

BlackTrousersAreBlackTrousers Tue 20-Feb-18 19:50:02

State LIZ. Academy.

goose1964 Tue 20-Feb-18 19:50:30

We used to have our heels checked for height and skirts for length.

spanieleyes Tue 20-Feb-18 19:51:00

Think yourself lucky, my school used to inspect the LINING inside your school coats to make sure they were the right colour. Woe betide you if you had a red lining and not the regulation blue one!

brownelephant Tue 20-Feb-18 19:53:05

I hate school uniform.
doesn't add anything at all to education.

MaisyPops Tue 20-Feb-18 19:53:30

I couldn't care less either way on uniform (taught in schools witj and without) but am of the view if school state something in yhe uniform abd people choose to buy items not in the uniform then they only have themselves to blame.

I hate single supplier uniforms, but can see how it happens when people insist on buyinh not uniform items.

We're having another crackdown on uniform this term. Our main issue? Girls choosing to wear leggings style/very skinny trousers and boys starting yo wear black trainers. We have a simple and easy to follow uniform, yet there's still people who willingly choose to buy their children non uniform items and then complain when we say something.

Booboobooboo84 Tue 20-Feb-18 19:53:48

We used to have to kneel on the floor to make sure our skirts touched the floor without being too short or too long. Didn’t do us any harm. Just a simple rule to follow. Of course the shop labelled them as school trousers- they want to sell me. The onus is on your as a parent to ensure the trousers are the correct ones in line with the rules.

ShawshanksRedemption Tue 20-Feb-18 19:53:53

Check the school uniform policy. What does it say?

pieceofpurplesky Tue 20-Feb-18 19:54:06

And all types of public services have a uniform OP. Which you have to stick too. The boys' trousers where I work are ridiculously tight. I have dealt with more split keks than year than in the previous 20.
Whether I agree with uniform or not is irrelevant - if you select a school with a particular policy then you stick to it.

Booboobooboo84 Tue 20-Feb-18 19:54:28

Them not me. Bloody typo lol

pieceofpurplesky Tue 20-Feb-18 19:54:50

To. Am on a coach on bumpy roads

UgandanKnuckles Tue 20-Feb-18 19:55:40

Jesus wept. At my school they were just glad if we turned up at all!

SprogletsMum Tue 20-Feb-18 19:55:43

School uniform should be as simple as black trousers white shirt blue jumper. It's bullshit that they force us to buy from school uniform shops. The cardigans for my year 2 daughter are £17.75 each which is ridiculous. Can't sneak them in a plain colour one because they have a coloured band round the neck. angry

Nyetimber Tue 20-Feb-18 19:56:05

Why did you not insist on him having school uniform trousers. I assume the requirements weren’t a state secret.

slippermaiden Tue 20-Feb-18 19:57:48

I agree with school uniform when there is a certain amount of leeway ie at our school (state) iOS black or grey trousers/skirt/shorts. Navy blue jumper or cardi. But you can wear skinny or bell bottom flares!

knitknack Tue 20-Feb-18 19:58:02

Interesting to hear that everyone who runs a school has a dick...

Even the female governors? (because it’s the governors - ie the members of the public -who set the uniform requirements, not the slt or teachers).

minipie Tue 20-Feb-18 19:59:56

Black trousers are black trousers surely. DS wanted the 'skinny' type which are not actually skinny but less flappable than the standard fit. All the rage

You're contradicting yourself. If "black trousers are black trousers" then why did your DS want a particular style. Presumably because they are "all the rage" and loads of others have them?

A big reason for having uniform is to prevent this sort of cool/not cool divide where some kids have the "in" clothes and some don't and can get teased for it. Especially the poorer kids whose parents can't buy them the latest style. Having a variation on the uniform which is "all the rage" defeats this purpose. I expect the enforcement is for this reason.


If the uniform is too expensive then complain about that and suggest something cheaper, but don't complain they are enforcing the consistency of uniform, it's there for a good reason.

friendlyflicka Tue 20-Feb-18 20:00:35

I really hate the thing they do about those black leather Van shoes. They have no big logos, totally discreet and sensible but just because they are liked, they are wrong - or that is the way it seems to me. Don't understand why schools have to rob quite so much joy from life!

welshgirlwannabe Tue 20-Feb-18 20:00:51

I agree with you op although I think we're in the minority on mumsnet grin. This weird insistence on regulation length width, etc etc surely adds no value to a child's education, and can't be the beSt use of teachers time?

And yet there always seems to be poster after poster who says how easy it is to follow the rules... that's not the point!!! The rules are ridiculous!

Luckily my son's school are happy enough with black trainers, supermarket jumpers and mismatched socks. Phew wink

pieceofpurplesky Tue 20-Feb-18 20:04:10

Welsh it does not matter if the rules are ridiculous. The fact is they are the rules.

MaisyPops Tue 20-Feb-18 20:06:22

I agree they should be simple enough to be bought anywhere.
Sadly, even with our uniform (which has 2 pieces school speciifc) we have people who seemingly find it impossible to follow basic uniform guidance.

Plain black leather/faux leather shoes - simple

What we get:
Actual school shoes
Black trainers
Black converse
Black plimsols
Vivienne Westwood ballet flats with fhe gold logo.
Any other chosen branded shoes with their logo

It's a simple piece of uniform. Nothing special. Not single supplier and can be bought anywhere.

And what do we get when we point out a very basic rule?
but they're black!
but I've just bought him those shoes. Thry were £70!
but they said everyone else is wearing...
why are you wasting time on uniform?
why don't you actually teach?
you're just being dictators
Why are you wasting our time on this? It's just a logo!

And you get thr same on MN boards where expecting children to follow many basic rules is unreasonable and is part of indoctrinated into blind obedience. And that, sadly, is why some schools go down the route of being prescriptive.

BlackTrousersAreBlackTrousers Tue 20-Feb-18 20:06:51

Well the if they gave a toss about the poorer DC Minipie, they would allow supermarket trousers surely hmm.

All these regulations are bollocks anyway when you consider that the vast majority of DC will be going to college for two years after school, before starting work, mostly looking like homeless people or grimey rappers confused.

Onlynever Tue 20-Feb-18 20:08:08

They should 'grow up' and start focusing on things that matter. The Continentals think we are barking to put children in uniform at all.
Thank God dd's school is sensible about this. Black leggings, jeans and trainers are all fine.

BlackTrousersAreBlackTrousers Tue 20-Feb-18 20:08:20

What is the problem with kids wearing comfy trainers Maisy.

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