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To think they should abolish Sunday trading hours/ laws?

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DobbyLovesSocks Sun 18-Feb-18 17:57:08

So I've just realised that I am out of pop socks for work, not a major disaster but something I would normally think 'oh I'll pop down to Asda and grab a new box' only its now nearly 6pm on a Sunday and all the shows are now shut.
I get that Sunday's are precious and all that jazz but in this modern day of 24 hour supermarkets and shift working etc etc is it not time we thought about the fact that come 4pm on a Sunday if you haven't bought what you need, you need to wait until tomorrow. Yes I could probably be more organised etc
Am i in a minority and therefore being unreasonable??

Pengggwn Sun 18-Feb-18 17:58:20

I like them.

DeathStare Sun 18-Feb-18 18:00:24

I agree with you. There could be other ways of ensuring that people were legally entitled to a day off every week.

Ihatebuildabear Sun 18-Feb-18 18:00:28

Totally and utterly agree. It's so dated. I'm sure plenty of students would be more than happy to work those extra hours. It's so extreme from being 24 hours to 6 hours on a Sunday. Even 9 to 6 would be an improvement.

pinkcarpet Sun 18-Feb-18 18:02:00

Move to Scotland. Normal opening hours for most shops today!

Leiaorganashair Sun 18-Feb-18 18:02:20

YABU. Sunday is the one time you can't be coerced into overtime if you work in a shop.

ElinoristhenewEnid Sun 18-Feb-18 18:03:34

Try a Tesco express or other small shop - 6 hour rule does not apply to them!

alltoomuchrightnow Sun 18-Feb-18 18:03:59

I'd be happy to work extra hours on sunday and not restricted retail hrs..I"ve always liked doing Sunday retail, it's much more relaxed, customers are in a better mood

toriatoriatoria Sun 18-Feb-18 18:04:27

I agree with you. I work shifts and wish shops were open longer on Sunday. I've worked a day shift today (0700-1700), no chance I can pop to the supermarket.

FuzzyCustard Sun 18-Feb-18 18:05:58

I like them.

Sallystyle Sun 18-Feb-18 18:06:48

YANBU. It is very outdated. Although my small Tesco opens normally on Sunday.

Itmakesthereaderreadon Sun 18-Feb-18 18:07:06

I like them. My mum worked weekends when I was little and I hated it. I used to like it when everything closed down on good Friday too; used to feel quite special (although boring af as a teenager).

BewareOfDragons Sun 18-Feb-18 18:07:37

Completely agree.

Scotland has been just fine with the change. No reason we shouldn't be allowed it here, too.

Julie8008 Sun 18-Feb-18 18:09:11

YANBU - they are a real pita. No reason for them in the 21st century. you can quite easily make sure people have one day a week off, no need to hold the rest of the country hostage. Just makes no sense.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Sun 18-Feb-18 18:10:17

I don’t know anyone religious, but I know plenty of people that look forward to Sunday being a ‘day of rest’ when they have a family day because there’s time available outside of normal working hours. Make it another Monday and a lot of people will lose that. If I desperately need something on a Sunday it’s pretty easy to make sure I’m up and out between 10am and 4pm tbh.

Littledrummergirl Sun 18-Feb-18 18:17:51

Sunday's should go back to essential work only in my opinion, to allow families and friends at least one day a week they know they can spend valuable time together regrouping for the following week.

LuxuryMilk Sun 18-Feb-18 18:19:10

I like them.

5plusMeAndHim Sun 18-Feb-18 18:21:42

Retail workers should have time with their families too.I don't know whay everything has to 24/7 now.When I was a young kid supermarkets shut at 5.30 every day and didn't open Sunday and everyone managed

FuzzyCustard Sun 18-Feb-18 18:24:11

For those saying they work on a Sunday so can't go to the supermarket, doesn't that mean you get another day off in the week when you could go?

Dobbythesockelf Sun 18-Feb-18 18:26:44

If Sunday working hours were abolished my dh might not get home till late like he does the rest of the week. If they gave him a day off during the week he wouldn't get to spend that with our dd when she's at school. At least we know that when he works a Sunday he will be home by half 4 and gets a little bit of time with her. Compared to half an hour before bed.

madasamarchhare Sun 18-Feb-18 18:27:56

Shops are open enough during the week. There are other options such as petrol garages and the smaller express stores.
Think of the families, many parents of young children who work in a supermarket as that fits with their families. Why do they want to work longer on a Sunday when their children are at home. The days of students filling the evening and weekend shifts are not really the case any more.

LondonHereICome Sun 18-Feb-18 18:29:12

No thanks

I work in retail

I like to see my family you know!!

bridgetreilly Sun 18-Feb-18 18:30:58

Tbh, I would much rather shops were properly shut on Sundays than the 6 hour rule. Then you'd know you had to remember to buy things on Saturday. But I do basically think YABU. Work on Monday is not a surprise and it's not that hard to think ahead by 24 hours.

LuckyLuckyWoman Sun 18-Feb-18 18:31:51

Can you send all these willing students my way please.

I find it difficult to get folk who want to work evenings and weekends. Which is normally finishing at 9 in the week, 8 on Saturday and 6 on Sundays.

Obviously working in retail I'd like Sunday trading to be abolished smile

SheepyFun Sun 18-Feb-18 18:33:25

I'd prefer most shops to be entirely shut on Sundays - not because it would make my life easier, it wouldn't. But I'm very much aware that I have a nice professional job with nice professional pay and nice office hours, i.e. in a position of privilege. Many of those in retail are on the minimum wage, with limited options and not in a position to argue about working on Sundays. I understand that they are entitled to a day off each week, but it's much harder to see family etc. when everyone has different days off. Corner shops and pharmacies have always been able to open, so you can get essentials. Anything else can wait.

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