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To wonder why Tescos wouldn't sell me a carrot?

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Pumpkinisland89 Sun 18-Feb-18 10:53:13

To be clear: it wasn't a big deal, I just shrugged and (bravely) survived.

I tried to buy a carrot. It came from a loose produce shelf. Last one which I thought was a bit odd. I didn't bother weighing it myself because there was a queue at the scales. Went to pay expecting the cashier to weigh it. She moaned a bit about me not putting a label on it and moaned even more when I said I didn't need a bag for it. She was obviously new as she didn't know how to put it through the till so she called a manager over. The manager said something I didn't hear and went off to the veg section. He came back and said because there wasn't a label on the carrot shelf he couldn't sell me it?

I've had it before when a shop has refused to sell me a cucumber because it was prepacked but the label had come off. I sort of see why with that (although it's stupid) but why with a lose carrot?

By the way I am over 18 and have no previous veg related offences.

MothertotheLordsofmisrule Sun 18-Feb-18 11:00:13

I would have charged you 5p and let go on your lonesome carroty way.

But I'm nice like thatwink

Looks like Tesco had a serious case of computer says "no"

Rightmovestalker Sun 18-Feb-18 11:02:17

It's their policy, I've often tried to just buy one carrot and they've stopped me every time. Fair enough, rules are rules.

Huntinginthedark Sun 18-Feb-18 11:02:21

That’s just odd! They should have just given you the carrot
I’ve been given carrots before because the weighing machine on the till was playing up.

Proper computer says no

Rightmovestalker Sun 18-Feb-18 11:03:03

So I do know how you feel flowers

snewsname Sun 18-Feb-18 11:07:32

They couldn't be bothered to look for the code. Pure laziness.

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Sun 18-Feb-18 11:09:16

That is so lazy. Our local Tesco doesn't even have a weighing machine.

I bet if you used the self-serve machines it wouldn't have been a problem.

Pumpkinisland89 Sun 18-Feb-18 11:09:21

Rightmore - they've told you there is a minimum number of carrots you can buy?

Political correctness gone mad I tell thee!

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Sun 18-Feb-18 11:09:35

I've got to go to Tesco today I'm going to test my theory grin

NoSquirrels Sun 18-Feb-18 11:09:53

A single carrot - the last one! - couldn’t have been more than 7p tops. I’m surprised the manager didn’t just say you could have it. Poor customer service, Tesco!

Garmadonsmum Sun 18-Feb-18 11:10:54

I often buy a single carrot when online shopping (it’s all I need) and have no problems. How odd not to have just given you it.

Ellie56 Sun 18-Feb-18 11:13:59


SandyDenny Sun 18-Feb-18 11:14:47

How odd, I can't think of a valid reason for not selling only 1 of any loose item that's priced by weight.

I don't believe they haven't got a work around on the till for things where they don't have a bar code

sexnotgender Sun 18-Feb-18 11:15:06

I bought a single carrot from Tesco yesterday.

mammymammyIRL Sun 18-Feb-18 11:15:55

YANBU why couldn't manager just take your carrot and weigh and label it?

I tried to buy a calendar in Tesco last month, much debate with dc as to which one we'd buy, took to till for some pop up to come up for cashier to say not to sell it - I'm in ROI and it was for some war veterans charity. Back to shelf to argue choose again with dc angry

StealthPolarBear Sun 18-Feb-18 11:16:01

Was it a particularly sharp one?
Or is there a scam I'm not seeing involving buying a single carrot? grin

Crispbutty Sun 18-Feb-18 11:16:46

Lidl gave me mine for free as they had fallen out of a pre-pack.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 18-Feb-18 11:22:39

Probably EU regulations. Like the bendy bananas. Take back control!

Lighthearted, I'm a diehard remainer

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Sun 18-Feb-18 11:24:38

Were you holding the carrot in an offensive or threatening way?
You do realise that's it's rude to use carrots to point at people?

What a joke though. Why not let you take the lone carrot (estimated actual value about 1p) I bet it got chucked in the bin.

sexnotgender Sun 18-Feb-18 11:27:02

Single carrot, 13p. It was a big carrot!

WeAllHaveWings Sun 18-Feb-18 11:27:05

Self serve lets you weigh and purchase one carrot. They don't have self serve equipment to count the number of carrots................yet.....

OrangePeels Sun 18-Feb-18 11:27:23

How strange!

Although it really is such a small issue, I would email head office asking for an explaination. Maybe we there is a veg related law we are all breaking?

WeAllHaveWings Sun 18-Feb-18 11:29:36

beef and veg stirfry with noodles tonight sexnotgender?

UpABitLate Sun 18-Feb-18 11:30:23

One word


They were right to avoid exposing you to the risk of immorality and therefore damnation

Well done Tesco.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Sun 18-Feb-18 11:31:36

Totally bizarre response. Of course you should be able to buy one carrot! Self service machines all have scales built into them to weigh the veg, pretty sure most of the manned tills do too, so how hard is it to search for "carrot" and then weigh the little fucker? It's not!


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