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The Vauxhall ad

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Idliketoteachtheworldtosing1 Sun 18-Feb-18 03:28:45

Do you think that I'm being unreasonable hating that damn Vauxhall ad with the women going to the shops and doing the school run in pyjamas.
I think it's awful seeing women shopping in their pyjamas, I don't understand it.
It doesn't take long to put some appropriate clothes on, especially when doing the school run, their poor children could potentially become targets for bullies as we all know how cruel kids can be.
I can't be the only one that thinks this way??

Ivebeenaroundtheblock Sun 18-Feb-18 03:36:14

i kinda liked it.
reminded me of this one

Longdistance Sun 18-Feb-18 03:41:14

Ive not seen many on the roads, and I live somewhere where people buy Vauxhall’s. I think they shot themselves in the foot there.

The best ad ever was the VW golf one, where the woman just divorced, and kept the car. That advert had a massive impact.

MrsDilber Sun 18-Feb-18 04:09:28

I like that ad. It's just a joke.

expertonnothing Sun 18-Feb-18 04:13:40


It was the song young at heart by the bluebells that made that good!

Idliketoteachtheworldtosing1 Sun 18-Feb-18 04:15:13

Where I live there are women regularly going around Morrison's and Tesco in pyjamas and dressing gowns and slippers.
I just don't get it, if you can put on pyjamas to go shopping and take your kid to school then you can put on appropriate clothing.

Longdistance Sun 18-Feb-18 04:22:09

No expert this one I’m on about...

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