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DD 39.4 fever, sleepy... GP?

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IceBearRocks Thu 15-Feb-18 01:54:08

DD is 6 and been fine.... Has massive fever. Doubting what to do after recent threads .... Do I get GP to have a look, call 111 or sit and wait.
She's had paracetamol but is asthmatic so can't have Ibuprofen.

Aibu to call 111 to get a GP appointment?

NewYearNiki Thu 15-Feb-18 01:57:49

Hi op

Nhs guidelines on when to seek help. Scroll to bottom

Hope she is ok.

iggleypiggly Thu 15-Feb-18 02:00:32

Are you using Ibuprofen & calpol? Cool bath? Cool flannel to face? Don’t think GP can do much.

iggleypiggly Thu 15-Feb-18 02:01:06

Sorry just read about ibuprofen!

NewYearNiki Thu 15-Feb-18 02:02:38

Op said she is asthmatic and cant have ibuprofen.

The nhs guidelines i posted said do not cold sponge a feverish child, it doesnt work.

This is why you shouldn't ask for medical advice here.

IceBearRocks Thu 15-Feb-18 02:07:20

Have severly disabled DS who regularly throws fevers like this at us... he's got epilepsy too so he's not a sit and wait patient.... She though is generally healthy...
Sponging etc is very outdated and runs the risk of febrile seizures ...she's quite myclonic anyway due to fever.
Saw thread earlier about wasting money calling 111.... We use the NHS so much with Ds . wondering if I'm being OTT with her too .

PuzzledOfPuzzledom Thu 15-Feb-18 02:08:29

You’re obviously worried if you’re asking here so phone 111 and get a professional’s advice. That’s what they’re there for. Hope she is better soon.

IceBearRocks Thu 15-Feb-18 02:09:13

Thanks Newyear..... I read the guidelines again earlier just think that is one hell of a fever that paracetamol isn't touching.... Hoping 111 might say give her the's so much better with fever!

PuzzledOfPuzzledom Thu 15-Feb-18 02:10:34

Just saw your last post. You’re not wasting NHS money. You’re concerned about a child with a high temperature, it’s a perfectly reasonable concern and you’re absolutely right to seek medical advice when you feel it’s required.

Cherrycokewinning Thu 15-Feb-18 02:10:42

What do you mean by fever? The temperature?

NewYearNiki Thu 15-Feb-18 02:13:28

One of the reasons for seeking advice is a fever that meds dont touch.

Call 111

PuzzledOfPuzzledom Thu 15-Feb-18 02:13:40

cherry, that’s what fever is - temperature above the normal range.

NewYearNiki Thu 15-Feb-18 02:15:23


A fever is a high temperature of 38C or more.

That i took from the nhs website.

Childs is 39.4 ergo she has a fever.

What did you mean?

Cherrycokewinning Thu 15-Feb-18 02:17:05

I know that. The OPs post read as though she thought a fever was something in addition to a temperature

HPandBaconSandwiches Thu 15-Feb-18 04:09:01

Don’t sit and wait.
A fever not responding to paracetamol is a concern. If she’s sleepy with it (more than usual with it being in the middle of the night) I’d be taking her to A&E.

IceBearRocks Thu 15-Feb-18 07:07:33

Severe tonsillitis. Started vomiting and couldn't keep water or paracetamol down....nor the antibiotics. Had to go to a&e!!! Settled on a ward but still 39.7!

Mrsjellybum Thu 15-Feb-18 07:10:58

Glad she's in the best place and being sorted. biscuit

PuzzledOfPuzzledom Thu 15-Feb-18 07:12:21

Oh bless her, tonsillitis is nasty. Glad you’re getting medical attention, and hope the A&E trip wasn’t too stressful for you both. Fingers crossed she’s feeling better soon.

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