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To think that some behaviours should be grown out of?

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6079SmithW Wed 14-Feb-18 23:58:02

I'm fully prepared to get flamed but I genuinely wonder if I'm the only person who thinks this?

I was talking today to a friend who was at a wedding which was ruined by a couple of (adult) men getting drunk like adolescents.

It made me think of behaviours (from men and women) that perhaps should be grown out of:
Drinking irresponsibly?
Collecting soft toys?
Obsessive gaming?
Football stickers or footballers' autographs?
Fawning over pop stars?

So are there others you would add to the list or AIBU?

BadLad Thu 15-Feb-18 00:12:13

Trying to stop people having their own harmless fun.

blaaake Thu 15-Feb-18 00:13:38

I wouldn't say getting wankered and ruining someone's wedding is harmless fun BadLad

OutyMcOutface Thu 15-Feb-18 00:14:51

YANBU and:
Calling people boring for not also being lowbrow drunkards.

partystress Thu 15-Feb-18 00:15:06

All of yours, plus:
whispering secrets to someone when other people are in the room,
going gaga over anything Disney,
quizzing you interminably about how much you loved the present they just gave you.

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Thu 15-Feb-18 00:16:31

Adult thumb sucking

WhineandDine1 Thu 15-Feb-18 00:17:59

Adults who can't control their drinking drive me insane. There's a huge difference between getting drunk and having harmless fun and getting totally off your face and starting problems. While at uni I worked in a pub that had a function room often hired out for wedding parties/christenings. It was crazy how many fights would break out and perhaps I grew up very naive but it really shocked me. I really think it's incredibly pathetic.

Also think obsessively fangirling is a bit tedious but harmless.

BadLad Thu 15-Feb-18 00:18:54

That's only one thing on the list. The rest of them are things that don't actually harm anybody, but the OP has decided that because she doesn't think they should be done, nobody else should. And she doesn't actually want to discuss them, she wants more added to the list.

WhineandDine1 Thu 15-Feb-18 00:19:55

Also adults who act like teenagers about relationships hmm and the needy types who can't be single for a second constantly looking for male attention. I get going through that "phase"'as a teenager but i think it's quite sad in grown women.

WorraLiberty Thu 15-Feb-18 00:23:30

Ruining someone's wedding is completely unacceptable and quite different to the other things in your list.

As long as the other things don't affect anyone else negatively, what on earth is wrong with them?

LegallyBrunet Thu 15-Feb-18 00:23:38

I don't think you're being unreasonable about the excessive drinking at weddings, you are about everything else. I have a collection of Disney ornaments and soft toys. Who am I harming with that? Nobody. Life's short, as long as they're not hurting anyone and it's not illegal, let people do what makes them happy.

MrMeSeeks Thu 15-Feb-18 00:26:34

Ruining a wedding and getting drunk all the time absolutely, but the rest why not?
It's always on here that if a man likes to game it's immature and i think it's ridiculous.
I also have no idea why its not ok for men to like pop stars.
Not my cup of tea, but i have my favourite bands!

WorraLiberty Thu 15-Feb-18 00:26:49

Come to think of it, at the age of 48 I should probably have grown out of the desire to slide down the stairs on a mattress.

Yet I did exactly that this afternoon when my DH was taking DS3's old mattress to the dump blush

I can't tell you how good it felt. We all ended up having a few goes and timing ourselves blush

BadLad Thu 15-Feb-18 00:30:14

48 I should probably have grown out of the desire to slide down the stairs on a mattress

Totally irresponsible.

What happens if you break your legs, and can't go to work, and you're the only wage-earner?

What happens if your DS sees you, and tries to copy you by taking a mattress to a ski jump and sliding down that on it?

Come to think of it, couldn't you have donated the mattress to a charity shop?

Someone will find a way to tell you off.

WorraLiberty Thu 15-Feb-18 00:34:55

It's ok BadLad I took myself outside and gave myself a suitable kicking, despite my broken legs.

DS is on his way to the Winter Olympics as I type.

StaplesCorner Thu 15-Feb-18 00:41:23

Yes getting wankered and ruining it for other people, definitely stupid. I like the one about whispering secrets too - that's surely pretty childish, happens in my office all the time angry

N0tfinished Thu 15-Feb-18 00:51:55

That schoolgirl clique behavior. I wish people grew out of that.
I agree of the childish pastimes like toys & cartoon memorabilia. I don't get that at all.

I'd add people whose tastes have never developed. Still drink vodka & Red Bull and obsess over their teen bands etc etc

Domino20 Thu 15-Feb-18 00:55:30

Smoking marijuana is not a great look for a grown up. Most people are ridiculous arses when stoned. Just grow up already!

ReanimatedSGB Thu 15-Feb-18 01:07:27

Being an aggressive, annoying drunk is bad behaviour however old you are. Things that do no one else any harm, though - do whatever you want. Too many boring people whose only excitement is trying to police other people's lives as it is.

DreamyMcDreamy Thu 15-Feb-18 01:15:29

It made me think of behaviours (from men and women) that perhaps should be grown out of:
Drinking irresponsibly?
Collecting soft toys?
Obsessive gaming?
Football stickers or footballers' autographs?
Fawning over pop stars?

Ok,so when you're an adult you're not allowed to -

- drink more than a couple of drinks and stay in control the whole time and remain dignified.
- Collecting soft toys is for babies,you're grown up now, you should have ditched that long ago and only collect grown up things. Like bottles of vintage wine? Oh no,wait, hang on,you have a problem with adults liking to drink alcohol.
Fawning over pop stars? My 13 year old self would still scream if Jason Donovan appeared in front of me and said hello.

People are individuals, who cares what they like.We're all different. Would be boring if we were all the same.
(Oh, and who defines what is grown up and proper to like?! Balls to that. I'll like what I like!

DreamyMcDreamy Thu 15-Feb-18 01:20:08

going gaga over anything Disney

Why? That's what you like, surely? Why is there a suitable cut off age and it's only kids that like it?
I'm not a massive Disney fan to the extent that I'm obsessed, although I do like the odd Disney film.
I do obsess over certain sci fi programmes though, does that mean I should give over as I'm old enough to know better?!
Each to their own!

laudanum Thu 15-Feb-18 01:36:52


halfwitpicker Thu 15-Feb-18 01:39:17

God this is the thread for me I love a good moan.

If I ruled the world everyone would be sober, polite, on time and courteous. Invisible probably too.

I need to move to Switzerland really.

lowcarbcath Thu 15-Feb-18 02:37:37

My alcoholic FIL thinks it's normal to fall over backwards when drunk and end up in hospital for the best part of a week. He's nearly 70.

Basecamp21 Thu 15-Feb-18 05:54:22

I think that being grown up should mean you get a sense of priorities and perspective - mature consenting adults should be free to do whatever they like as long as it is not harming anyone else......and I mean harming not merely irritating them.

And that includes whingeing and moaning about what others do - that's an irritating habit but stopping people from doing it would be wrong.

I worked in a football clubs venue and saw many drunk people at weddings and plenty of fights....few 'ruined' a wedding - might have been mildly annoying to some people for 1/2 hour or so but only a drama queen would claim it ruined the whole day for everyone - most people at the weddings would barely of noticed.

Obviously there were exceptions like the one where the groom got stabbed but 99% of drunken behaviour lies in the irritating but harmless bracket.

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