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To post this poem on Valentine’s Day

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Epiphanyofglory Wed 14-Feb-18 22:47:30

I composed this poem and I’m asking in attempt at being lighthearted , AIBU trying to come to terms with what happened in my marriage by making up stupid poems in my head, adopting a cat from cats protection league (as I did on Sunday) and playing Scrabble online by myself?

My Valentine’s mini poem 💕

My husband turned out to be such a freak

Shagging a different prostitute every week

I told him free love isn’t really my thing

So I’m cashing in half his pension ka-ching

So as not to drip feed Valentines last year was when I discovered this was the reality

Epiphanyofglory Wed 14-Feb-18 22:48:40

*the reality of my marriage

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