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My neighbour left me flowers on my doorstep for valentine day

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Tangfastics Wed 14-Feb-18 22:17:12

She’s female and married, as am I.

I feel it’s a bit weird or am I being OTT? I want to just kind of ignore it/brush it off but she texted me to tell me they were there. I’m sure she was just being kind but I’m just feeling a bit funny about it and I don’t know how to respond.

FourEyesGood Wed 14-Feb-18 22:19:12

“Thanks - they’re lovely!”

TravellingFleet Wed 14-Feb-18 22:21:24

It’s more of a US tradition, I thibk, but a lovely one - US friend was just posting on FBook about how she sent flowers to an organisation that helped her for Valentines.

Tangfastics Wed 14-Feb-18 22:22:18

Yes, thank you.

I can’t ignore it because I don’t want to be rude and that seems like a perfectly reasonable response.

Tangfastics Wed 14-Feb-18 22:23:37

OMG, I live in the US (I’m a Brit), I had no idea it was a done thing here. Thank you!!

RedHairing Wed 14-Feb-18 22:26:31

I'm in Canada and it's a thing here too. All the kids take valentines cards and/or chocolates to school.

BettyBettyBetty Wed 14-Feb-18 22:26:37

Do you think she fancies you, OP?

Desperatelyseekingsun Wed 14-Feb-18 22:26:49

This is my first US valentines, sadly don't talk to neighbors much but it isn't a sexual thing in the way it is in UK. The kids at school send everyone cards in their class.

TravellingFleet Wed 14-Feb-18 22:30:56

OH! In that case it’s a friendly gesture of appreciation. You daft dingbat ;-) (to go all British on you)

Tangfastics Wed 14-Feb-18 22:33:35

How can I have bloody missed this?

Maybe because last year (our first year here) we lived in rented and didn’t really know our neighbours. This year we are in our own place and have got to know more people.

Now I feel like a bloody fool for not knowing better.

Dancinggoat Wed 14-Feb-18 22:36:43

Well if that's the case I for the first time ever prefer the American version of a tradition.

NotAnotherEmma Wed 14-Feb-18 22:43:26

I'm American and I've never known of adults doing this except maybe Mom's to their daughters or in unusual circumstances. I would find that awkward as fuck.

Although we left a box of heroes for the other 5 flats in our building at Christmas but that was my British husband's idea not mine but I did like it.

nursy1 Wed 14-Feb-18 22:44:58

My daughter popped round with a single red rose for me. It’s nice! husband and I shared some chocolate but I tend to think valentines is a young lovers thing and the rest is just Hallmark.

Valentinesfart Wed 14-Feb-18 22:53:27

Valentine's Day in the states can be as innocuous as as an 8 year old handing out cards to the whole class (along with heart shaped little debbies) or as rude as you like. Wouldn't worry about it OP.

Tangfastics Wed 14-Feb-18 22:57:58

No I’m not going to worry.

Just another school day for me!

2018SoFarSoGreat Wed 14-Feb-18 22:58:53

Am in the US and got macarons from my lovely assistant, chocolates from a vendor, coffee delivered by another, cupcakes from a staff person, and another delivered candy/lollipops wrapped up with ribbon to everyone in the office.

It is quite odd normal, here.

Lovely neighbor!

Tangfastics Wed 14-Feb-18 23:03:13

She is lovely.

And I feel very blummin daft now.

Tangfastics Thu 15-Feb-18 03:34:15

And also I am not so far up my own arse to believe that my neighbour fancies me!

I’m just a Brit, and awkward. And not used to people being nice.

Rebeccaslicker Thu 15-Feb-18 07:07:12

Def an American thing! My American flatmate sent me some to work once, as a thank you/Valentine's Day thing.

Sadly I'd broken up with my ex the week before and it got my hopes up rather a lot until I saw the card - I can laugh about it now!! 😂

Troels Thu 15-Feb-18 07:18:07

I never really bothered with Valentines till we had Kids in the US, I loved all the little cards they would give to the whole class at school with a piece of candy attached. I used to give each of my kids a Valentine chocolate or toy when they were little too.
Never really bothered with adults though.

Desperatelyseekingsun Thu 15-Feb-18 14:24:51

I completely get it OP, we speak the same language but..

Rageofglitter Fri 16-Feb-18 12:56:36

Bless you op!
I quite like the sound of how America does valentines.

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