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To leave my pregnancy announcement to my dad late

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Gigimoll Wed 14-Feb-18 20:42:47

So I found out about this baby really late. Our contraceptive failed massively. He isn't what we wanted just yet but I can't change it. Our dd was born last April so 11 months between them is a shock. I had no bump, I was still bleeding etc. To me it's a miracle he's he's healthy. I have however now developed a massive bump.
I reluctantantly told my mom. She's happy for us she wasn't at first though.

So my dad.. When I told my dad I was expecting dd. He refered to her as "it" and wouldn't speak to me for weeks. He wasn't impressed nor happy. We currently rent my dad's home as he's in huge amounts of debt. Eventually our home will be sold. But we've already discussed its okay as long as we keep up with payments (which we intend to)
So my dad has never been a dad really until my brother committed suicide in 2015. He let us suffer abuse from his ex dp and.. Some things I can't forgive him for. He can be incredibly nasty.

It wasn't until dd turned 6 months he started to hold her and he loves her now I think. But this baby, as its such a shock and I don't have long left, I'm really worried about the backlash from him..
What if he kicks us out?
His post is still coming to our home so what if he collects if and refuses to speak to me?
What If he's horrible to me again?

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