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Aibu to ignore DD's bmi measurement?

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m0therofdragons Wed 14-Feb-18 19:31:56

I remember there being loads of advice on this when dd was a toddler re portion sizes but I'm feeling a bit lost now she's 10.

She doesn't ask for more food or pudding but will eat pudding if her sisters ask for it. She's never been motivated by food but eats a really varied diet and has always been on the edge of the chart verging on underweight but now dd1 is quite under weight.

She's 139cm tall and 4stone.

She doesn't look ill to me but her build is long and thin. She has energy so I'm not hugely worried until I realised how close her weight was to dtds who are 6.

How serious should I actually take the bmi measurement as a guide?

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