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To ask how much you spend on a holiday?

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Iwannasnack Wed 14-Feb-18 15:21:53

Posting here for traffic. We haven't been away on a 'proper' holiday since before DCs who are now 4 and almost 2. Been to centre parcs a couple of times and hired a gite in France but it's all been pretty hard work.
We're talking about going away this summer and looking for an all-inclusive beach holiday in Europe. They all seem so expensive? I'm struggling to find anywhere nice for under £3000. Does that seem about right?
Youngest will be over 2 when we go and we're looking at June so not even school holidays.

PutDownThatLaptop Wed 14-Feb-18 15:23:26

Try the companies that do free child places, such as First Choice.
For June that is way too expensive.

ZBIsabella Wed 14-Feb-18 15:23:59

It can be very expensive. Hiring a villa or airbnb might be cheaper but probably not as relaxing for you.

My parents did holidays at home until I was 10 and that was still fun. They were off work and we did a list of the trips to the country, beach, cinema etc we wanted - very cheap of course.

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Wed 14-Feb-18 15:26:28

We go abroad every second year, costs about 4k for two weeks including spending money.

gillybeanz Wed 14-Feb-18 15:26:31

This is about right and what we have paid.
This year it's costing 2k just for me and dd, but it's a one off specialist holiday that won't be repeated grin

BarbaraofSevillle Wed 14-Feb-18 15:33:26

Jet2holidays also do good prices and free child places.

Decent All Inclusive is expensive and probably not great value unless you eat or drink a lot.

Have you looked at the prices for B&B or half board in the same hotels? Sometimes the extra cost for AI is way more than what you'd pay for the extra amount you'd spend on food/drink that isn't included.

If we are staying in a hotel, we go B&B in a mid range hotel, but stay in one that has a kitchenette, ie an aparthotel. We will eat out once each day and for the other meal either have bits from the supermarket or just get chips, slice of pizza or an ice cream as 2 large cooked meals each day, along with snacks is enough for us.

You just need to go to a supermarket (little local one is fine) to stock up on drinks, snacks, bread, cheese, olives etc a couple of times during the week.

This way, it's cheaper than high end AI, but a nicer experience than mid range buffett AI, which I don't like anyway. It also means you aren't tied to the hotel because you've already paid for your meals and drinks.

Jenala Wed 14-Feb-18 15:33:39

I think it depends what you want. You could find less than that if you don't mind being in very resorty area. We were looking for half board hotel in September so not even in season but I just couldn't bear to go to a huge built up resort location, it just doesn't suit me at all. Especially when we looking at over £1500 for me and dh and 2 dcs even in September out of season.

Instead we have rented an apartment in a lovely small village but on Spain's Costa Brava so not a long flight and should still be warm. Flights incl baggage, apartment with pool and a car for a week have come in at £920.

I wanted a hotel really because I don't want to just cook and clean like normal but in a different country. However this way we get a car and are somewhere we actually want to be, for much less money - we will use the 'savings' to eat out so it's not just like being home.

My friend doesn't care where she goes as long as it's hot with a beach and a pool and has got half board for a week in Crete with 2 kids for £1100 - in the summer hols. So def possible for less.

Jenala Wed 14-Feb-18 15:34:57

I should say the issue was we couldn't get decent half board in a nicer area for the price. Obviously the hotels existed but were £1100 just on b&b basis.

Iwannasnack Wed 14-Feb-18 15:43:28

I think we definitely want AI. I just want to escape the hassle of 'what shall we do about lunch/dinner' plus the constant clearing up.
Never really been to a big resort as it wasn't our thing before kids. Now I just want the easiest option, even if that means i'm throwing money at the problem!!

DayDreamer99 Wed 14-Feb-18 15:44:37

We are going to Egypt for the last week of summer holidays, we upgraded the seats which cost an extra £300 in total. 2 adults and 3 dc aged 12-6 at the time of travel came to a total of £2600 with Tui (first choice) it is a holiday village as well so plenty for the kids to do. We got a free childs place and a really good deal not sure if it was luck in our timing or we just lucked out with the lady that served us. We only booked this Saturday so there are deals to be had.

LittleLionMansMummy Wed 14-Feb-18 15:47:23

Sounds about right for an all inc. We pay £1.5k excl spending but take our caravan to France. Suits us but appreciate it's not everyone's idea of fun!

DayDreamer99 Wed 14-Feb-18 15:48:55

Oh and they priced match an internet price the Tui lady searched for the same holiday. I didn't even know they did this as haven't had it before.

MistyMeadow Wed 14-Feb-18 15:56:12

Don't book with anybody like Tui, Thomas Cook etc, they'll be massively inflated price wise, find a holiday on their sites for sure and then book it separately with or similar and your own flights. We've done this for the last 2 years and have paid less than £2K for a family of 4 in school holidays when the same is advertised with a tour operator for £3K plus

FucksakeCuntingFuckingTwats Wed 14-Feb-18 15:56:55

Where are you flying from op?

MrsPreston11 Wed 14-Feb-18 15:58:30

Around £1k for short breaks.

Anything up to 6 for "big" holidays.

MrsPreston11 Wed 14-Feb-18 15:59:10

We've never done AI and I've never booked through a travel agent.

I always do flights and accommodation separately saves a ton.

BarbaraofSevillle Wed 14-Feb-18 15:59:28

Maybe, maybe not Misty. I've done the comparison between a package and booking separately with jet2holidays and it's always been cheaper booking a package. We've used them a few times and the service (transfers, reps etc has always been great, the reps are helpful, but not pushy).

I put the OPs requirements for a week's AI from 10 June in the deals section of the website and 55 of 62 holidays were well under £3k, starting at £1500, with one free child place, so could be cheaper than her current quote.

FucksakeCuntingFuckingTwats Wed 14-Feb-18 16:01:11

I always book separately or through love holiday and on the beach. Works out much much cheaper than the likes of first choice and tui every single time.

WishUponAStar88 Wed 14-Feb-18 16:01:35

If you want AI the holiday villages are supposed to be very good for what they are. Hassle free, loads for children to do although not the ‘classy’ beach holiday you’d have without children! I’ve not been yet but due to go in May - £1800 for 2 adults, toddler and baby.

Iwannasnack Wed 14-Feb-18 16:07:48

I’ll have a look at Jet2. Did have a little look at first choice but was a bit overwhelmed.
Yes I think a holiday village type thing is what we want.
fucksake we’d love to fly from Southampton or Bournemouth but realistically Heathrow or Gatwick. Southampton fly to Mallorca and the Algarve so been looking at these mainly.

Birdsgottafly Wed 14-Feb-18 16:30:36

I won't take the chance of booking separately because if they need to bump someone off the flight it will be the people who aren't on package deals. As long as your alternative flights are within 24 hours (either side) they don't have to compensate you.

If you fly from an airport with lots of flights, or other airports close by, it might not be an applicable concern.

DownstairsMixUp Wed 14-Feb-18 16:48:32

We've got a week in menorca self catering for 850 for four of us

DownstairsMixUp Wed 14-Feb-18 16:48:40

In June

isseywithcats Wed 14-Feb-18 17:14:31

On the beach is a good company and their prices are reasonable we are going to KOS in august 2 adults AI with flights, baggage transfer and insurance for £1700

ButterflyOfFreedom Wed 14-Feb-18 17:21:16

Sounds about right - we did 10 nights AI in June (family of 4) for £2.5k.
We've got similar booked this August for £3k.
Used Jet2 each time.
I guess you can do it cheaper but we wanted AI and a 3+ star hotel right on the beach, good flight times etc. Just to make it as easy / hassle free as possible.
It is very expensive but worth it in my opinion- we only have 1 holiday a year so make the most of it.

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