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how many transgender people do you know

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ambereeree Wed 14-Feb-18 14:50:10

Just that really. I've only met one at work a man who had the change to a woman.
From the number of threads recently it would appear that people are bumping into trans people everywhere they turn.

expatinscotland Wed 14-Feb-18 14:51:46

Two. Both female to male. In their mid-20s.

weebarra Wed 14-Feb-18 14:53:26

One. F to M. She is a client where I work.

weebarra Wed 14-Feb-18 14:54:16

I meant MTF and didn't mean to misgender her. She did it looong before it was really a thing.

OutComeTheWolves Wed 14-Feb-18 14:55:31

None that i know of.

ReggaetonLente Wed 14-Feb-18 14:55:52

Personally, one, F to M. He’s my second cousin.

I used to serve one regularly at the shop I worked in as a teen too. M to F.

Nataliemith Wed 14-Feb-18 14:57:15


SavageBeauty73 Wed 14-Feb-18 14:57:32

One. M to F. She's incredibly happy .

noeffingidea Wed 14-Feb-18 14:57:46

Don't know any, as far as I'm aware. I don't know many people anyway, keep myself to myself and only have a small family.

milkmoustache Wed 14-Feb-18 14:58:10

M to F. My mum's former lodger.

PotteringAlong Wed 14-Feb-18 14:58:12


snash12 Wed 14-Feb-18 14:58:21

My DP’s son is F to M trans.

No others though.

Sciurus83 Wed 14-Feb-18 14:58:35


MirandaWest Wed 14-Feb-18 14:58:44


Frequency Wed 14-Feb-18 14:58:49

Two. Both FtM and one ' gender non conforming pansexual'.

I reserve the right to question the gender non conforming pansexual because she is my daughter and I want her to think long and hard about why she feels she needs to label herself in order to wear the clothes she likes instead of being comfortable as a girl who wears hoodies from the men's department.

She's dating one of the FtM people and is very much a live and let live type of person but even she is concerned about the recent TRA agenda and removal of women's rights.

SimonBridges Wed 14-Feb-18 14:58:51

One teen F to M in my family who seems to be changing their mind about it as they get older

Many M to F that I have served in shops etc, no one that I have known personally.

LoniceraJaponica Wed 14-Feb-18 14:59:37

One. M to F. She works where I work.

MissTFied Wed 14-Feb-18 14:59:39

One, colleague at work. Male to female, everyone accepts her and no one questions it.

AnonEvent Wed 14-Feb-18 14:59:40

One M to F.

She is so much happier now.

CuriousaboutSamphire Wed 14-Feb-18 15:02:52

2 who have had a lot of surgery, 1 MtF and 1FtM.

Then another 3 who are pondering a transition, living as the opposite sex- 2 MtF, 1 FtM.

They are all as opposed to all the cis and TERF crap as I am!

And a few others in shops, though they could just be pangendered, who knows?

ShowMeTheElf Wed 14-Feb-18 15:03:27

My eldest DC is trans. Currently presenting as M but using neutral pronouns, describes themselves as a non-binary demi-boi and awaiting the hospital apppintment (bottom of list as just turned 18 so removed from juvenile list).
Two of my friends have FTM (just) adult children.
I live in a big village/tiny town and there are at least 2 transadults here, only one of whom I know well enough to chat to.

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 14-Feb-18 15:04:21


One is a distant relative (transman), one through work (trans woman), one (trans woman) is a social acquaintance.

Pfftkids Wed 14-Feb-18 15:04:56


Fairyliz Wed 14-Feb-18 15:05:14


Booboostwo Wed 14-Feb-18 15:05:18

One, friend from work M to F. Lovely person all through her life, no one has made a big deal out of it at work/friends circle.

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