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AIBU to be really pissed off with the doctors.

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Shootfirstaskquestionslater Wed 14-Feb-18 11:44:16

Sorry this maybe long because I need to include the back story so as not to drip feed. My 80 year old grandma has been for really ill for the last 4 years the doctors kept fobbing her off over her bladder that when they eventually decided to listen and do something about it turned out she had stage 3 bladder cancer she has been suffering with a lot of bleeding since her treatment ended and the doctors took her off her angina medience said that was causing the bleeding. She started suffering with blearly vision my granddad took her to the doctors she asked twice for an appointment she even told them what she needed it for and they twice just fobbed her off and told her to go to the walk in centre so my granddad took her and they where disgusted with the doctors for sending her away said they would get an ambulance out to her my granddad instead chose to drive her to the hospital because it would be quicker. They didn't get out of the hospital until 9pm after a battery of tests it turns out it's her angina causing the blurred vission she still has more tests to go through. AIBU to really annoyed with the doctors for fobbing her off again they could've killed her the first time round and what would've happened to her if they had just kept ignoring the blurred vission.

Snoopey Wed 14-Feb-18 12:00:29

I think you should complain through PALS. Also ask them for the pathway that they should have followed when your grandma presented with the initial symptoms. X

Shootfirstaskquestionslater Wed 14-Feb-18 12:02:20

Snoopey thank you I will look in to how I do that and I will ask about that. I am really not happy about the way they have treated my grandma. Xx

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