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Aibu for nmtters to explain the nursery places

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londonrach Wed 14-Feb-18 07:06:50

Dd is 18 months and weve been looking into nursery but due to costs my pil have stepped in to help which is vvvvv kind of them. Weve told them at any point tell us and we send her to nursery. (I had her booked in ready until pil said they like to do it). They mentioned yesterday dd could get 15 hours free when she turns two. Ive looked into it and from what ive read its only free at two if you on benefits. Pil last night says the ruling had changed. Dd will be in nursery by the summer as its not fair on my pil so weve been saving via the childcare voucher scheme. Can anyone explain the nursery place scheme please. Thank you x

Pickleypickles Wed 14-Feb-18 07:11:49

Does this explain it any better?

If you dont qualify for free 2yr places you might qualify for tax free childcare (it isnt much off but its a help)

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