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to ask you how I can help & teach my kid to be tidy

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200thousand Tue 13-Feb-18 21:14:40

posting for traffic! any tips on getting a crazily messy 5 year old to be tidier?

what feels like hundreds of drawings per day, spread around the house, making me "packed lunch" with random food placed everywhere, all her clothes all over the floor every single day, books just thrown on the ground... into everything! my cotton pads made into "biscuits". I put things up high but inevitably she finds something else to get into and destroy.

will not tidy unless bribed, tidying games work for about 2 mins then she gets bored, I do the "if you want this, then you have to do x y z"

the thing is I am not a messy person nor a hoarder. I clean and tidy constantly. Granted she has a lot of toys (we are trying to reduce) but honestly this is next level messiness! Insane.

is it just the age, will it get better soon? and am i fighting a losing battle? HELP!!!

My head is being completely done in by the sheer chaos of it all!!

PossiblyPFB Tue 13-Feb-18 22:05:04

We got a brilliant star chart - a lovely fabric and Velcro one- that really works for dd (6) - she’s had it since 4. She also doesn’t get treats/ play dates etc if she doesn’t work for her stars with the tasks we set (including tidying). We also get her and the other child to competitively tidy at the end of a play date. They don’t even need a treat, the competition helps! This is the star chart - I highly recommend it for multiple purposes- so many of my friends have gotten them now but you have to be consistent with it!! We change up the tasks every week and if she gets 4 weeks she gets a big treat.

Cupofcake Tue 13-Feb-18 22:06:51

pocket money for chores including tidying?

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