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Am I wrong?

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HeartCurrent Tue 13-Feb-18 18:34:41

Okay so first time poster because I just need to know if I'm going crazy.

My partner of almost 9 years has always had a little jealous streak but never to the point where it's been an issue and it's caused a few arguments here or there but nothing like this, I'm at the end of of my tether.

The past few weeks he's been going crazy if I get a new follower or said followers like my photos... these are photos of me and him, me and our children, but yesterday I literally got the silent treatment for 5 hours he left this morning for work and texted me this random message about how would I feel if his friends liked his photos and he liked theirs.
I said absolutely fine it's a fucking photograph and your being ridiculous.
Now he's saying there's something he can't put his finger on and I'm upto something, and it's not right I'm messing with his head, turns out he's stalked me and this 'follower' and looked on his page to see if I've liked his photos which I have because I've knew him since he was 11 but that's apparently besides the point..
I said did you see that I 'liked' a photo of him and his lovely girlfriend he's been with for over 6 years and he hasn't spoke since that was lunchtime..
I'm at a loss for words that a 28 year old man literally isn't speaking to me over a fucking selfie.

I know how pathetic this sounds believe me I'm living it. Have I done anything that should result in me being completely ignored? Am I fucking missing something??? Is liking pictures of yours friends now illegal and nobody told me???
Ugh I'm so mad.

MyKingdomForBrie Tue 13-Feb-18 18:36:58

Hmm. Why’s he suddenly so suspicious? My mumsnet infected mind is saying he’s suddenly over drive suspicious because of his own behaviour.. is he liking any woman’s posts in particular?!

This kind of jealousy is so unattractive though, I’d be telling him so.

MissionItsPossible Tue 13-Feb-18 18:40:28

I don't use Facebook but that sounds completely fine and normal. He sounds jealous, paranoid and controlling. Not that this would make a difference at all but do you get a lot of followers adding you all the time?

HeartCurrent Tue 13-Feb-18 18:46:04

It's instagram, and no I don't I been on there for over 4 years and have 200 followers most of which are family, friends, clothing pages and old school friends.

He's not the controlling type he's paranoid though. I've told him this and I've told him I don't like when he acts like this it stops but I have feeling he just keeps it inside instead. I think he knows how he's coming across and it's easier to stay silent.
Very odd it's making me really angry to be honest.

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