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To think that pancakes being sold in shops, are not pancakes.

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crunchymint Tue 13-Feb-18 14:49:23

What is being sold as pancakes are drop scones, not pancakes.

ReinettePompadour Tue 13-Feb-18 14:51:26

I thought drop scones were more commonly known as scotch least they are round here confused

SillyMoomin Tue 13-Feb-18 14:52:40

Maybe If someone buys drop scones, then yes, they’ll get drop scones.

Funny thing is though, if you buy pancakes, you get, errrrr pancakes


BarbaraofSevillle Tue 13-Feb-18 14:54:30

If you buy them in shops, it's defeating the whole point of pancake day anyway confused

BeyondThePage Tue 13-Feb-18 14:54:40

Tescos sell pancakes, proper pancakes.

missyB1 Tue 13-Feb-18 14:55:36

Shops often label American pancakes or drop scones as “pancakes”. Then irritatingly they label English style pancakes as “crepes”, anyway they will all taste shit so I make my own!

Luckymummy22 Tue 13-Feb-18 14:57:28

But they are pancakes........

And taste so much better than crepes!

demirose87 Tue 13-Feb-18 14:59:16

I buy the ready made ones. I can't make pancakes to save my life. They come out like scrambled egg 😐

Hillarious Tue 13-Feb-18 15:01:08

Pancakes - American or English or Scotch - are so so easy to make yourself. Anything mass produced isn't worth the calories.

crunchymint Tue 13-Feb-18 15:07:57

Depends on your cooking grin

BeyondThePage Tue 13-Feb-18 15:28:32

I have 2 teenage daughters.

We have many pancakes - many, many pancakes - they have been "learning how to make them" i.e. doing all the work. Not exactly complicated, just time consuming.

What is everyone's "recipe" - ours is 8oz flour, pint of milk, 2 eggs - makes 16 thin "British" pancakes to have with lemon and sugar...

LifeBeginsAtGin Tue 13-Feb-18 15:29:44

It's so easy to make. 4oz plain flour ,one egg and a mug full of milk and mix together. Knob of butter in a frying pan.

And a fresh lemon, not that crap in bottle.

We had pancakes for lunch with strawberries, maple syrup and squirty cream....yum

AdoraBell Tue 13-Feb-18 15:30:19

Well they are pancakes, just not nearly as good as HM pancakes.

dementedpixie Tue 13-Feb-18 15:31:16

I'm in Scotland and call scotch pancakes 'pancakes' . I have never in my life called them drop scones.

dementedpixie Tue 13-Feb-18 15:32:08

The ones ds and i made today

dementedpixie Tue 13-Feb-18 15:35:39

The recipe i used:

300g self - raising flour
1.5 tsp baking powder
60g caster sugar
2 large eggs
200ml milk

I squirted some honey in too

Luckymummy22 Tue 13-Feb-18 15:36:09

They look exactly like the ones I am making at the moment!!

dementedpixie Tue 13-Feb-18 15:37:38

It's a Mary Berry recipe apparently

Hillarious Tue 13-Feb-18 15:51:24

Delia for thin pancakes. Nigella for thick pancakes. And whilst we're talking batter, James Martin for Yorkshires.

dementedpixie Tue 13-Feb-18 15:53:18

I tried a nigella recipe first but they went a bit flat

LondonHereICome Tue 13-Feb-18 16:28:52

Mine down go brown

What am I doing wrong?

shoofly Tue 13-Feb-18 16:33:41

We're in Northern Ireland, pancakes are thick and fluffy, we call the thin pointless ones English pancakes 😉

meredintofpandiculation Tue 13-Feb-18 16:43:24

*Mine down go brown

What am I doing wrong?*

Not cooking them long enough? (assuming down=don't). You need quite a high heat, as if your were doing an omelette, batter the consistency of thick (but not thixotropic) paint. 2-3 tablespoons in middle of frying pan, tilt till you've spread it all over in thin layer, wait a couple of mins until the upper side is dry, then lift an edge and see if it's brown yet, give a few more secs if it isn't, then flip, and the second side cooks much quicker. Use two pans, then while one cooks you can be fiddling with the other, and get an almost constant stream of pancakes coming out the other end.

meredintofpandiculation Tue 13-Feb-18 16:44:44

Drop scones are slightly thicker than pancakes and only about 3 inches across. Served warm, in pairs, spread with butter.

LondonHereICome Tue 13-Feb-18 16:47:12

Yes sorry, typo there.... I'm the most impatient cook!

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