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To cry in a ball on the floor of DD2s bedroom

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GinnyLovesGin Tue 13-Feb-18 02:38:08

Because it is 2.35am and she just will not go the fuck to sleep.

She’s 7 months old has a cough. I know it’s not her fault but my patience is wearing thin. I have tried everything. She is exhausted. Eventually dozed off and then coughs herself awake two mins later and shouts and bawls till I go through and put her dummy back in. She has been like this since 11pm.

Please send help. And maybe some coffee. Husband fast asleep as he has a big court appearance tomorrow so I don’t want to disturb him (DD1 currently asleep in our bed on top of him so he’s suffering a little bit at least) but OMG this is so hard. I could throw up I’m so tired.

Rufffles Tue 13-Feb-18 02:49:16

Just wanted to say you’re not alone. Our darling newborn (a week old) is 100% nocturnal and my husband and I are also struggling tonight. Neither of us has had any sleep yet.

I wish there was a magic wand. I really do. If I find one I’ll send it your way!

Hope she’s on the mend very soon, and that you manage to sleep a bit at some point. I’m clinging to the fact that I think I’ll only need 30 mins or so to recharge my batteries.

AnnaL82 Tue 13-Feb-18 02:49:19

Hi Ginny,
Same situation here, 7 months old DS with bad cough. Fell asleep at 10 pm after hours of coughing but woke up hungry at midnight as he hadn’t eaten all day. He is sleeping now after 6 oz milk but from time to time he coughs and wake up crying so I am fully alert after just 2h sleeping. Please someone to hit my head and make me faint until 6 am sad

GinnyLovesGin Tue 13-Feb-18 02:54:54

Rufffles congratulations on your lovely newborn but those days/nights are so hard. Can’t you sleep for an hour or so then switch with your husband? DH and I did this first few newborn weeks sleeping in shifts.

Anna sorry to hear your DS is poorly too. I feel like DD2 has been ill with coughs/colds since before Christmas. We have been to the doctor so many times. It’s driving me mad.

RedPandaMama Tue 13-Feb-18 02:57:20

Joining the club. DD 6mo is wide awake and will not go back to sleep despite feed nappy change cuddles rocking...

GinnyLovesGin Tue 13-Feb-18 03:00:14

Hi Red. That’s horrendous I hate that.

cheshiremama89 Tue 13-Feb-18 03:00:38

Joining sad
Hope you're ok OP

First time mum here to 10 day old newborn that is nocturnal 11pm - 5am with an occasional 30 min nap.

mommybear1 Tue 13-Feb-18 03:01:44

Hello all - I fully understand why sleep deprivation is a form of torture 4 month old currently wide awake chatting to me after sleeping for the grand sum total of an hour since 9pm confused. Ginny have you tried rubbing baby vicks on your LO's soles of her feet? Works a treat for coughs - good luck one and all brewbrewbrewbrew

RedPandaMama Tue 13-Feb-18 03:02:22

Sorry if my typing is awful I have my phone on super dim and am using left hand. Other hand on DDs chest gently rocking her in her cot. She's gone quiet but whenever I check her eyes are still bloody open. As soon as I leave the room she starts squeaking through the monitor.

She's been awful over night ever since she started teething. We were down to just one wake up between 8 and 8, now it's 4-5 on a good night or, like tonight, huge periods of awakeness!

RedPandaMama Tue 13-Feb-18 03:03:25

Cheshiremama and ruffles - you will get through it. Newborn days are so tough but babies very quickly establish difference between night and day.

DuggeeHugs Tue 13-Feb-18 03:05:05

Is there room for me too?

DS 2.5y and DD 7mo both have had coughs for what feels like forever and decided to go back and forth with being awake and grumpy until about 20 minutes ago. I don't trust the silence so went in 5 minutes ago to find DS on the floor between his bed and the wall - not so bad except he'd snuggled under the radiator like a cat - so I've pulled every muscle I have trying to get him out from under there and back into bed without waking them both up again. Another looooong night sad

thecatsarecrazy Tue 13-Feb-18 03:08:02

My 1 year old keeps waking tonight. Not sure why. He's the other side of a cold and not teething. Ive just been sat downstairs with him. He's almost asleep now but im wide awake.

Cavender Tue 13-Feb-18 03:08:53

You may have already done this but tilting the cot a little bit works wonders.

We used to put the cot kegs in a pair of DH’s trainers just to give it a little lift.

flowers OP I remember the days.

thecatsarecrazy Tue 13-Feb-18 03:11:15

Spoke to soon here he goes again sad

debbs77 Tue 13-Feb-18 03:13:23

Not sure if you have any Vicks for younger ones but literally put it on her feet (cover with socks) and on her chest and back.

Sorts the cough in seconds.

As does a slice of potato in the sock if you don't have Vicks

WTFIsThisVirus Tue 13-Feb-18 03:15:40

19 month old awake here. He's not teething or got a cold, just been a git for a few days. He will only sleep on DP, who is at the end of his tether after 2 sleepless nights.

GinIsIn Tue 13-Feb-18 03:19:38

Yup. Same here with DS (1), and I have work in the morning. I am SO TIRED.

Applesandpears23 Tue 13-Feb-18 03:23:01

Nursing 8 month old here. Normally I just doze through feeds but tonight I am wide awake. Was hungry but now I am too cold.

NovaArt3mis Tue 13-Feb-18 03:31:22

Hi all

Almost 3 week old keeping me up here. Made a mess of the last post-feed settle so now she's passed out on my chest and I've decided life will be easier to just leave her there until next feed and try again.

Hope all your unwell babies are back to full health soon.

RainyDayBear Tue 13-Feb-18 03:32:20

Up with my newborn, have only had an hours sleep so far! Could honestly cry. Kind of glad I’m not the only one up!!

Ownerofalittlechimp Tue 13-Feb-18 03:36:03

Joining in sympathy, 10mth old awake since 1, no coughs or cold luckily, he’s just decided to be a little bugger!

Red2017 Tue 13-Feb-18 03:38:31

I am currently awake with my 5 month old DD.. falls sleep nursing... put her in her cot and then ping eyes wide open .. wafting her arms and legs about... it's what I can only describe as a boogie grin

Efferlunt Tue 13-Feb-18 03:38:32

Feeding my three month old here. I’m at my folks and it’s blowing a huge noisy gale all round the house, which is in the middle of nowhere, so we are sat in bed listening to the roar. Hope all the babies head back to dreamland soon

HashtagTired Tue 13-Feb-18 03:42:18

The idea of non stop pancakes tomorrow is keeping me going.

HashtagTired Tue 13-Feb-18 03:42:32!

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