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Advice needed on Burkitt's lymphoma - posting here for traffic

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Greensleeves Mon 12-Feb-18 23:00:31

My dad had Burkitt's lymphoma last year and very nearly died, he had very heavy chemo and just about pulled through, but they said it might come back. His initial presentation was huge bulky lumps in the abdomen and pain in the side.

I've just spoken to his partner on the phone and she said the past couple of weeks he's lost his appetite and keeps saying he's full, he's losing weight in his face and when he sits down he undoes his trousers and rubs his side, saying he feels bloated.

He has an appointment with his consultant next Tuesday, I think he should be seen sooner but she wants to wait. They're due to visit us from Thursday to Sunday and she asked me to look at him and see whether I think he's lost weight/has a swollen tummy.

I'm worried sick. Am I overreacting?

Whereisthegin1978 Mon 12-Feb-18 23:34:51

I would also be worried if I was you (had various family members with other types of lymphoma) - there could be other reasons but you just don't know. I would encourage them to get an appointment sooner. Such a difficult situation for you to be in. Sorry I'm not much help but can completely understand your worry and concern. Xxx

Greensleeves Mon 12-Feb-18 23:50:52

Thanks for replying flowers I think when he arrives on Thursday, if I think he looks bad I will try to get him seen while he's here. Burkitt's grows scarily fast, I think it's insane to wait and see until next Tuesday but his partner is elderly too and a bit vague sad

Pandoraphile Tue 13-Feb-18 01:41:12

He needs to be seen ASAP. Can you speak to his Dr and explain the situation so they can give your dad a call and ask him to come in?

Greensleeves Tue 13-Feb-18 01:49:11

I'm 200 miles away and his partner was really insistent that it could wait till next Tuesday, I don't know if I can just go over her head when she's the one doing all the caring sad he has advancing dementia as well and can be very hard to handle. They're coming here on Thursday, I think I will have to wait until then and if he seems bad I can be more insistent.

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