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To think MIL is being silly about photos.

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RainbowGlitterFairy Mon 12-Feb-18 21:50:23

SIL has a 1 month old baby, first child, mine are 9 and 13. MIL is upset that I don't send her as many photos as SIL does.

I do send her pictures, like if we've been somewhere or they've done something, and I sent her loads when they were small but no one takes hundreds of photos of 9 and 13 year olds doing everyday things/in every outfit they own do they?

NotAnotherEmma Mon 12-Feb-18 21:52:29

Isn't our society narcissistic enough as is without grandparents encouraging the problem? Is it possible she just misses them and wants more visits?

RainbowGlitterFairy Mon 12-Feb-18 22:04:08

Could be she misses them, she has been busy the last few weekends but its half term so she can have them any day she likes. My DC love going to see grandma, they aren't so keen on posing for photos.

Idontdowindows Mon 12-Feb-18 22:06:03

"MIL, it's half term, so they'd love to come over so you can take loads of photos!"


alittlehelp Mon 12-Feb-18 22:08:02

Why would it be your job to send photos to your husband's parent?

Blackteadrinker77 Mon 12-Feb-18 22:08:43

She could just be feeling a little guilty that she has lots of photos of her new grand kid and feels she wants you to know that she wants lots of photos of yours as well.

RainbowGlitterFairy Mon 12-Feb-18 22:09:25

grin I'm considering "MIL would you like a sleepover Wednesday night?"

RainbowGlitterFairy Mon 12-Feb-18 22:12:04

@alittlehelp because DH never replies to emails or facebook messages and I do, to be fair I don't think she cares who sends photos

Helendee Mon 12-Feb-18 23:33:23

Maybe it's her way of saying she would like to see them more?

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