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To want to leave my new job after 2 weeks?

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Littlepenny51 Mon 12-Feb-18 20:41:25

So I started my new job 2 weeks ago but I feel like a complete spare part everyone has their own desk except me so I’m constantly moving to get out of peoples way, 2 other people are doing the same job as me and are obviously much better at It than me as they have been doing it for years, I don’t feel like anyone has actually shown me exactly what I’m supposed to be doing or like there is enough work for me to be doing and the manager didn’t even come in for 2 days last week so I was literally just wondering round trying to find something to do. What should I do?

DewDropsonKittens Mon 12-Feb-18 20:44:04

Have you had an induction?

Saltandsauce Mon 12-Feb-18 20:46:45

Stick it out. The way I see it is absolutely everyone hates a new job for the exact reasons that you have given. It’s unfamiliar territory, you feel like you know nothing and are constantly asking people what to do etc. It’s horrible, but everyone goes through it!
You might find that in another few weeks you will be settled in a bit more 😊
You don’t want to regret it and always think ‘what if I had stayed’. If I’m a few weeks you are as miserable then start looking elsewhere.
Obviously you can do whatever the hell u like, but that’s my advice haha 🤪
Hope it improves!! Xxxx

c75kp0r Mon 12-Feb-18 20:49:02

Do you know who your line manager is?
If you dont know, speak to the person who hired you or HR to find out.

As pp has said they should be organising an induction for you.

RavenLG Mon 12-Feb-18 21:41:44

I felt a bit like this up until a month or so ago, and I started my job in June. It was a completely new role, so responsibilities adapted and changed, but there would be some days when I would literally sit with nothing to do, despite asking. You've only been there 2 weeks, I'm surprised if you've even managed to grasp who is who.

Are you supposed to have your own desk?
Have you had an induction, if not ask if there will be a formal one.
Ask for jobs and things to do. If there is nothing to do ask if you can shadow people.
Read company documents, ask if there is any training you can be doing. You'll get there

Littlepenny51 Mon 12-Feb-18 22:08:56

I have sort of had an induction but it wasn’t particularly detailed and quite rushed, my line manager is always busy and will leave me somewhere and say she will be back but disappear for hours, I feel like I annoy people when I shaddow them as I keep asking questions and I can tell they don’t really want to answer them. I am supposed to be doing primarily sales so yes I do need a desk otherwise I can’t log onto the computer or make any phone calls?

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