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To set fire to neighbours van.

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Gigimoll Mon 12-Feb-18 20:18:01

So I live in a terraced house and it's bin day. To take my bins out, it involves an alleyway in the dark (where my neighbours dump their crap) so if that isn't already a struggle, I then have to deal with a pylon thing smack bam in the middle of that entrance then my neighbours van (which he could park in the communal carpark) it's a massive van. Doesn't need to be there. He doesn't use it and It forces me to have to lift my heavy bins 33 weeks pregnant for them to be even taken.
I've left a note before telling him to bleeding shift it but nope. Ignorant. If you pull out the communal carpark you can't see any oncoming traffic cause his van is there!
Pissing me right off.
Ugh I'm hormonal. I'm not really going to set fire to it. I may have smacked my bin into it though.

MrTrebus Mon 12-Feb-18 20:20:18

I'd scratch it up badly with the bin, sounds like it wouldn't even be on purpose! Ignorant bastard.

Gigimoll Mon 12-Feb-18 20:22:10

These neighbours really grind me. The one a few houses down apparently needs two parking spaces (cause they're hers and she needs to protect her shitty pergeot) my home is the only bought home on this estate. The rest is council. She'd know if she had any damn deeds it's communal. Ugh!

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