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To hate pizza express and prezzo

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franktheskank Mon 12-Feb-18 00:47:12

I've been to both a few times and recently went to pizza express for lunch after not going for a while and it was crap as always.

I don't always choose to go if you're wondering why I keep going back grinjust get dragged along there sometimes and think maybe if I just try something different I'll find something nice I might like it, but every time it's just boring and bland badly cooked food.

I don't understand the hype? And I do like Italian food there's a small Italian in my town but it's only open in the evenings hence why I didn't go there.


(And if I get dragged into there again what should I try next grin)

Greensleeves Mon 12-Feb-18 00:49:05

I love Pizza Express blush

Their lasagne is amazing.

NameChangedForThisQ Mon 12-Feb-18 00:51:30

YABVU pizza express pizza is lovely

windchimesabotage Mon 12-Feb-18 00:53:18

YABU because its quite reasonably priced with okay decor usually, much better than wetherspoons. If you dont have that much money im glad that theres those places to go with fairly decent food so you arent just sat in a pub.

mumeeee Mon 12-Feb-18 00:57:35

YABU both Pizza express and Prezzo are good. Also both places do a proper Gluten free menu which means DD1 can eat there without getting ill

Floralnomad Mon 12-Feb-18 00:59:59

Totally agree with pp , the fact that they do a gluten free menu with actual choices and not just as an after thought makes them both perfectly ok for us .

Somerville Mon 12-Feb-18 01:02:00

The food is overly salty and oily in both. When I'm dragged along to either of these, I end up with indigestion. Even, on one occasion, when I only ate a salad. confused
So no, YANBU.

NewYearNiki Mon 12-Feb-18 01:09:57

Why is this an AIBU?

it's a mere preference.

Some people like it. Some dont.

I occasionally go when there is a 50% off voucher as I'd never pay full price.

SleepIsForTheWeek Mon 12-Feb-18 01:10:29

I hate all chain restaurants. Reheated food at inflated prices.

LanguidLobster Mon 12-Feb-18 01:14:19

I love pizza express.

They did a prawn pizza in collaboration with some well known chef years ago which was heaven on a plate, to me!

TinklyLittleLaugh Mon 12-Feb-18 01:24:54

We have been known to splurge our Tesco points to feed our tribe in Pizza Express on many ocasions. It's fine. DH and I used to eat in Pizza Express a lot on our walk home from work, when we first moved in together, so we feel a little nostalgic about it.

Littlecaf Mon 12-Feb-18 01:28:33

Hate is a bit strong maybe? YABU. It’s a clean reasonably priced chain restaurant. It’s not Saddam Hussain. Dislike it a better word, yes?


PerspicaciaTick Mon 12-Feb-18 01:29:42

I don't like Pizza Express - they always seem to be loud and with very weird acoustics.
However, Prezzo spicy meat calzone is food of the gods.

Sashkin Mon 12-Feb-18 01:30:53

It’s not supposed to be haute cuisine. It’s somewhere reliable to take your kids/work leaving do and have some ok food for fairly cheap.

It’s better than Pizza Hut, and cheaper than Carluccio’s. That’s the niche, not competing with Murano.

BuzzKillington Mon 12-Feb-18 01:36:42

We go to Pizza Express about once a month. Cheap, good quality food imo. Our local one is really nice.

Ellie56 Mon 12-Feb-18 01:41:27

I love Pizza Express. Love their pizza and ice cream. YABVU.

iggleypiggly Mon 12-Feb-18 01:42:34

Prezzo is ok, Pizza express is awful... wouldn’t go there for free!

lucylouuu Mon 12-Feb-18 01:47:42

went to pizza express recently and it was so bland! pizza didn't taste of anything and the waiter didn't know what bruschetta or calzone was

splendide Mon 12-Feb-18 06:08:58

I hate all chain restaurants. Reheated food at inflated prices.

The pizza isn’t reheated to be fair. I quite like pizza express.

ElfEars Mon 12-Feb-18 06:12:32

I bloody love Prezzo. But then I've only ever been with a taste card so I guess at half price my expectations are lower.

masktaster Mon 12-Feb-18 06:16:46


All pizza express pizza tastes the same, whatever's put on there. But some family members seem to love it

splendide Mon 12-Feb-18 06:18:48

All pizza express pizza tastes the same, whatever's put on there

How though? It’s just pizza made in the same way it’s always made isn’t it? It’s dough cooked in a pizza oven. What do you think they’re doing differently to a local pizzeria to blandify it?

HopefullyAnonymous Mon 12-Feb-18 06:31:06

You need to have the calabrese pizza next time. It’s amazing! I love pizza express, prezzo I can take or leave though.

Sophisticatedsarcasm Mon 12-Feb-18 06:41:21

I don’t like pizza express, I think it’s over priced for what it is and also it doesn’t taste good in my opinion.

lalaloopyhead Mon 12-Feb-18 06:44:04

I'm not keen on Pizza Express, our local one is incredibly loud and echoey. I'm not overly keen on the food either and without a voucher I think it is very expensive for what it is.

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