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To wonder how MLMers make a living?

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rcat Sun 11-Feb-18 22:00:56

Several people on my social media are selling aloe Vera and one has a jewellery business,all are MLM.

The products are grossly overpriced,I mean £22 for a bottle of aloe Vera juice!There are lots of nice comments and likes on the posts but who the hell can afford that stuff?!

AIBU to wonder how they are flogging this stuff?

SneakyGremlins Sun 11-Feb-18 22:02:46

A lot of them are in debt. Or at least they aren't the sole household earners.

NameChangedAndForgotOldName Sun 11-Feb-18 22:05:39

They don't. They fake it

Dolphincrossing Sun 11-Feb-18 22:06:29

Through MLMers under them, generally.

fruityb Sun 11-Feb-18 22:06:32

Follow Elle Beau or Bot watch. Best source of info. Fascinating but scary.

tiredbutFuckIt Sun 11-Feb-18 22:08:27

I saw the mentioned on a thread on MN, I read it and she gives a good run down of how people (don’t/can’t) make money from MLM, it’s well worth a read if your friends have gone #bossbabe on you...

clarinsgirl Sun 11-Feb-18 22:11:59

They don't make money. They just pretend they do to suck in others to their pyramid scheme. Steer well clear.

pickleofficer Sun 11-Feb-18 22:14:12

It's all a con

Thegirlwithnousername Sun 11-Feb-18 22:16:47

Elle's blog above shows exactly what happens...Fake it until you make it.. apparently.. It's all smoke and mirrors

HerRoyalNotness Sun 11-Feb-18 22:23:45

There is a retail price and a distributor price, so the profit on that, plus if they sign people up they get a % of their profit also.

A 'friend' here sells beauty products that I like so I do get them through her. She was crowing about the lovely new kitchen she had paid for on her MLM business. On close inspection, she had it repainted, new backsplash and bench top. Not a new kitchen at all, just a makeover. Several people v.v. Impressed though. It's all smoke and mirrors .

PancakeInMaBelly Sun 11-Feb-18 22:28:19

A lot of them are their OWN customers! I'm not kidding, in order to keep your rank or cough bullshit bonus you have to have X amount of purchases go through your or your downlines accounts. So people put extra orders in and basically pay their own "wage"

"Distributers" are the company's main customers. They keep buying it to buy themselves bs promotions and bonuses.

PancakeInMaBelly Sun 11-Feb-18 22:29:32

They rarely cut even and most make a loss. But they don't subtract their costs and expenses from the "income" they boast about

SuperBeagle Sun 11-Feb-18 22:43:38

They don't.

I have a family friend who has been involved with Arbonne for 2-ish years now, and she began posting about the "white Mercedes" about three months into the venture, saying that it would be "happening soon, happening next month, happening by the end of the year", but 2 years on she's still driving the same Nissan she bought 5 years ago.

She's constantly crapping on about how she's a "boss babe", and how she lost x amount of weight doing the "30 days to healthy living challenge", and how she was able to "retire" at the age of 25 because of Arbonne.

It will all blow up in her face, but honestly I'm surprised it's taking as long as it is!

rcat Sun 11-Feb-18 23:20:33

It’s a bit crackers isn’t It?It seems like madness and yet there are people who buy this stuff and probably are out of pocket believing it will do some good.

Some of it’s really funny,the endless selfies & strange tips (you can use the lip balm as shoe shine apparently) but then it’s also scary.Its like the dark side of friendship.Vulnerable people must get sucked into it which is sad.

kazillionaire Sun 11-Feb-18 23:32:58

I think in the beginning they believe the hype and as the truth dawns on them they realise that unless they either buy it themselves or get others to sign up and waste their time and money that they will be left with lots of product and less of a bank balance, I think they target easy prey such as low income parents and military families who may be lonely so its like being in a friendly little group - it is so wrong

Thehogfather Sun 11-Feb-18 23:36:41

They don't. I have a casual friend/ acquaintance who took this shit up after being made redundant. Despite the fact she could have had the same job lined up elsewhere before her last day, and could easily have got one anytime since in that industry.

She's completely broke, husband and dc are all pissed off with her and the unnecessary fact they all live a lower quality of life. Lots of friends have ditched her, not just the casual type like me who got sick of her not paying her way.

But no, apparently it makes a fortune and they are only skint as a family because of emergencies. Think what must be 2 new boilers in the last year, about £3k of repairs to her car that is worth half that, her dc suddenly developing the habit of losing or destroying expensive items that need replacing, her dp getting a pay decrease despite his job having a publicly accessible payscale etc. All bollocks of course.

mumgointhroughtorture Sun 11-Feb-18 23:39:58

I've got someone on my account who raves about the latest one she's joined ,even posting "reviews" from her amazing customers (with all names blanked out yet she's forgotten the side photos to prove not even her conversation ) lol
Then a few months later she's slagging the venture off and moving to the next , then she's back again after a while trying to shift the products she slagged off a couple of weeks ago lol
She was trying to sell off a few grand of make up the other week , she had obviously bought herself , her only customer lol .

I've now got another one doing "live" posts every day and raving about it being fabulous she's a working from home mum bla bla , it's almost like a cult , they can't believe all their own shit surely ?

Spongebobette Mon 12-Feb-18 00:04:34

Loving this thread

I really hope that the word is getting out about MLMs

I lost a friend to Forever Living. They knew exactly what buttons to press to get her to sign up; create a dreamboard, set goals, identify your ‘why’. Once she was in, it was like she’d been brainwashed and she blocked me on FB because I asked a couple of questions (privately on DM) presumably because she’d been told to get rid of negative people

How anyone with a few brain cells thinks that they can make serious money flogging overpriced aloe products is beyond me

Spongebobette Mon 12-Feb-18 00:08:11

Oh and she was definitely ‘faking it till making it’, first thing she did was post a pic of an expensive handbag that her ‘little homebased Aloe business’ had allowed her to buy (two weeks in, FFS) and I happened to know she’d got it for Christmas
Such lies

Battleax Mon 12-Feb-18 00:08:21

In all seriousness, a work friend died recently. We didn't know his wife. My heart really sank for the widow when one of the photos circulated back round SM after his death was a slightly bashful looking shot of him holding up her MLM product. In an instant it told a "he was the sole breadwinner" story. They have a child. Thank god there's a fund being set up.

bluepears Mon 12-Feb-18 00:11:45

is herbalife mlm? if so the only person i know that does it has a ft job and married wealthy husband.

Spongebobette Mon 12-Feb-18 00:16:29

OMG Herbalife is the WORST

Google it

fruityb Mon 12-Feb-18 08:48:37

I lost a friend to younique. We got back in touch but really it’s only via that. I bought a couple of bits but the lip splash thing went dry after a fortnight so I was glad I didn’t pay full price; the 3d mascara that’s supposed to be so amazing flakes off and benefit is far far better. She posts things constantly about how busy she is yet her raffles are never full, no one responds to her constant polls and she’s always doing live videos with her kids. She has loyalty cards, sends everything out in purple Jiffy bags... it must cost her money rather than her earning anything. She showed off about her new Ikea desk which would have been 40 quid at a push and was so “proud” she bought it all by herself! As if a woman never worked before! She talked about a perk holiday in the Dominican Republic you can earn - only all you actually get is four nights in a hotel. You have to pay to get there and have your money. Long way for four nights...

Don’t even start me on the working mum shaming - “I can be there for my kids whenever they need me” bollocks. She’s retraining as a Hairdresser next year so I can only hope she sees the light and I get my friend back. The false positivity is nauseating. Believe to achieve someone said when she bought a new sofa ffs.

Hohofortherobbers Mon 12-Feb-18 09:06:29

Oh yes the working mother shaming. I endured a tortuous car journey with an aquaintance who had been sucked into Arbonne. It was before I knew that it was all a script, all the 'I don't have to abandon my dc in childcare' 'I get to choose my hours around my family'. Yeah right, but you don't get any annual leave, sick pay or pension contributions do you sucker? ! Can't imagine your grand new way of life would satisfy the affordability tests for a mortgage either. What happens to these previously sane women? They become like droids

fruityb Mon 12-Feb-18 09:14:46

They’re just robots. My friend goes on about being there for everything - without realising I can have time to do these things. And that I earn a good wage so can take holidays and provide a good life for my family. They never go anywhere but it really saddened me to see her scrabbling round for a passport application and such when younique invited her to Spain for training. She’ll have to pay to get there... my employer pays for my training as I have enough to give back from it.

Nor do I have to boss worship on social media! She went to some
Convention and they were taking selfies with their apparent boss. Who does that at work??

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