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Learning journals and other piles of cr@p

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emski1972 Sun 11-Feb-18 19:50:03

I’m having a clear out!
Two kids at primary and every end of summer term I’m handed a pile of books. Learning journals handwriting books etc etc...( why do they do this??)there are dozens of them and I shoved them all in a cupboard...until tonight..
What the buggery bollox do I do with them?
Choose one to keep?
Any other genius ideas?

Rinoachicken Sun 11-Feb-18 19:55:59

Ha! I feel your pain!! I ditch the maths ones (no one is going to want to look at old maths books! I keep the topic/writing ones where he’s written cute stuff about his life/family etc. May end up chucking those in a decade though!

WombatStewForTea Sun 11-Feb-18 20:14:10

My school has 300 odd children. Each one will have filled at least two English and maths books plus various other topic books. We simply couldn't get rid of 2000 books!

Just bin them if you don't want them

Cleanermaidcook Sun 11-Feb-18 20:16:49

I keep them for a couple of weeks, promise the kids I've read them, tell them they're fantastic then file them in the recycling bin. There's loads of them, I simply have nowhere to put them.

GrannyGrissle Sun 11-Feb-18 21:57:40

Bonfire? Make a papier mache something out of them?

emski1972 Tue 13-Feb-18 22:04:50

They are happily recycled and the main book kept..for now..... grin

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