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To ask how much your David Lloyd gym membership is?

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crisscrosscranky Sun 11-Feb-18 17:42:01

I was interested in signing up for an initial 3 month contract at my local DL gym but apparently finding out the monthly cost without having to have a face to face chat sales bollocks with someone at the gym.

There's no point them trying to do the hard sell- I know I want to sign up IF the cost is less than £300 for the three months. I don't understand why they don't just say "yes, come down and we'll sign you up" or "it'll be more than that"?!

QuiteCleanBandit Sun 11-Feb-18 17:43:46

£300 faints for 3 months
Is that a typo?

Deshasafraisy Sun 11-Feb-18 17:45:25

£100 a month? Are you moving in?!

SleightOfMind Sun 11-Feb-18 17:46:43

Ours is £300 pm for a family of 6.
2 of them are infants (so very cheap), 1 is child membership and the other 3 of us are full price.

I should imagine it’s less than £300 pp, pm.

Pomeranio9834 Sun 11-Feb-18 17:46:49

Not particularly helpful but I pay £40 for Bannatynes and I think that is ludicrous particularly as I never go so surely not much more than that?!

HunterHearstHelmsley Sun 11-Feb-18 17:47:47

It depends which David Lloyd. They have vastly different prices for different clubs

Fairylea Sun 11-Feb-18 17:47:57

For comparison my non DL gym round the corner from me is £27 a month for off peak membership- gym anytime 7-5, and 3 fitness classes a week. A lot of the brand name gyms can be a huge rip off so be careful.

emma6776 Sun 11-Feb-18 17:49:15

I pay £49 p/m for th council gym and that’s with a big corporate discount. Wish Bannatynes here was £40 (Edinburgh)

QuiteCleanBandit Sun 11-Feb-18 17:50:27

£300pm shock bloody hell !

Lentilbaby Sun 11-Feb-18 17:51:11

We pay £53 per month each for couple membership with corporate discount.

NerrSnerr Sun 11-Feb-18 17:51:47

We pay about £120 a month for a family of 4 (including one baby).

Bl7589 Sun 11-Feb-18 17:52:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NerrSnerr Sun 11-Feb-18 17:52:35

I do get an NHS discount as well.

SleightOfMind Sun 11-Feb-18 17:54:58

We’re in London

grammargirl Sun 11-Feb-18 17:56:06

I pay £114 per month for a Virgin Active but it is one of their 'exclusive' clubs. Machines aren't any better, mind!

NormHonal Sun 11-Feb-18 17:56:42

Ours was £240 a month for 2 adults, 2 DCs. South East.

We left last year when they tried to raise it, as we didn't use it that much.

Dipitydoda Sun 11-Feb-18 17:56:50

The one near us in W Mids was £120 per month and more of a business networking facility that a gym IMO. Was a member years ago was a bit poncy for me.

Whisperquietly Sun 11-Feb-18 17:57:11

Approx £70 per month for individual membership

Dipitydoda Sun 11-Feb-18 17:58:24

@grammargirl, what’s an exclusive virgin active gym, out virgin membership is less than that for our family?

carbuncleonapigsposterior Sun 11-Feb-18 17:58:51

£95 per month, off peak 11am to 4pm Mon - Friday, after 2pm weekends. Hampton, West London.

Str4ngedaysindeed Sun 11-Feb-18 18:00:42

Dh pays £70 a month for off peak but literally uses it daily. We were all members once but the prices are insane and totally not justified anymore. Things like no hot water for two days and no notices to tell any one and running out of stuff at the bar regularly They don't give a toss anymore.

Fleurchamp Sun 11-Feb-18 18:03:04

SE London £165 - 2 adults, 2 under 3s
Not racquets or platinum/ premier (the one that includes towels).
No limitations on time, so peak?

Pomeranio9834 Sun 11-Feb-18 18:03:25

I am actually in shock at how much gym memberships are for everyone!!!!!

PenguinsandPandas Sun 11-Feb-18 18:04:44

Depends on which DL it is, around £100 a month for 1 adult here. Kids are much cheaper around £35 a month. 2nd adult a bit cheaper. Corporate discounts and free months offers. When we did the 3 months we got 2 free months but cost is higher on 3 months than annual. We are close to London.

If you have private health insurance you can get half price membership to some clubs with Vitality, mainly Virgin though not for the kids.

HunterHearstHelmsley Sun 11-Feb-18 18:06:03

£51 a month full price (I have corporate discount so pay less). £20 per child. West Midlands

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