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To want to pack up and leave

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MyMorningHasBroken Sun 11-Feb-18 14:43:01

I seperated from kid's dad nearly 3 years ago and went to live by my mum about 3 hrs away. I didn't really know anyone here but she persuaded me. We live in a fairly rural area, the schools are both needing improvement since we came here and I've not had much in the way of job prospects. I still don't really have any friends. Mum helps out now and again but is always busy. AIBU to want to move back to where I grew up near my sister and old friends? Not lived there for years but have most people still in contact.
My children are fairly settled in school. My eldest 8) has good friends, middle one 6) not so and my youngest is 4. My kids are mixed race and we've had a few nasty comments and the schools are pretty much 99 per cent white British, which I am fine with but dds are very aware of this and feel insecure about their skin colour.
I'm thinking of moving to a larger town /city but in easy reach of their dad as well.
Sorry, writing on phone so not the best post.
All in all I feel fed up!

MyMorningHasBroken Sun 11-Feb-18 14:45:15

Ps, my mum can be quite controlling especially of me and I'm the only one of 5 who lives near her so she'd not be happy!!

Handsfull13 Sun 11-Feb-18 14:47:05

It isn't about your mum it's about your kids and what's best for them.
If your not happy there and they are going to grow up self conscious of their skin then a move will help.
If your mum tries to get involved ignore her and do what's right for your children.

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